Your Path to Self Realization

Meditation is being silent in order to get an insight. Meditation is focusing your attention on a thing in order to figure it out. Meditation is reflecting on an experience in order to understand it. Meditation is contemplating on an idea in order to make sense of it. Meditation is concentrating the mind on one central subject. Meditation is thinking about something to such an extent that it totally fills your mind. Meditation is just being quiet in order to enjoy the silence. Definitions and explanations for meditation are many but practical meditation is based on the idea that life is a meditation. Most if not all of us have been absorbed in thoughts at one time or another. Sometimes we have been so absorbed that we loose awareness of ourselves; we become one with our thoughts. Becoming one with our thoughts is the height of creativity and we become what we think about. 


Let Your LIGHT Shine

Most if not all of us are so focused on public rituals that our individual LIGHT has become dim. When was the last time you sat down on your bed and did nothing for about a minute? Most likely it has never happened. At UNISM we want to encourage you to take care of yourself first and you can do that by first setting up a sacred place in your home. Here you can plan your life and change it! This is what Joseph Campbell said about the sacred place: "A Sacred place is a necessity for everybody. You must have a room or a certain hour a day or so where you do not know what was in the newspapers that ---------------------------------------"


Awakened Living Study Program

Awakened Living Study Program is a FREE study program to learn about what it means to be alive on this plane with your friends and family on a weekly basis. It is like taking charge of the knowledge and information you need to live well on earth. Instead of relying on others or books to tell you how to live your life or what to believe, you decide everything about your life. Learn from Famous Quotes and Sacred Texts Quotes from different parts of the world. Compare what others have said about what it means to be alive with your experiences and decide. What you decide on after studying what others have said is not a quote but your life!


It makes sense to replace the ancient sacred texts because they no longer address our challenges.

Teinye Soalabo

One Love, One Planet, one people could be the balm that we need toward interdependence.

Silas Wokoma

Looks like we have all been scammed regarding accepting a God or doing the will of God. How can the will of God be in a text created by humans?

John Ikenga