Testaments of GOD: European Testament of GOD
Testaments of GOD: European Testament of GOD
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Testaments of GOD: European Testament of GOD

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Testaments of GOD contain the sacred stories of the world from different continents. The purpose is to enrich the world and to put an end to stories of exclusivity, chosen people, absolutism and fundamentalism. A secondary but equally important purpose is to increase the number of owners in the sacred text publishing industry. One of the problems of our economy is that only a few people control the means of production. We can change the lives of many people the moment we include more people in the distribution of goods and services.

I have suggested 7 Sacred texts, one from each continent and they include the African Testament of GOD (AFTOG), the Antarctican Testament of GOD (ANTOG), the Asian Testament of GOD (ASTOG), the European Testament of GOD (EUTOG), the Oceanian Testament of GOD (OCETOG), the North American Testament of GOD (NATOG) and the South American Testament of GOD (SATOG). Writers may never use any of these names but they provide a starting point to the testaments of GOD project!

I cannot over emphasize the importance of writing your sacred stories irrespective of your religious beliefs or unbelief. What is at stake is your freedom! The slavery of the mind is the greatest threat to our civilization. We were not created to believe; we were created to know and to shine! We were not created to expect saviors to save us; we were created to experience life in all its forms. We were not created to worship foreign Gods; we were created to enrich the world with our own experiences. We were not created to believe in foreign sacred texts; we were created to share our sacred experiences!

Have you ever thought about who benefits each time you buy a foreign sacred text? Have you considered whose ancestors are elevated each time you read from a foreign sacred text? Have you reflected on who is enriched each time you go on pilgrimage to a foreign land? These are the ideas that have continued to keep you in one place year in year out. They have kept you in one place because you believed in the way things are to be the truth. Nothing could be further from the truth because you live in a changing universe and you can change what people have put in place! This change begins by first writing your sacred story and sharing it with the world.

Give life a push and it will take you to places beyond your dreams! We are all loved without conditions and we are all blessed without requirements. No culture, organization, nation, group of people, Cultural God or religion has an exclusive right on GOD. Humans make it seem so but what humans have done you can also undo. Write your sacred story and upgrade your life; write your sacred story and make your ancestors proud; write your sacred story and enrich your children; write your sacred story and put an end to fundamentalism, exclusivity, and absolutism; write your sacred story and change the world!

Judgment Day is the day God will judge the people of the earth for their deeds. Supposedly those who pass will go to heaven and those who fail will be sent to hell.

In Islam Judgment Day is the day when God will reward all people according to their belief and deeds. Those who believe that "There is no true god but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God” and are Moslem will be rewarded and admitted to live in Paradise forever.

In Christianity Judgment Day is when God will judge the whole world. Those who believe in Jesus as the son of God who came and paid for their sins on the cross will be rewarded according to their deeds of righteousness. Those who do not believe in Jesus as the son of God and who paid for their sins on the cross will be sent to hell.

In Hinduism there is really no Judgment Day because Hindus are judged everyday through their actions often referred to as Karma. However there is some writing about Lord Vishnu descending to the earth whenever there is decay in righteousness and a rise in unrighteousness. Vishnu has descended to the earth in the past 9 times as the fish, the tortoise, the boar, the man-lion, the dwarf, the axe man, Rama, Krishna and the Buddha. Lord Kalki, a horse-riding apocalyptic judge with a fiery sword will be the last incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He will appear toward the end of the Kali Yuga age, our current time period. He will come to destroy evil and restore righteousness.

In Buddhism, like Hinduism there is no Judgment Day but Buddhist texts write about the coming of Maitreya and the destruction of the earth. The texts write about Buddhism disappearing from the world and society will be full of greed, lust, poverty, ill will, violence, murder, impiety, physical weakness, sexual depravity and total collapse. Maitreya Buddha will come at this time and restore righteousness and take Buddhism to all corners of the earth.

The destruction of the earth comes from the Sermon of the Seven Suns taken from (Aňguttara-Nikăya, VII, VII, 62 . According to the sermon delivered by the Buddha nothing is permanent. Consequently a time will come when it will not rain and all vegetation will die. Later the second sun will appear and all streams and ponds will dry up. After many years a third sun will appear and all the rivers will dry up. Later and after many years a fourth sun will appear and the great lakes will dry up. After many more years a fifth sun will appear and dry up the oceans. After many more years a sixth sun will appear and heat up the earth to the point of explosion. Lastly a seventh sun will appear and the earth will explode and burst into flames and disappear.

