Testaments of GOD


If you are a South American for example and you believe in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or Taoism you believe in a foreign religion. Whether a religion is a foreign religion or an indigenous religion could sometimes be confusing if you were born into the religion. Your parents probably did not know that they were worshipping a foreign God. As far as they were concerned it was their religion and the idea that the religion was foreign or native did not cross their minds. With this mindset they raised you according to the teachings of their religion and when you grew up you probably accepted Jesus and became a Christian or you lived your life according to the Pillars of Islam and became a Moslem. Like your parents it probably never occurred to you that you were worshipping a foreign God. You just accepted your faith as defined by the religion and you may have lived happily ever after!

Unfortunately life is not a straight path for some of us in the sense that we get entangled in the moments of life like inequality and discrimination in society. Malcolm X was one of such figures. The racism of his time compelled him to search for what it really meant to be alive. During his search he visited several countries in Africa and later he was introduced to Islam. He erroneously thought that Islam was an African religion. You know the rest of his life. The point I am making here is that he did not accept the status quo; he did something about it and the same possibility is open to your life.

My search for understanding did not stem from social issues but from teachings that did not make sense to me like the idea of a chosen people in the Bible. I could not understand why some people were chosen in a world where all of us breathe the same air, circulate for some time and we die! In my quest I learned that the God that was introduced to me was actually a cultural God and not the GOD of the Universe. Thus it made sense to me that a cultural God has a chosen people and if a cultural God has a chosen people and I am not one of the chosen it just means that the God is not my God so I fired my cultural God. However I could hear someone say that Jesus came for people like me, that is, people who were not included in the distribution of the pie, but Jesus is another foreign cultural God so whatever he did could not be for my best interest! We do not want Gods from other cultures to save us; the UNIVERSE is the only ESSENCE that saves all creatures and there are no requirements!

 The first purpose of this book is to help you to write your own sacred story and the second purpose is to help you to replace all foreign sacred texts in your country with your sacred text. If a sacred text was not written by your people and the origin could not be traced to your land it is a foreign text. The following texts could be foreign texts depending on your country or culture: Bhagavad Gita, Dhammapada, Tao Te Ching, New Testament, Bible, Tanakh, Qur’an, Upanishads, the Rig Veda and the Analects of Confucius. They are foreign texts because they were written by foreigners. Whatever is foreign is not yours to keep. It is time to return what you borrowed or what was forced on you!

Africans for instance would quote the Bible from Genesis to Revelation or the Qur’an from the first verse to the last but when asked about the sacred stories of their people they are at a loss! Africans have a rich sacred story but because of Christianity and Islam (foreign religions) it seems as if their sacred past never existed. The attitude has been “who needs our sacred story when a foreign text promises us eternal life in heaven?”

Actually abandoning your sacred story in favor of a foreign sacred story is like giving away your birthright and remaining poor, bankrupt or even destitute not only in your life but also in the lives of all your descendants! It might have been out of ignorance or deceit that compelled you to believe in foreign sacred texts but the truth is out now so there is no more need to believe in foreign texts! It is time for you to write your sacred story for the benefit of the world!

Humans have come a long way from the days when we were hunters and gatherers and have realized that if they could make someone or a group of people pay them on a daily basis for the rest of their lives they would have made it on Earth. Notice that most businesses are in business because of repeat business. You will always go to the grocery store to buy food and you will always go to department stores, consult with your physician, or buy a drug. The organized religions studied this reality of life and came up with the idea that if they reinforced the promises of heaven and the threats of hell in their sermons people would always go to church and give.

The religions may promise heaven and threaten hell but they are not in control. The UNIVERSE is too wise to place such a responsibility in the hands of humans or the cultural Gods! Have you learned that most people who are about to die often see family members and this cuts across cultures. During this transition the people do not talk about heaven or hell; instead they mention the names of people who have passed on in their families. We could infer from these experiences that if there is a key to heaven or to hell it is in the hands of your family and not in the hands of foreign religions and Gods!

This book is not intended to change your mind on your beliefs but at least it will help you to begin to think about writing your sacred story instead of depending on foreign sacred texts! Even if you believe that your foreign sacred text literally came down from heaven you owe it to your children and the rest of the world to write your sacred story!

Who laughs to the bank each time you buy a foreign sacred text? Whose ancestors are elevated each time you read a foreign sacred text? Who gets more power each time you share a foreign sacred text? If you don’t want the power and you do not like your ancestors at least you could use the cash to solve some of the economic challenges that you face now.  Write your Sacred Story and begin to take control of your destiny! Stop eating from the crumbs that fall from the master’s table! Become the MASTER!

Blacks in the United States have contributed immensely to the world because they believe in a changing Universe and that nothing is written in blood! In other words the establishments, the beliefs of the people, the laws of the land and the status of people are all subject to change! With this premise they set forth in the midst of insurmountable obstacles and changed their lives and in doing so they also changed the world!

