About Us

UNISM is a spiritual Organization dedicated to sharing the message of Universal Love. You are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements.

UNISM is mostly concerned with providing an alternative to traditional religion where you are required to believe in a God or a Savior. At UNISM you believe whatever you want to believe but you must also understand that any form of belief is an obstruction to the possibilities in life.

Instead of believing in a God or a Savior UNISM places emphasis on Human Development. In this respect we expose our members to different aspects of human development including Spiritual Development, Physical Development, Moral Development, Social Development, Cognitive Development, Behavioral Development and Emotional Development.

The truth is that cultural Gods divide us and what divides us is not good for us. Cultural Gods have chosen people. The Universe on the other hand loves all creatures without conditions. Cultural Gods take sides in human conflicts; in a global village we are more concerned with interdependence and Universal Love. It is evident that cultural Gods do not support our values. The Gods are ripe for shaking!

UNISM also offers FREE lessons on what it means to be alive. This program is called the Awakened Living Study Program. Anyone could read about them in our blogs but it is mostly intended for friends and families to get together for study, reflection, talent contribution and fellowship.

UNISM was founded by Dr. Sonari after an experience in which he fired his foreign cultural God. 

After reading the Upanishads Dr. Sonari concluded that there is only one GOD that has nothing to do with the religions. He understood that the Gods of the religions are cultural Gods. Cultural Gods divide us but GOD unites us. Cultural Gods have sacred texts but GOD has no sacred text because infinity cannot fit into the finite. Instead the word of GOD pervades the Universe!

The beliefs of our ancestors are our liabilities. Our challenge is to look at life in ways that promote interdependence and Universal Love and destroy all forms of discrimination including racism, tribalism, nationalism, nepotism, fundamentalism, fanaticism, favoritism, exclusivism, chosen people and racial superiority. 

UNISM focuses on education through seminars, training and courses to present a comprehensive view of life that would enable individuals to question the status quo and think of ways to improve upon all the aspects of our lives that deviate from what is good for all creatures!

Who We Are
UNISM is a spiritual organization dedicated to sharing the message of Universal Love. You are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements.  Your belief or none there off is a personal choice. UNISM respects all your personal choices. What is important to UNISM is how to help you to live a fulfilled life. ! UNISM is Tax Exempt Under Section 501(c) (3) in the United States.
Our Purpose
1. To help you to live a fulfilled life with the help of  human development, Human Condition and Human Potential programs.
Our Vision
A world where Interdependence, Universal Love and Compassion guide our choices for the good of all creatures.
Our Mission
Our mission is to share the message of Universal Love. You are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements
Our Activities
1. Host the Awakened Living Study Program every Sunday.
2. Perform Life Cycle Ceremonies.
3. Share clothing and food to the needy in our city
4. Share information to begin the writing of sacred texts that promote interdependence, compassion and Universal Love. 
5. Advocate for social change in the areas of housing, food and health Care.
6. Support all people with the help of our YouTube Channel.
7. Reward Excellent Customer Service everywhere.
Our Goals
1. Coordinate the writing, publishing and distribution of the African Testament of GOD, Antarctican Testament of GOD, Asian Testament of GOD, European Testament of GOD, Oceanian Testament of GOD, North American Testament of GOD and South American Testament of GOD.
2. Share the Awakened Living Study Program, Personal Meditation Program, and Family Meditation Program with all people.
3. Provide Personal, Physical, Moral, Cognitive, Emotional, Social and Behavioral Development Programs to all people.
4. Promote the need for a Universal Basic Income (UBI). By dint of birth into this plane each person is entitled to Free Land, Free Water, Free Air and to a percentage of all the resources of the Earth irrespective of who developed the land or who mined the resources.
5. Provide Free Housing for the homeless.
6. Sponsor several children through college every year. 
7. Deliver several gifts to reward Excellent Customer Service every year.
Our Promise
We are all at different levels of consciousness. UNISM is about accepting each person from where they are and helping them to grow in their own way. Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Freethinkers, Atheists, SBNRs and Agnostics are all welcome in UNISM. Come with your beliefs or none there off and learn. UNISM is home for all of us because we are one and we are here to take care of each other!

We live at a time when we are called daily to recognize our oneness and to demonstrate our compassion for each other and toward all the other inhabitants of our planet. We cannot continue to ignore this call because the alternative has not worked for us. UNISM has answered the call and we hope you will join us and share the message of Universal Love!
New World Vision
Interdependence, compassion and Universal Love are the values of the emerging World vision. When our Interdependence is no longer determined by our affiliations but by our humanity we know that the new world vision is near. When our compassion is no longer confined to those we know but extends to all creation we know that the new world vision is at hand. When our actions are no longer motivated by external threats and rewards but by Universal Love, we know that the new world vision is here! By all indications the ship for the new world vision has left the harbor. Will you be there when it arrives?