If you love YOUR GOD, your children and your family including your parents up to the first generation it is very important and required for you to setup your Family Sacred Place. First you need to meet with your family to decide where you want to have your Family Sacred Place. It could be in a spare room, a child's room, an office space outside your home or a separate building. Second you need to decide on the decorations for your Family Sacred Place. We recommend family photos, flowers, Plants, Trees, paintings and your Family Values. Third decide on when to meet. We recommend meeting on Sundays at 10 am. You may choose a suitable day and time if this does not work for your family. Lastly dedicate your Sacred Place.


    As organized religions wait for their EXIT from the world stage the FAMILY will be the hope of the future . Are you frustrated with organized religions? Do you want to take your FAMILY back from organized religions? Are you tired of the threats of hell and damnation? Have you become immune to the promises of heaven? Do you want to be in control of the spiritual life of your family? Welcome to the FAMILY MINISTRY! Begin your FAMILY MINISTRY today!

    1. Setup your Family Sacred Place.
    2. Dedicate your Family Sacred Place.
    3. Meet Weekly for meditation and celebration
    4. Write your Testament of GOD to guide your family.

    In the beginning GOD created the FAMILY and entrusted them with the spiritual Development of the children!


    A dedication ceremony involves a prayer or an affirmation to bless the space or building. Both parents could dedicate it or you could also invite everyone in the family to dedicate it with the mother or father leading the dedication ceremony. You can dedicate it on any day and at any time that is suitable for everyone. After the dedication of your Family Ministry Space or Building it becomes a Sacred Place and a place of refuge where you can feel safe, rejuvenated, and reassured after a day of problems and challenges. You can associate your Sacred Place with miracles, love, joy, motivation, success, peace, happiness, achievement, health and wellness! It is also a place where you could go and pray, meditate, chant, affirm and study.