They are a living testimony that this world does not belong to a single chosen people but to all creatures that live in it! They are a living testimony that there are no chosen people because we are all chosen and there is no sacred land because the whole Universe is sacred! In this world anyone could rise to fame and prosperity irrespective of his or her birth circumstances; in this world any culture could write their sacred story for the benefit of their children and the education of the world instead of relying on the sacred stories of other cultures!

It is true that there are no chosen sacred texts but many people still believe in the writings of other cultures at the expense of the rich traditions in their cultures. I know the idea of a foreign anything sounds tempting but with our present knowledge of living on Earth we should be able to realize that humans are the same everywhere. What is different is that some of us are more inclined to use others for their benefits like the case of slavery, apartheid, colonization and organized religions.

Some of you might be surprised that I included religion as one of the instruments of oppression and exploitation but it is. What is working for religion and why it has not been taken down like slavery, apartheid and colonization is its reference to GOD. Most people would bow down to GOD until they realize that the GOD in reference is a cultural God. Many believers do not know that they worship foreign cultural Gods and what further upholds the deceit of the religions is the phrase “Word of GOD”. Many people are not able to think through the fact that the word of GOD cannot fit into any text created by humans so they remain perpetual slaves to the religions!

I hope this book will help you to see through the slavery, apartheid and colonization in organized religion for you to take your sacred story seriously enough to write it down for future generations. It is your turn to write your sacred story for the glorification of your ancestors, the pride of your children and the education of the world!


Universal Spiritual Vision

In the beginning our ancestors groped in darkness searching for why they were here in the first place, what it meant to be alive and their ultimate destiny in the midst of endless challenges and disappointments. The people who persevered felt the LOVE of the Universe and the possibilities in life. Those who resigned themselves to the circumstances of their environment on the other hand saw nothing exciting about life and blamed everyone including themselves for the same challenges and disappointments. There was no organized religion then but our ancestors who lived with a purpose realized that they were not alone and that they could rely on the Spirit or Essence of the Universe that manifests during their struggles and challenges. This did not just happen to one group of people or a few selected individuals; it happened to people all over the world irrespective of their deeds, position in life, birth circumstances or beliefs. The same is true for you and I who are on the same journey and we can still connect with the ESSENCE that pervades the whole universe and benefit from the same guidance and love our ancestors enjoyed.

Have you ever wondered how you came to be born? Have you thought about how you keep on breathing throughout your life? Have you considered how your heart keeps on beating without stopping? Have you ever wondered how your body gets healed when you hurt yourself? Have you ever looked for a book with no knowledge if such a book exists or not but being led straight to where to find the book? Have you ever thought about a friend or a family member and the phone rings with the person you thought about at the other end of the line? Have you ever wanted something so badly but without the resources to acquire it and later meeting a total stranger to satisfy the need? Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation and asked for deliverance and your request was instantly answered? Have ever picked up a $20 bill in a shopping Mall and being led to the rightful owner? 

These moments are part of life and they remind us that we live in a loving, caring, protecting and guiding Universe.  Whatever difficulties we face help is on the way. Whatever aspirations we have help is on the way. Whatever things we need help is on the way. Whatever situation we find ourselves help is on the way.  But as important as these moments might be many people do not invest in them.  They go about their lives thinking that they are alone and when they experience these moments they just think it was luck or because of their religion. Nothing could be further from the truth. These moments are part of our lives and it is no accident that you experience them. It is an affirmation of the LOVE the Universe has for all creatures and the most important aspect of this LOVE is that there are no requirements. You are loved just the way you are irrespective of your nationality, race, color, birth circumstances, position in life or religious beliefs.

However, as universal as the LOVE of the Universe is some people still consider themselves as the only favorites of the Universe. They believe their Gods to be the only true Gods and their sacred texts the only truth. Religion as we know it today probably evolved from individuals to families to villages and to cultures. In the process many cultures emerged with different versions of what it meant to be alive each claiming to have the real thing and exterminating or demonizing others who happened to have a different viewpoint. But let the record show that people of different faiths, believers and non-believers have enriched our world in different ways and written their names in letters of Gold.

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948), a Hindu and a great Indian leader, taught us the importance of ahimsa, the doctrine of non-violence. Akbar (1556 – 1605), a Moslem credited with being the greatest Moghul Emperor wanted both the Hindus and the Muslims to be united. He was considered generous and just to a fault. Mother Teresa (1910-1997), a Catholic Nun, lived her life to help the poor, the sick, the orphaned and the dying and became a light to all of us. Swami Vivekannada (1863 – 1902) another great Indian teacher and a patriot saint is credited with raising interfaith awareness and bringing Hinduism to the world stage. Robert G. Ingersoll (1833-1899), a Civil War veteran, an American political leader and an agnostic was one of the pioneers of the Free Thought Movement. Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, is a Buddhist leader who teaches the importance of compassion as the source of a happy life and lives an exemplary life. Thích Nhất Hạnh, a Vietnamese Buddhist Monk, helped to rebuild bombed villages, set up schools, established medical centers, and resettled families left homeless during the Vietnam War. His teachings and practices cut across religions making him one of the greatest humanists of our time. The list goes on and on to include many people who have sacrificed their lives for our good and let this serve as a LIGHT to all of us that our beliefs may be true to us but they are not the TRUTH! The common factor among these people is their humanity not their religions. Albeit their religion or lack of it may have provided the path they walked to enlighten us but the fact remains that they are all human beings like us.

