The Book of the Oppressed African Religious Project



The Book of the Oppressed was written to empower Africans and all those who are being oppressed or have been oppressed in the past. Empowerment begins with you connection to Universal Love. You are in charge of your destiny including your religious beliefs and your spiritual lives. You are no longer tied to foreign religions, their Gods and their Sacred Texts. You can now worship your own Gods and write your own sacred books because you are no longer slaves; you are FREE.
All cultural Gods are beneficial to the people who worship them. When we replace native Gods with foreign Gods we deny the natives their experiences, their cultural values, their history, their unity and the source of their identity. To deny these things to any culture or nation is to deny them of their very existence and it is wrong. If we really want to help other cultures the best we can do is to point to the Universal LIGHT without introducing our Gods and our books.


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