UNISM is a spiritual organization dedicated to sharing the message of Universal Love. You are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements.
You are the LIGHT of the world and you are here to live in your perfect body, realize your dreams and bring Love, Peace and Happiness to the world.

UNISM is dedicated to your growth and development with the help of the Awakened Living Study Program, Spiritual Ceremonies and Human Development studies and practices.

Joseph Campbell compared our quests to a mythological adventure and I quote: “Leaving the bounded world in which you have been brought up, going beyond all that anybody knows into domains of transcendence, and then acquiring what is missing——“

In other words any quest to acquire knowledge, improve the condition of mankind, help the poor, heal the sick, save the children, feed the hungry or accomplish a life mission is like an adventure in which you experience many challenges before realizing your dream.

Heroes in mythology are usually given all sorts of help in their quests. The same is true for you and I who set out to pursue our dreams. There is an invisible source of support for all creatures.
Go about your dreams and aspirations; you will experience this source of support when you begin your quest. The support is part of the journey!

Our Vision
Our vision is to lead our world from Division, separation and Survival of the Fittest to Unity, Cooperation and Interdependence to  enable all people to live well HERE and NOW! 

Our Mission
Our mission is to celebrate all lives without discrimination. We are all loved irrespective of our nationality, race, culture, religious beliefs, omissions or actions!

Our Goal
Our Goal is to provide all people with the teachings and practices they need to live fulfilled lives with the help of Meditation, Awakened Living Study Program, Life Cycle Ceremonies & Mindfulness.