Let the record also show that no religion has been saved, sheltered or secluded from the devastations we face as a people on this planet. Natural disasters have spared no religion in the past and will spare no religion in the future. Churches, Temples, Mosques of all religions have been affected in different ways by natural disasters. Further no religion has been immune from human actions in the past and none will be spared in the future. There are many examples on record in which humans have carried out massive destructions of rival churches, temples and mosques.

Let the record also show that humans have carried out unbelievable atrocities against other humans in the name of their Gods or religion. And in all these cases the Gods never advised their followers to desist from their evil ways and the fact that they succeeded in carrying out their evil plans makes the victims deserving of what happened to them because their Gods did not also protect them. However, it appears that these actions have nothing to do with the Gods but have everything to do with human desire to enslave and downright human wickedness.  The Gods are put in place to legitimize their actions!

Let the record further show that during the coronavirus pandemic Churches, Temples, Mosques and all religious activities were brought to a halt! These are the same people who preach the Power of their Gods to heal and to perform miracles. Their texts are filled with extraordinary deeds of their Gods but in real life their Gods could not even face a virus; in short the Gods where absent! The few who believed that their Gods would save them and violated the rules got the virus! Their God was not home and they died to teach us once again that we live in a material world and that viruses are also part of the world! No one could wave a magic wand and become immune or get rid of them. Throughout history our problems have mostly been solved through scientific investigation in accordance with the laws of the universe! We are indeed ripe for a new consciousness or a new Universal Spiritual Vision

The truth is that no one was born with a religion tattooed on her forehead. Each of us was born to a certain geographical region and into a certain family. In most cases we adopted the religious and spiritual traditions of our parents. We are Hindus because we grew up around Hindus. But this is not always the case. Some who disagreed with their parents’ religions later in life often choose a different path. Thus today it is not uncommon to find a Buddhist in a Christian family or a Christian in a Hindu family. It is all about what makes sense, what feels right, what affirms our freedom, what gives us peace of mind and the level of our development. Thus if there is any truth to religion at all it would depend on the individual, not the religion.

There is nothing wrong however in believing that your religion is the only true religion but there is something really wrong when you begin to force your religion on others or when you begin to judge others based on your religious beliefs. The dangers of making any religion the TRUTH is the power it gives to the people who believe in it. According to the Introduction to the Universal Holy Book “that will be the day the world will go down in darkness again. It will be slavery, holocaust, ethnic cleansing, genocide and every evil imaginable by the human mind”. We may look down on others and rejoice from the belief that we alone have the ABOSOLUTE TRUTH and walk like Gods to terrorize our neighbors but we should never forget that we live in a changing Universe. What touches others also touches us and we should not for one minute think that it would not happen to us. So when next you think about being on top of the world and terrorizing your neighbors turn it around and be on the receiving end. You will soon realize that it does not feel good when you are the one who is victimized.

The truth is that we do not need to feel superior to other creatures because the same fate awaits all of us. Instead of being intoxicated by embracing human ideas why not begin to embrace what is natural to all of us. What is natural is not your organized religion! What is natural is not your cultural God! What is natural are are not the requirements you need to meet before you could enjoy the human promises of heaven! But what is natural is the UNIVERSE. The UNIVERSE loves us without conditions. Consider the SUN: it shines for all of us without requirements; the RAIN: it waters all our crops also without requirements; the SNOW invites all of us to play and the air we breathe is totally free. There is no cultural God, not even all the cultural Gods combined that could top the unconditional LOVE of the UNIVERSE! The cultural Gods claim to be in control of the good things we enjoy like the air, the sun, the snow, the rain, the birds, the trees, the flowers and many more but how could that be in the midst of many cultural Gods? Only the UNIVERSE is in control and the sooner we realized this the better it would be for the world. The UNIVERSE unites us, but the cultural Gods separate us! Anything that separates us is not in our best interest! Dethrone all cultural Gods at the Universal level and elevate the UNIVERSE! Cultural Gods can only function where they originated!

