• The Awakened Living Study Program

    The Awakened Living Study Program is written to help us to meet weekly with our friends and family and study. The program helps us to share in the thoughts, experiences and teachings of those who lived before us. We can compare and contrast their experiences with our experiences and the wisdom of our time. This is how we can correct the atrocities of the past and improve the world and the Awakened Living Study Program will surely guide us to make informed choices. Knowledge is POWER!

  • Practical Meditation: A Way of Life

    Definitions and explanations for
    meditation are many but practical meditation is based on the idea that life is
    a meditation. Practical meditation is about cooperating with nature in order to
    bring about peace like meditating on a rough sea and hearing the sound of the
    waves and seeing the waves in your mind’s eye but later gradually bringing the
    rough sea under control and everything becomes silent and peaceful. This
    meditation practice actually helps to quiet your mind and helps you to be at

  • Life Cycle Spiritual Ceremonies

    At UNISM we encourage all people to participate in spiritual ceremonies for psychological and spiritual benefits. Your birthday celebration for example is an occasion for a spiritual ceremony so are your life transition celebrations. According to John Hench we need more and more rituals to enhance our feelings of well being: “We don’t have too much ritual in our life anymore. And these life symbols which people rely on to keep their feeling of well being, that life is not too bad after all are required more and more”.

  • Fear of Hell

    Are you afraid of hell? Do you think
    you might end up in hell? Fear could kill you and thoughts of going to hell
    could curtail your life. It looks like the religions are in agreement as to the
    nature of the torment in hell. It is not just an eternal burning fire but worms
    in your eyes, nostrils and mouth; being sprayed with sulfuric acid; burning in
    a big bowl of heated butter; burning in a very hot drum of palm oil; being fried
    in a frying pan; being trampled by elephants or in a state death but still
    alive. If you can imagine these situations you know that hell is no joke.
    However Joseph Campbell has a different approach to Heaven and Hell. Here is a
    quote: "Heaven and Hell are within us, and all the Gods are within us.
    This is the greatest realization of the Upanishads of India in the ninth
    century B.C. All the Gods, all the heavens, all the worlds are within us. They
    are magnified dreams, and dreams are manifestations in image form of the
    energies of the body in conflict with each other". In other words HELL is within your control! For a Free confidential coaching session please contact UNISM.

  • Faith & Unbelief

    If you are searching or if you are a seeker chances are that you are not satisfied with the status quo because what you believe as the truth was setup by the humans before you. Your challenge is to continue to believe as you were raised or to follow your own path. Spirituality is the path most people use to pave their own path because spirituality is a personal journey. Like the waves of the ocean that rise and fall so is life and the conditions of life. We believe and disbelieve because of the experiences and circumstances of our lives. A time will come when you will not believe as you do now. What will you do when that happens? You could change from one religion to another or you could become an Atheist. What will happen to you when you change your mind again? We will always change our minds for as long as we follow human doctrines. Thus, it is natural to change your mind about your beliefs. But do not settle and do not assume the labels of society like believing to be an Atheist if you don't believe anymore. This is your journey and do not let anyone to tell you what to do! However, the WAY does not change! For a FREE confidential coaching session please contact UNISM.

  • Living Well on Earth

    How can we live in this world to be at peace in it? How can we live in this world to be at peace  with it?  How can we live in this world to fulfill our purposes? How can we live in this world to conquer fear? How can we live in this world to manage our emotions? How can we live in this world to be responsible? How can we live in this world to take care of our needs? How can we live in this world to avoid abusing people, animals, alcohol, drugs, food and sex? How can we live in this world to be healthy? How
    can we live in this world to have fulfilling relationships? How can we live in this world to be happy? How can we live in this world to be compassionate? How can we live in this world to improve our lives? How can we live in this world to be faithful? How can we live in this world to stay out of prison? How can we live in this world to be there for our children? How can we live in this world to love without conditions? How can we live in this world to realize our dreams? The answers to all these questions are already within you and if you have issues with any of them the first place to look is within you. For a Free coaching session please contact UNISM.

We Support Your Spiritual Journey. Contact UNISM!

Spirituality is a personal journey for the transformation of consciousness. After he saw the "FOUR SIGHTS" the Buddha was certain that he needed to find answers to the causes of suffering and how to reduce suffering in our lives. What is the purpose of your spiritual journey? UNISM is here to support your journey with knowledge, practices and ceremonies! Please contact us and begin your spiritual journey today!

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