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Digital Family 6-Month Meditation Program on a USB

Digital Family 6-Month Meditation Program on a USB

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The main purpose of a family meditation program is to cultivate unity within the family. As a family we are united in mission and purpose. To be united means that we care for each other; we help each other; we protect each other; we look out for each other; and we love each other. As parents we put the needs of our children above our needs and we put the needs of our family above our individual needs. 

Family meditation helps us to internalize our family values. The values of love teach us to care for others. Caring for others is the beginning of the development of unity consciousness. The values of patience teach us to take time in our interactions with our environment. When we take time we give way to the forces of fulfillment to work in our favor.

The benefits of regular meditation have been documented in many studies and they include:
Stress: Meditation could help to reduce stress in your mind and body.
Mental Health: Meditation promotes a good mental health.
Self-Awareness: Meditation helps you to be aware of yourself and your environment.
Sleep: Meditation improves sleep.
Memory: Meditation could improve your memory functions.
Blood Pressure: Meditation could lower your blood pressure.
Compassion: Medication could develop spiritual qualities like kindness and compassion in your life.

Now the question is have you made meditation a part of your family? If not here is your call to improve your life with this 6-Month Meditation Program.

Here are the contents: Introduction, How to Prepare for Meditation, Place for Meditation, Time for Meditation, Meditation Sounds, Meditation Position, Meditation Practice, Meditation Goals, Meditation in Sacred Texts, Family Meditation Program, Family Meditation: First Month, Family Meditation: Second Month, Family Meditation: Third Month, Family Meditation: Fourth Month, Family Meditation: Fifth Month, Family Meditation: Sixth Month, Appendices,  Sources

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