Testaments of GOD: Antarctican Testament of GOD
Testaments of GOD: Antarctican Testament of GOD
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Testaments of GOD: Antarctican Testament of GOD

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Testaments of GOD contain the sacred stories of the world from different continents. The purpose is to enrich the world and to put an end to stories of exclusivity, chosen people, absolutism and fundamentalism. A secondary but equally important purpose is to increase the number of owners in the sacred text publishing industry. One of the problems of our economy is that only a few people control the means of production. We can change the lives of many people the moment we include more people in the distribution of goods and services.

I have suggested 7 Sacred texts, one from each continent and they include the African Testament of GOD (AFTOG), the Antarctican Testament of GOD (ANTOG), the Asian Testament of GOD (ASTOG), the European Testament of GOD (EUTOG), the Oceanian Testament of GOD (OCETOG), the North American Testament of GOD (NATOG) and the South American Testament of GOD (SATOG). Writers may never use any of these names but they provide a starting point to the testaments of GOD project!

I cannot over emphasize the importance of writing your sacred stories irrespective of your religious beliefs or unbelief. What is at stake is your freedom! The slavery of the mind is the greatest threat to our civilization. We were not created to believe; we were created to know and to shine! We were not created to expect saviors to save us; we were created to experience life in all its forms. We were not created to worship foreign Gods; we were created to enrich the world with our own experiences. We were not created to believe in foreign sacred texts; we were created to share our sacred experiences!

Have you ever thought about who benefits each time you buy a foreign sacred text? Have you considered whose ancestors are elevated each time you read from a foreign sacred text? Have you reflected on who is enriched each time you go on pilgrimage to a foreign land? These are the ideas that have continued to keep you in one place year in year out. They have kept you in one place because you believed in the way things are to be the truth. Nothing could be further from the truth because you live in a changing universe and you can change what people have put in place! This change begins by first writing your sacred story and sharing it with the world.

Give life a push and it will take you to places beyond your dreams! We are all loved without conditions and we are all blessed without requirements. No culture, organization, nation, group of people, Cultural God or religion has an exclusive right on GOD. Humans make it seem so but what humans have done you can also undo. Write your sacred story and upgrade your life; write your sacred story and make your ancestors proud; write your sacred story and enrich your children; write your sacred story and put an end to fundamentalism, exclusivity, and absolutism; write your sacred story and change the world!

Universal Love is the unconditional LOVE that the Universe bestows on all things. Universal Love is also the Love we ought to render to all creatures irrespective of religion, race, nationality or color. Finally Universal Love is the name of the underlying ESSENCE (GOD) of the Universe.  UNIVERSAL LOVE supports the material Universe. UNIVERSAL LOVE enriches the life of every creature within the Universe. UNIVERSAL LOVE loves all creatures without conditions. You are LOVED in spite of your nationality, culture, race or color. You are LOVED irrespective of the choices you make or have made in the past. UNIVERSAL LOVE is not concerned with your beliefs, affiliations, economic background, social status, position in life, or birth circumstances. UNIVERSAL LOVE only cares for your good. You are a hereditary heir of UNIVERSAL LOVE. And anyone who realizes this TRUTH is not only saved but will also be healed, be prosperous, be joyful and be at peace!  

You will notice that the idea of Universal Love as stated in the above paragraph is different from what most religions teach. Most religions do not teach about Universal Love, they teach about their cultural Gods or Saviors. Cultural Gods and Saviors are culture bound and do not represent the universe. Telling unsuspecting people that they should accept a God or a Savior if they want to be successful in life is one of the greatest scams on earth. What can anyone really do to deserve the love of the Universe? No one could do anything to deserve the love of the Universe!
I was once in a very difficult situation when I wanted to give money to a minister in order to be blessed. I was living in Fairfield, California and planned to go back to Oregon State University in order to finish my dissertation. The only job I could get was a minimum wage job which was not enough to enable me to save enough money and move from Fairfield, California to Corvallis, Oregon. You can imagine my state of mind. I was desperate and I was also hopeless. The enemy usually strikes when you are desperate and hopeless. One day a minister offered hope and blessings but I needed to give him $100 for his promises to come to pass.
I understand the principle of buying and selling; if I have something that you want we can agree on a price and make the exchange. You get what you want and I get the money! However when a minister tells you that if you give him a certain sum of money his God would bless you we can agree that the minister is selling what he doesn’t have. When someone tries to sell what they do not have we immediately think that they are scammers but it seems that ministers are not thought of as scammers because they are doing the work of their Gods. When the average person sees a Nigerian he or she immediately thinks “here is another scammer” but when the average person sees a minster he or she immediately thinks “here is a holy person”. But ministers have been scamming people since organized religion was born!  .


