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I Fired My Foreign God: How to Deal with Unbelief

I Fired My Foreign God: How to Deal with Unbelief

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Most life changing experiences often come when you do not expect them. When I went to my preliminary oral exam at Oregon State University on April 13, 1993 I did not know that I would come out of that exam questioning my religious beliefs. But that experience opened my eyes! If you have any doubts about your religious beliefs, you are afraid of your religion, you are having religious problems, you are dealing with unbelief or need more information on religion in general I encourage you to continue reading.

I Fired My Foreign God is a personal journey of doubt that started after High School and continued up to Graduate School when I finally resolved the courage to fire my God. I have tried to state how I felt during the period and what I did to regain my life. When I look back I can say that unbelief was one of the best things that happened to me because it compelled me to search and when I searched I found many answers.

If you are having any doubts about your religious beliefs you have my full support. Nothing is wrong with you and God is not punishing you. You are just having a life experience toward understanding and wisdom. Enjoy the journey!
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