We are here not only to pay our bills, pursue our careers, enjoy sports and games, appreciate the arts and raise our children but also to know the spiritual foundation of our being. We will be doing a great disservice to ourselves if we fail to take advantage of the sources of spiritual teachings available to us. How are you sure that your belief is proper for you? How are you sure that you are meeting your spiritual needs with only one point of view without a knowledge of the universal scriptures? The world has offered you many Gods who require your complete and absolute loyalty before they could even do anything for you. Have you taken the time to find out about the 'GOD' WITHIN YOU who does not require anything of you other than to help you on your journey? Have you taken the time to find out about the 'GOD' with no sacred texts but whose writings pervade the universe? Have you found out about the 'GOD' with no requirements that loves you irrespective of your nationality, color, race, culture or beliefs? Is it not time for you to know the 'GOD' who connects you to the rest of creation? Don't you think you are deceiving yourself and possibly depriving your life of compatible spiritual teachings if you are in a church, a temple, a mosque or in any place of worship because of your fears or because of what is promised? There is a better way! Study the sacred texts and learn; study the sacred texts and compare; study the sacred texts and begin your spiritual journey.

Brotherhood, compassion and Universal Love are the values of the Universal Spiritual Vision. When our brotherhood is no longer determined by our affiliations but by our humanity we know that the universal spiritual reality is near. When our compassion is no longer confined to those we know but extends to all creation we know that the universal spiritual reality is at hand. When our actions are no longer motivated by external threats and rewards but by Universal Love, we know that the universal spiritual reality is here! By all indications the ship for a universal spiritual reality has left the harbor. Will you be there when it arrives?

One of the reasons for supremacy, exclusivity and terrorism is the lack of sacred texts that directly address the issues we face on this planet. The few sacred texts that we have are mostly tribal or cultural in orientation apart from the Tao Te Ching, the Dhammapada and the Upanishads. The Bhagavad Gita talks about Lord Krishna; the New Testament talks about Lord Jesus and the Qur’an talks about Lord Allah. You will notice that none of these cultural Gods unites the whole world!  The cultural Gods divide us but the UNIVERSE unites us! Unity is a good thing and I am calling on you to begin to write the texts that will make the Universal Spiritual Vision a reality!



“I look up at the night sky, and I know that, yes, we are part of this Universe, we are in this Universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is that the Universe is in us. When I reflect on that fact, I look up—many people feel small, because they’re small and the Universe is big, but I feel big, because my atoms came from those stars.” Neil deGrasse Tyson

As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm.
As is the atom, so is the universe.
As is the human body, so is the cosmic body.
As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind.
Deepak Chopra, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

This Universe before it was created existed as Brahman. "I am Brahman: thus did Brahman know himself. Knowing himself, he became the self in all beings. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

The representation below shows how we are all connected to the UNIVERSE, or Brahman, or Tao or GOD of the Universe if you prefer. In this picture the Ultimate Mystery is the GOD of the Universe. Notice that no one has the GOD of the Universe to himself or herself. Instead we are all connected to the GOD of the Universe. We cannot say the same thing with the cultural Gods because the cultural Gods have requirements and the cultural Gods only connect with the people who accept them. If you look closely you will also observe that the cultural Gods really do not have a special place in the COSMIC scheme of things. Both humans, other creatures and the cultural Gods are equally connected to the GOD of the Universe. The only difference between you and the cultural Gods is that you worship the cultural Gods but no one worships you!

Given this connection with the GOD of the Universe it is safe to assume that our experiences with the GOD of the Universe are bound to be different from person to person, from culture to culture and from nation to nation. The way you see the GOD of the Universe is your own experience and no one can take it away from you. Why continue to see the GOD of the Universe in the eyes of foreign texts when you also have your own experiences? Put an end to the slavery of the mind by writing your sacred story for the elevation of your ancestors, the joy of your children and the education and improvement of the world. 

Relationship between the Universe and You
For the most part children from nations that use foreign sacred texts do not know about their sacred story unless it is taught in the schools. If you grew up in the 1950s for example you probably did not learn about your sacred story even in the schools. I started learning about the Bible in the elementary school at the exclusion of my sacred story. Let this not happen again and begin to raise your children with your own sacred stories instead of the sacred stories of other cultures. This is not to imply that we should get rid of all foreign sacred texts now that we know the truth; instead we should continue to learn from foreign sacred texts but our sacred texts must occupy a superior position as compared to the foreign sacred texts! Consider India and China as examples; both nations trade with other nations and exchange ideas with other nations but no foreign texts dominate their spiritual life as we have in the countries of Africa and South America! This is the case of a scammer taking advantage of the innocent! Now that you know it is time to rise above all foreign sacred texts in your countries and share your spiritual wisdom with the world!

