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Black Jesus or White Jesus: What is the Truth?

Black Jesus or White Jesus: What is the Truth?

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The main purpose of this book is to use the many faces of Jesus and the universal teachings of Jesus to get along with each other and to live well in this world. The Black Jesus, the White Jesus and the Brown Jesus share the same stories of Jesus that we have all loved to this day. The African Jesus, the Asian Jesus, the European Jesus, the South American Jesus and the North American Jesus teach us that Jesus is not just limited to one culture but he is relevant in all the cultures because he shares a universal message.

However this does not mean that we should all be Christians in other to benefit from the contributions of Jesus. On the contrary Jesus will not like that either because from his life we know that he did not belong to any sect; he was FREE! But we can all learn from his teachings irrespective of our beliefs or affiliations. And the main purpose of his teaching was for humanity to share this place we call earth equitably and live in peace.

I divided the book into Nine Chapters including Jesus the Christ, White Jesus, Legacy of White Jesus, Black Jesus, Black Religious Experience, Birthplace of Jesus, Faces of Jesus, Take care of Each Other and Living well on Earth.

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