I turned on my television set at about 5:00 AM and there was this minister, one of those prosperity gospel preachers. He said that if we sent him $100 God would bless us immensely. It seems the minister based his sermon on the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament:
“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven; give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” New Testament: Luke 6:37-38
I wanted to be blessed with money so that I could go back to Corvallis and write my dissertation. Incidentally I had $100 in my checking account and I really wanted to send him my only $100. I don’t know why I woke up at that time but I really was not fully awake and in this state of partial hypnosis and thinking about being blessed and moving to Corvallis it seemed that a voice said that I should wake up from my slumber and be a king. I thought about the voice and concluded that a king would not give his last $100 to anyone for a promise so I decided not to send my last $100 to the minister. Instead I put on the hat of a king and planned my life toward moving back to Corvallis. I first moved out of my one bedroom apartment for a room in a house which reduced my rent by $100 and with that move I was able to save enough money within a short time and finally returned to Corvallis and wrote and defended my dissertation.
Any drowning person could hold onto anything just to be saved and humans often attack their fellow humans in their vulnerable moments. Many people are helpless at any given time and they will believe anything, well almost anything! I knew about the quote the minister used in the sermon but it becomes compelling when another person uses the same quote and most people fall for it because they are not thinking. However, the moment you begin to think a quote in a sacred text seems to be the least believable! Why? You cannot ask questions and the statements cannot be tested. For instance we know that gravity is a fact and we can test it. If someone says “I don’t believe in gravity” all you need to do is to give him a ball and let him throw it upward. But when someone says “God will bless you if you give the person money” he cannot prove it. The only proof is to the contrary; we live in a world of billions of believers and billions of believers remain poor. Where is the blessing?
A very important question no one seems to ask their ministers is if as they claim their God would bless anyone who gives to them why is it that they prefer to come to you instead of going to their God for money? In an earthly sense if I know that my father is very rich I will not brag about his riches and I will definitely not want others to give me money so that my father may bless them! If I need money I will go directly to my father and ask him for money. The ministers will not do that because in most cases they do not believe what they preach; they just want to laugh all the way to the bank with your money.
However we are all blessed and you do not need to do anything in order to benefit from the blessings of the UNIVERSE. The rain does not ask you to give money to anyone before it could water your crops and you do not need to bribe anyone in order to play in the snow. The gifts of the Universe are unconditional but the gifts of the cultural Gods are conditional. Further when you even meet the conditions of the cultural Gods you still could not get what you want! Beware of anyone who asks you to give in order to receive blessings. It is a scam or if you like a Nigerian scam! However this scam existed before the Nigerian scam so I call it the European scam!
All the same it is true to say that there is hope and support in life but not the way the ministers preach it. The minister is motivated by power and profit and tells you what you want to hear. But you are already blessed and loved by the Universe and you do not need a minister to tell you to believe in his God in order to be blessed. What the minister doesn’t know and what most people do not know is that the support of the Universe is tied to your journey! So I advise you to go about your aspirations, goals and priorities in life because you will experience the support of the Universe when you begin your journey. The support is part of the journey and there is no requirement to accept or to believe!
Antarctica was in the minds of many free thinking people all over the world but the Greeks became the touch bearers for Antarctica and the name Antarctica actually originated from the Greek word Antarktos.
Exploration for this mysterious continent actually began in the 18th century. Captain Cook was the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle but did not find land. The Arctic Circle includes the Arctic Ocean, the Scandinavian Peninsula, North Asia, Northern America, and Greenland.

After Captain Cook many nations took part in the exploration of Antarctica. A Russian expedition headed by Fabian von Bellinngsingshausen, an English expedition headed by Edward Bransfield, and an American expedition headed by George Powell and Nathaniel Palmer were among the first people to actually see Antractica.
Antarctica is not conducive for land plants to grow because a greater percentage of the place is covered with ice and snow. However Penguins, seals, whales and bugs live in Antarctica.
If Antarctica were to write its own sacred Story it probably would document how and when the first humans set foot on Antarctica, the first birth in Antarctica, the first death in Antarctica and of course the exploitation of Antarctica.
Antarctica will not write about Gods because there is no human culture; instead Antarctica will write about the natural state of things----how it broke away, through natural action, from Gondwana to stand on its own millions of years ago. We can learn a lot from the natural processes at work in Antarctica and may be help us to protect the planet.

An Antarctican Sacred Story will mostly cover the findings of scientists in the natural world. There will be no room for cultural Gods and since the Gods are cultural their promises of heaven and threats of hell would not affect Antarctica. In effect Antarctica shows us the way the Universe works without the interference of the cultural Gods.  However as I said earlier a sacred story of  Antarctica will also include how and when the first humans set foot on Antarctica, the first birth in Antarctica, the first death in Antarctica and of course the exploitation of Antarctica.

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