The GOD of the Universe is really not a GOD but an ESSENCE. This ESSENCE pervades the Universe. IT has no sacred texts and IT has no chosen people but loves all creatures without conditions. If you were raised in a foreign religion with the foreigners being the chosen people you might be reluctant to believe that the GOD of the Universe has no chosen people. But have you thought about what it makes you if a God has a chosen people? It makes you a slave or a second class citizen of the world. But you are neither a slave nor a second class citizen; you are as good as any other creature on the planet. The idea of a chosen people is a human creation like the skewed interpretation of the Golden Rule: “He who has the Gold makes the rules”. In the same way they wrote the sacred text and they make themselves chosen so that you will always be inferior to them but more importantly you will always pay them for their contributions! However this is not to deny the fact that cultural Gods love their people more than others but there is a big difference between the cultural Gods and the GOD of the Universe. Why do you want to worship a foreign cultural God in the presence of your cultural Gods and the GOD of the Universe?

Cultural Gods
Cultural Gods are Gods that originated from particular cultures or nations. They are not universal Gods; they are discriminative and they take sides in human conflicts.  The Tanakh recounts how the God of the Tanakh took the side of the Israelites during a war with their neighbors as written in the Book of Joshua 10:11 of the Tanakh or the Old Testament of the Bible.

As they fled before Israel on the road down from Beth Horon to Azekah, the Lord hurled large hailstones down on them from the sky, and more of them died from the hailstones than were killed by the swords of the Israelites.

Most cultures have their own cultural Gods and I remember my mother telling me stories about the cultural Gods of my people. In the main the cultural Gods of my people were not different from the cultural God of the Israelites. Cultural Gods protect their people and as such they take the side of their people in any conflict with other cultures. 

Both the Arabs and the Europeans played a significant role in portraying their cultural Gods as GOD and forcing other cultures to worship the foreign Gods instead of their native Gods. For the record the Arabs really did not force the natives to worship Allah because they were mostly interested in the administrative control of the region but the people still ended up worshipping Allah. Consequently we have the influence of Islam in Africa, Asia and Europe today.

The Europeans on the other hand took an active interest in preaching Jesus as the savior of the world and probably forced natives to accept the foreign God! Today Christianity has reached all the continents and it is the world’s most popular religion. However one cannot help asking if the world has really changed for good because of these religions? If you look at the state of the world in the midst of the Coronavirus and the George Floyd protests in the United States it is evident that there is still a lot of work to be done.  Further the religions have not produced a corresponding spiritual growth in the people because they still preach discrimination and exclusivity when there is clear evidence that we are here to take care of each other!

In the main cultural Gods separate us and what separates us cannot really be good for us. The UNIVERSE on the other hand unites us. Thus instead of a cultural God being the WAY we can now say with full certainty and understanding that the UNIVERSE is the WAY! The UNIVERSE sends us rain to water our crops without conditions; IT sends snow and invites all people to play; IT makes the sun shine on all those who stand under it and most importantly IT lets us breathe air freely irrespective of what we have done or not done. Can you imagine a cultural God being in control of the air we breathe? It is as clear as day and night that if you do not believe there will be no air to breathe!” So my dear brothers and sisters rejoice that the cultural Gods are not in control of the things that matter in our lives!

All the same the cultural Gods are not entirely useless because people believe in them and we should respect that. So my proposition is for the cultural Gods to remain as cultural icons for now in their cultures while the UNIVERSE unites all of us! Here are some of the popular cultural Gods: Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Yahweh, Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva, Olorun, Avalokiteśvara, Amitaba, Chenrezig and Guanyin.

Foreign Sacred Texts
A foreign text is any text that was not written by your people but used by your people as their own text. Depending on your place of origin any of these books could be a foreign sacred text to you. Rig Veda, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Dhammapada, Bible, Tanakh, New Testament, Tao Te Ching, Analects of Confucius, Qur’an, and the Avesta,

Case Against Allah
Notice that I included Allah as one of the Gods instead of as the GOD of the Universe! On the surface it appears that Moslems worship the GOD of the Universe because Allah translates into GOD. Most cultures have a name for GOD but that does not mean that they worship GOD. GOD is an ESSENSE that has no sacred text, no chosen people and no sacred place. Thus by definition Allah is not GOD but a cultural God and the text is the Qur’an.

Buddha as God
The Buddha did not consider himself as a God. As he wandered throughout India after his awakening some people saw him in his glory and asked if he was a God? The Buddha answered, “I am no God, I am awake!” I have included Buddha as one of the cultural Gods because he is being worshipped by some of his devotees.



GOD or GOD of the Universe is not a GOD but an ESSENSE that pervades the Universe. I am using the name GOD because it helps to clarify the differences between the cultural Gods and the GOD of the Universe. Here are the major differences between the GOD of the Universe and the cultural Gods:

