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Testaments of GOD: Write your Sacred Text

Testaments of GOD: Write your Sacred Text

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Testaments of GOD is about writing your sacred story for the benefit of your people and the education of the world. For the past 2000 years or so most of the world has been influenced by only a few sacred texts because it has not occurred to many cultures that they could also write their own sacred texts. It seems other cultures have not ventured into the sacred text business because of an imposed psychological monopoly. Some people believe that sacred texts were sent down by God from heaven.

Such people would never think or even consider writing their sacred text. Ask the average believer and you will hear statements like "the Bible was inspired" or "an angel dictated the Qur'an to Prophet Mohammad" With this mindset even cultures that really need their own sacred texts would not even consider the idea.

The truth is that you no longer need to use a foreign sacred text for your spiritual well being. However this is not to imply that you cannot learn from foreign sacred texts; it just means that your sacred text would benefit you more than any foreign sacred text. Foreign texts often write about their experiences at the exclusion of your experiences. Who writes about your experiences?

Writing your sacred text makes a lot of sense because it will help you to know about your culture, the contributions of your ancestors and the beliefs of your people. Instead of singing the praises of foreign characters you will be singing the praises of your people. Further do not forget the monetary reward from writing, publishing and distributing your sacred text. Sacred texts are a multi-million dollar industry and if you are thoughtful you would want a piece of the pie. Write your sacred story and use the proceeds to solve some of the social issues that you face. It is better to control the sources of production at your disposal than to be a worker.

Countries in South America and Africa where foreign sacred texts are mostly used stand to gain immensely by publishing their own sacred texts. The world will also gain from the new thoughts from the sacred texts. Presently our world is in turmoil because of old ideas that divide and separate us. The promotion of exclusivity, chosen people and helping only those who believe as you do is contrary to the teachings of Universal Love and Interdependence. Thus the new sacred texts will have an opportunity to address unity, interdependence and unconditional love for our good.

Each time you open a foreign sacred text you are slapping the faces of your ancestors; you are saying as if they never lived. Each time you read from a foreign sacred text you are burying the experiences of your ancestors; you are saying as if their experiences do not matter. Each time you quote from a foreign text you are admitting that you are a slave to foreign ideas; you are saying that you cannot think for yourself! The truth of the matter is that your ancestors matter and you can demonstrate that by writing your sacred story.

Are you not ashamed of opening foreign sacred texts and reading about the contributions of their people? Who reads about the contributions of your people? Are you not hesitant about sponsoring foreign sacred texts? Who is rewarded each time you buy a foreign sacred text? Could you use the proceeds from your sacred text for the development of your people? Wake up from your hypnosis and take what is truly yours and change the course of world history. Write your sacred history and let the Almighty GOD use you to bring peace to the world! Write your sacred story and reap uncountable blessings and rewards. It is your turn to SHINE!

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