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The Universal Holy Book

The Universal Holy Book

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It is a testimony of the Human Spirit that we have diverse views about GOD. What could have happened to us if only one view survived? Inquisition, suicide bombs, rape, infanticide, slavery, lynching, racism, nationalism and colonization would be on a smaller scale as compared to what would have happened if a single religious or cultural belief survived.

Welcome the Universal Spiritual Vision with a text that attempts to include all the universal spiritual teachings of the world. As the German Scholar Max Muller once wrote in his 1873 book “He or she who knows one religion does not know any religion.” And Catherine Cornille once asked “Why search for answers for the fundamental questions of life in only one religion when so many alternative proposals by time honored traditions are readily available?”

The Universal Holy Book is the prelude to the testaments of GOD from the different cultures There are seventeen books in the unity publication of the Universal Holy Book and includes
The Book of LOVE points to the Universal Spiritual Presence that unites all creatures. It was written to highlight the Unconditional Love that we all share irrespective of our beliefs, affiliations or nationality.
The Book of Knowledge includes the Upanishads.
The Book of Life follows the individual from birth till death and provides valuable information on how to live on Earth.
The Book of Moral Laws includes moral Laws from different religions and cultures.
The Book of Parables includes parables of notable spiritual teachers.
The Book of Prayers includes prayers for practically all occasions.
The Book of Psalms includes Taoist and Hindu writings.
The Book of Reason includes the writings of Robert G. Ingersoll and Charles Watts.
The Book of Salvation includes the Bhagavad Gita.
The Book of Sermons includes Christian and Buddhist writings.
The Book of the Oppressed was written to uplift the oppressed.
The Book of Truth includes writings of Ralph Waldo Trine.
And the Book of Wisdom includes Unto Thee I Grant.

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UNISM is a non-profit spiritual organization dedicated to sharing the message of Universal Love. You are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements.

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