1.GOD pervades the Universe; the Gods are local.
2. GOD is within all creatures; the Gods are invited.
3. GOD is unknowable; the Gods are known.
4. GOD is nameless; the Gods have names.
5. GOD is one; the Gods are many.
6. GOD loves all creatures without conditions; the Gods love you with conditions.
7. GOD has no chosen people; the Gods have chosen people.
8. GOD has no sacred place; the Gods have sacred places.
9. GOD unites all creatures; the Gods divide creatures.
10. GOD has no Sacred Text; the Gods have Sacred Texts.
11. GOD is neutral in human conflicts; the Gods take sides in human conflicts.
12. GOD does not judge us; the Gods judge us.
13. GOD takes us to heaven at the end; the Gods take us to hell at the end.
14. GOD is self-existing; the Gods exist because of you.
15. GOD is all-powerful; the Gods derive their power from you.
16. GOD exists in all cultures; the Gods can only be traced to specific cultures.
17. GOD is the Universal Spirit; the Gods are culture bound.
18. GOD does not accept sacrifices: the Gods accept sacrifices.
19. GOD leads us to Enlightenment; the Gods crave for our worship and adoration.
20. We are part of GOD and we return to GOD at the end; the Gods are not part of us!

Let me take some time to elaborate on some of the differences between the cultural Gods and the UNIVERSE. There is no denying the fact that the cultural Gods are local and that was why the slave masters and the colonizers took the Bible with them when they went to Africa. Obviously they were taking a foreign God to another land without minding the Gods of the people. Thus they needed to teach the people about their God and what he could do to them in case of disobedience or rebellion. The unsuspecting natives believed and consequently they have remained poor and unprogressive up to this day. The truth is that no one can take GOD to another place because GOD is everywhere. However if you want to control the people and rule over them you could write a book and call it a sacred text and the people will believe. What you are experiencing in this world today is the result of human attempt to control their fellow human beings with the fear of GOD. If you really want to help the world the first step will be to get rid of all foreign sacred texts in your land because they are instruments of control and stagnation. Further, believing and using foreign sacred texts makes you a slave of their thoughts but not just for you but for all your descendants!

Notice that in some of the religions you are forced to accept a God! Is that not strange? The UNIVERSE will never force you to do anything because you are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements. But the humans need your loyalty and your money so they devised the scheme of “accepting a God or having a personal relationship with a God” How could any God that loves his creatures force them to do anything? Even on a human level we do not force our children to accept us! Our love is the magnet that draws our children to us. The love of GOD is by far higher that human love and that is why the UNIVERSE loves us without conditions. In our relationship with our children we learn from the UNIVERSE but the religions have portrayed their Gods to be lacking in unconditional love. The only truth is that accepting any God is a human scam! The UNIVERSE will never force you to accept IT because you are part of IT. Humans on the other hand use the Gods to their advantage! It is now up to you to rescue your brothers and sisters from the evil machinations of other humans and you can do that by writing the sacred story of your people and return their books to them for good!

No one knows the GOD of the UNIVERSE. Anyone who tells you that he or she knows GOD is a scammer! This was how the writers of the Upanishads put it:

Him the eye does not see, nor the tongue express, nor the mind grasp. Him we neither know nor are able to teach. Different is he from the known and different is he from the unknown. So have we heard from the wise. (Kena Upanishad: the Upanishads by Swami Prabhavananda and Frederick Manchester).

I am using this quote to assure you that the information I am sharing is real. Hindu sages are among the greatest minds in the world when it comes to spirituality. Some of these people renounced the world in order to know GOD. In their quest they came to the conclusion that GOD is unknowable so when a slave master or a colonizer brings a Bible or a Qur’an and tells you that he brought the word of GOD there is enough evidence to disbelieve him! He may have brought the word of his God but he did not bring the word of GOD! Since GOD is unknowable there can’t be a word of GOD written by humans; the best we can say is that the word of GOD pervades the whole Universe and does not come from a single culture or from all the cultures put together! The word of GOD is not a cultural document!

Since GOD is unknowable we cannot say that we know his or her name. The cultural Gods on the other hand have names. For instance we know about Allah, Buddha, Christ, Yahweh, Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva, Olorun, Avalokiteśvara, Amitaba, Chenrezig, Guanyin and many more Gods too numerous to mention. A Zen saying put it this way: Open mouth, already a mistake! When you give a name to something that you do not know you are in effect making things up with intent to deceive the people. And millions if not billions of people have been deceived by people who claim to know GOD. The sad thing about religion is that the masses are not benefitting from the promises made in their texts. Instead it is the organizers who are benefitting from the scam. In your quest to write a spiritual text for your people it is very important to put the people first. Let your writings include Universal Basic Income, Free Health Care and Free Education for all people. You must address the social ills that confront your people instead of waiting for a savior to descend from the heavens to solve your problems. This has not happened and it WILL NEVER HAPPEN because it is a HUMAN SCAM!