My childhood experience with Judgment Day prognostications is enough for me to disbelieve all metaphysical Judgment Day speculations. I was about 7 years old and doing some chores for my mother when someone came and told us that the world was coming to an end. My life was just beginning and I couldn’t help but cry. Later it occurred to me that some of these speculations should be kept away from children.  However the world didn’t end and it is not going to end in my lifetime and not in your lifetime. The truth is that no one really knows about these things but the Buddha’s idea sounds likely.  The earth might actually heat up in the distant future if global warming continues.

The metaphysical speculations like those of Christianity and Islam are not likely to happen because of several reasons:

  1. Cultural Speculations: “Judgment Day” is a cultural idea so no cultural God is qualified to judge the world. I think the idea borders on cultural superiority. “If I can put my God at the top of the world I will be looked at very highly and everyone will bow down to me”. There is no spirituality in it but an ego trip.
  2. Cultural Gods protect their own people. The writers did not consider the fact that other cultures also have their own cultural Gods. Thus if a cultural God descends from the heavens to judge the world he would first go past the Gods of other cultures. In short there could be a war of the Gods if such a thing ever happens. However we may write judgment day in our cultural texts but it will never happen in the real world.
  3. Unconditional Love: The Universe loves us without conditions and no cultural God can override that love. You are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements.
  4. Freedom of Choice: It is your freedom to believe or to disbelieve and no cultural God can infringe on your freedom! The organized religions know that and that is one of the reasons why they point a gun to your head and threaten you to believe.

Further it is evident the religions do not agree on the basic requirements of Judgment Day and it is very unlikely that a cultural God will judge the whole world. He may try but it will be no use because other cultural Gods will not let it happen. Gods take the side of their people!

Some have asked me what I would do after I die or where I would be going to after I die? My answer is that the Universe has put everything in place and no human doctrine can change that!  If you really want to know, my plan is to reunite with my family and take them to my own heaven! If you take Judgment Day, Damnation, Heaven and Hell writings in the sacred texts literally you are feeding on an imaginary tale! A tale of men going into paradise to enjoy fair maidens feeds on the ignorance and desires of men. Do we have similar tales of women going into paradise to enjoy hunky men? However when I consider the sufferings on this plane and the fact that many people cannot even afford bare subsistence it is easy to believe in any tale with promises. But we do not need to believe these stories anymore because we can find out for ourselves! Is it not funny that many people want to meet someone they do not even know when they die because of promises in books? Do you really want to throw away all the love in your family for someone you’ve never met? Consider your love for your children; your love for your spouse; your love for your parents; your love for your siblings; and your love for your friends. Would you throw away all these for a promise from a book? I do not know about you but the Universe does not promise anything; instead the Universe has given you everything! You are not a creature of human conditions and promises! Rise and soar!

Apart from my breakthrough the quest brought with it many notable images. The images mostly portray a different view of the way things are. The first image is called the ULTIMATE MYSTERY but I changed it later to UNIVERSAL LOVE.  It depicts our relationship with the Universe. It was my first image immediately after the breakthrough. I presented the blueprint to a Graphic Designer in Corvallis, Oregon and she came up with this picture. This was over 20 years ago and I still feel the same way apart from the name. Notice that everything on this planet or in the Universe is connected to UNIVERSAL LOVE! There is no need to go through a God because there is a direct connection between UNIVERSAL LOVE and everything that exists! Even the Gods are not above other creatures in this respect. The only difference is that you worship the Gods but as far as the Universe goes you are all the same!

This may be difficult to grasp for many who believe their Gods to be the GOD of the Universe. The simple truth is that your God is not the GOD of the Universe for the mere reason that your God developed from a particular culture; he or she is not universal! There is only one universal GOD, but IT is not a GOD, IT is an ESSENCE that pervades the Universe!

Some cultures try to deceive their devotees by using the word God or Allah to represent the GOD of the Universe. Every culture has a name for GOD, but using GOD does not mean you are really worshipping GOD because you are doing so from the perspective of your culture. Further you cannot really be referring to the GOD of the Universe if you have a text and a chosen people. By definition the GOD of the Universe has no text and no chosen people! Just take a minute and imagine the majesty and grandeur of UNIVERSAL LOVE fitting into a small book created by humans! The idea grossly diminishes the INFINITY and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of the UNIVERSAL!