The UNIVERSE loves you without conditions but the Gods love you with conditions. You have been indoctrinated to believe in the Gods as your reason for existence because they created you. Have you considered the number of creation stories in the world? If each God created his people why are we similar? I know there are unique differences among humans like pointed noses, thick lips, skin color, eye color and size, hair texture, etc. but these differences are attributed to the environment rather than to the work of a God. The cultural Gods never created anything because creation as we know it existed before the Gods came to take control. Creation stories by cultural Gods are at best ways to explain the Universe and at worst they are scams of the human mind! Now let us take a leap of the imagination and relive the time our ancestors where hunters and gatherers. You will recall that they had plenty of food, and there were flowers to brighten their days; there was water to drink and to bathe; they could retire into the caves to rest at the end of the day. In short the natural environment had everything they needed to live well and they did. Don’t you think that such an environment can only come from a SOURCE that loves you without conditions? Now compare this to the cultural Gods as we know them: you must accept them otherwise there would be no air for you to breathe! When I think about this scenario I really do not blame the Gods, but greedy humans who use the Gods to oppress, suppress and enrich themselves!

Many religious people believe that they are chosen by their God at the exclusion of others who do not believe or who believe in a different God. The UNIVERSE does not choose anyone at the exclusion of others and that is one of the reasons we all can breathe air freely, play with the snow, warm our bodies in the sun, water our crops with the rain and dream big dreams that materialize! Greedy humans have been using exclusivity to deceive their fellow humans since the beginning of time and many have fallen for it because we all want to feel important. The bad news is that you are still where you are in spite of your perceived exclusive status. You have been deceived by another human being! The worst thing you can do to your life is to believe another human being on the things of the spirit. You are here to experience this world and not to believe! If all you did in this life was to believe whatever people said about what it means to be alive then it would be better that you were not born! You are not here to believe; you are here to experience life because that is the only way to right the ills of our ancestors. If all you did was to believe then you would support slavery, colonization, Apartheid, exclusivity, chosen people and every evil that has been used to devalue human life!

The UNIVERSE unites all of us but the Gods divide us. You can recall all the conflicts caused by the different Gods: Moslems against Hindus, Hindus against Moslems, Christians against Moslems, Moslems against Christians and the least goes on and on. You can see from this reality that work needs to be done and the work is not to make all of us Christians, Buddhists or Moslems to solve the problem as some religious people proposed during the wake of the George Floyd protest. The truth is that you are not a Christian; you are not a Moslem, you are not a Hindu, and you are not a Buddhist but a person who is a part of the UNIVERSE. The divisions were created by greedy human beings to rule over you! You are in a position to reclaim your suppressed heritage of brotherhood with the rest of creation! Your writings must emphasize this unity in creation and deemphasize all systems of division and separation because at the crossroads of life your God might not be there to save you let alone a member of your religion!

The UNIVERSE does not judge and will never judge you! The cultural Gods on the other hand were mostly created to judge you! If the guy who has everything and controls everything (UNIVERSE) does not judge us does that mean I can do anything I want? Yes, you could do anything you want but freedom comes with responsibility. If your freedom is not balanced with your responsibility the humans are going to get you! In other words the UNIVERSE may not kill you if you make wrong choices but the humans will not spare you if you break any of their laws! If you have been afraid of the Gods all your life this is your recipe for freedom. The Gods could not even touch your hair if you believe in the UNIVERSE or do not believe in anything at all! I learned this teaching from my mother at an early age. She said that it is what you believe that could hurt you so if you are afraid of the cultural Gods simply disbelieve them and you will be free! I know it is not as easy as it sounds but what you decide on will be done!



The idea of GOD has influenced most people because we think that there must be a reason for our existence or that something must be responsible for our existence. We are faithful to a particular foreign sacred text probably because of colonization, slavery or conversion. These are all human actions to feel important, to rule over others or to enrich themselves at the expense of others. These actions have nothing to do with the will of the UNIVERSE! They are reminiscent of human greed and the evil machinations of the human mind. Since they are not of GOD they have disintegrated. For instance the colonized nations are independent and the salves are now free. The slavery of the mind is the last shackle that must be broken before we could all be really FREE and that freedom starts with the writing of your Sacred Story. No group of people, culture, nation or religion has a monopoly on GOD!

Spiritual Guide
Using any foreign sacred text as your spiritual guide goes against your freedom and self determination. You have been indoctrinated to believe that the foreign texts are the words of GOD but nothing could be further from the truth. No nation or culture on earth has the word of GOD. They may have the words of their Gods but not the word of GOD. The idea that a culture in this world has the word of GOD in a book greatly minimizes and downgrades the majesty and grandeur of the UNIVERSE but this idea has flourished for generations if not for centuries! In an information age the world can no longer support fake news and you are called upon to change what benefits a few people into what benefits all of us! You may be just one person with no thoughts of influencing the world but do not underestimate your capability. The truth is that you are a NEW LIGHT and the fate of the world is in your hands! If you do not do anything and continue to support what others have put in place for their benefit you have no reason to complain about anything!  You are here at this time in history because it is your turn to SHINE! Write the sacred story of your people for the benefit of your children, your ancestors and the world!