If you are out there lamenting about how worthless you are because you are poor or because you have made wrong choices in your life and you are thinking that there is no hope for you I want you to think again because you have it within you to change the circumstances of your life. You are connected to the only magical and miraculous ESSENSE in the Universe. Gods, Saviors and the greatest people that ever lived feed from this ESSENSE and you can also do the same!

The second image is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This was one of the miraculous moments I encountered after the quest. I was thinking about a logo that would depict the fact that we live in a world of challenges and we make lots of wrong choices and take advantage of the earth but we are still loved without conditions.

It was easy to get the crucified EARTH but that was as far as I could go. I spent months thinking about it until one day during my meditation it seemed as if the LOVE of the Universe surrounded the crucified Earth. That was exactly what I wanted and I put another circle to surround the crucified Earth. The outer part of the picture represents the LOVE of the UNIVERSE! I gave the blueprint to a Graphic Designer in Portland, Oregon and she came up with this picture.

Many people who saw the picture did not know what to make of it but a Christian Heat Press owner explained it in terms of his religion which made me to think that I must have stumbled upon a universal symbol. I had no religion in mind when I thought of the symbol; I just wanted something that would represent the way things are! As a Universal symbol anyone could use it as an instrument of meditation. For instance if you have made some wrong choices in the past and hurt people and animals you may concentrate on the innermost circle and feel the pain you caused. Now forgive yourself and ask the person for forgiveness. (You may also meet the person later and ask for forgiveness in person if it is possible). Next feel and embrace the LOVE of the UNIVERSE. Remain there for as long as possible.

The third image is One LOVE, One PLANET, One PEOPLE! The purpose of this image is to show the Unity that exists in the Universe. There is only one LOVE in the Universe and I call IT UNIVERSAL LOVE. IT loves without conditions! We live in one Place, the Planet we call Earth and we are all connected! In other words we are all ONE and for the most part we are here to take care of each other!

There was a time I wanted to sponsor my spouse to live with me in the United States but my income did not meet the minimum requirement to sponsor her so I tried some of my friends for help. Sorry to say that no one agreed to help because of the legal implications. I was disappointed but later it occurred to me to leave everything to the TAO or to UNIVERSAL LOVE! Within a couple of weeks or so one of my customers came to my garage and asked if I needed a job? He said he would buy all my computer parts and let me work for him in the company. Needless to say that I accepted his offer and that was how I was able to sponsor my spouse. Sometimes it is the people we do not know that come to save us in our moments of need!

Let this symbol always remind you that you are not alone because you are connected to billions and billions of creatures. So when next you think you have nowhere to turn just surrender to UNIVERSAL LOVE and go about your normal business! Something will happen!

Universal Teachings for Living
I started my spiritual quest with some basic thoughts and they are as follows:

  1. I do not need to accept any God in order to live a fulfilled life!
  2. There is only one GOD but IT is not a God, IT is an ESSENCE!
  3. A sacred text may be the word of a God but it is not the word of GOD!
  4. There are no chosen people on earth because we are all chosen!
  5. I am neither a sinner nor a saint!
  6. There are no special sacred places because the whole Earth is sacred!
  7. Gods are human creations or human elevations!

In the course of my quest I reexamined some of my basic beliefs about what it really means to be alive and I came up with the following ideas:

  1. Gods are cultural icons but they are human creations or human elevations!
  2. There is only one GOD but IT is not a God; IT is an ESSENSE I call UNIVERSAL LOVE and IT pervades the Universe!
  3. No book can contain the message of UNIVERSAL LOVE! The message is spread within the Universe!
  4. We are all chosen!
  5. The EARTH is a sacred place!
  6. I am human; neither a sinner nor a saint!
  7. We are all loved without conditions!

These are the basic ideas of my quest and these ideas guide my life up to this day. I hope you find jewels in them to enhance your life!

European Testament of GOD
We can agree from the many foreign religions and the traditional religions that there are many sacred texts in Europe but the challenge is to write a European sacred text that unites all Europeans. However I am also aware that countries like Denmark, the United Kingdom, Greece, Germany, France and Turkey might consider their own sacred texts but my recommendation is one sacred text for Europe. Write your sacred story for the benefit of your children and the world.

Thanks for reading. For a little donation we can send you Testaments of GOD: Write your Sacred Text for the benefit of your children, the elevation of your ancestors and the education of the world. Your donations help us to maintain this site and provide educational programs to the public. We thank you for your support.