World Peace
Notice that many of our problems stem from cultures or religions trying to assert their superiority and relevance in the world. The truth is that a foreign sacred text can never be the path to your salvation because they promote dominance and superiority. Thus as long as humans believe that they have the only truth there will continue to be exclusivity, terrorism, fundamentalism and extremism. The only way to change that is through the presence of many sacred stories in the world and or course the complete eradication of organized religions. When you have your own sacred story it will no longer be necessary to believe in a foreign sacred story simply because it is foreign and you don’t know much about it. This does not mean that we cannot learn from foreign ideas. It just means that your sacred story is not inferior; it is actually more superior to the foreign story because it is the story of your people! Consider the sacred story of Africans as an example; is there any other story in the world that could top their experiences? Slavery, apartheid, colonization, discrimination, corruption and what have you…they have had it all! But because they have been indoctrinated to believe in foreign texts their sacred story remains untold. In a world where most or all of the cultures have their own sacred story there will be no need to preach a message from a foreign cultural God; there will be no need to deceive people into believing that they would be going to heaven or hell and there will be no need to promote our cultural Gods because there is only one GOD with no sacred texts, no chosen people and no sacred place because the Universe is the Sacred Text, we are all chosen and the Universe is the sacred place! At this time religion will revert back to the people and the world will be at peace again!

What it means to be Alive
Foreign texts tell you what you need to do in order to go to heaven or to achieve salvation. Some of these texts were written a long time ago when humans were superstitious and sacrificed their children to their Gods. Today we know that the Universe does not want our children. Based on this knowledge we have a better understanding on what it means to be alive. Further we do not need to manufacture our sacred stories because we already have the records on slavery, colonization, discrimination, providence, apartheid, achievement, success, man’s inhumanity against man, greed, alcoholism, drug abuse, materialism, helplessness, hopelessness, worry, nicotine, fear, sex abuse, food abuse, over work, inferiority, self esteem, fundamentalism, extremism, exclusivity, terrorism, spiritual decay and all the things that make life difficult to live. So you can look at these records and write your sacred story for your children and the rest of the world.

You are the Savior!
The religions have made it very difficult for you to realize your full potential. How could you achieve your full potential when you are always waiting for someone or looking for someone to save you? The doctrine of salvation is inimical to human development! But it was not promulgated by accident. The writers knew exactly what they were doing and that is to keep you in perpetual dependence while they laughed all the way to the bank! The truth is that we are all connected to the UNIVERSE and you are here as a representative of the UNIVERSE. Your representation does not work well if you believe in what others tell you. You are the new LIGHT to improve the world! Could you really improve the world if you continue to believe in the ideas that kept the world as it is in the first place? In order to assume your full responsibility as the savior of the world you need to disbelieve what was put in place by others for their own good alone and go straight to the SOURCE for information! Writing your sacred story is the first step toward reclaiming your suppressed heritage!

Financial Support
Both the Qur’an and the Bible have each sold billions of copies over time. Over twenty million copies of the Bible are sold each year. The Qur’an also sells close to twenty million copies each year. Now add copies of the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Tao Te Ching, the Analects of Confucius, the Dhammapada, and the Buddhist Sutras and we might be talking about close to half a billion dollar industry every year! Could you use just a small fraction of this industry for the education of your children, the rehabilitation of the homeless, the assistance of seniors or to provide emergency funds for the unemployed? Yes you could! However if you continue to sponsor foreign sacred texts your chances of helping your people will never materialize! I am not saying that writing your sacred story will automatically wipe out all your problems; what I am saying is that it could be the beginning of real freedom. Remember what Karl Max said about the owners of the sources of production and the workers. The goal of the owner of the sources of production is to pay as little as possible to the workers. If you are sponsoring a foreign sacred text you are simply one of the workers and obviously the bulk of the amount of sales of the sacred text goes elsewhere, to the owners. If you want to get the bulk of the proceeds of the sacred text your only option is to write your own sacred story and make it available to the world. Put your destiny into your own hands!

Education of the World
The world has experienced the beautiful, the good, the bad and the ugly and we continue to experience them to this day. Life on earth is a cycle of numerous experiences but as prevalent as these experiences might be many people do not know the history of their people let alone the history of other cultures. A typical African might not know about colonization, apartheid or even slavery if he or she did not take a class for them in school. A Chinese or an Indian might not know that Africans were enslaved in the new world for 400 years. What are the purposes of experiences if we do not know about them? Each time the world did not know about what happened it seems that it never happened and we will continue to repeat the same mistakes. Knowing what happened helps us to find ways to address the problem and that is one of the major reasons why you should write your sacred story! Slavery, colonization and Apartheid happened!

This is similar to the treatment of blacks by the police in the United States. Blacks in the United States have been complaining of police brutality forever but no one seems to acknowledge it because in most cases there was no evidence. In other words if we cannot see it, it did not happen! Seemingly we lived in a world where anyone could get away with anything as long as you are not caught! Things are different now because of the Internet and technological advancement in photography and videography. Anyone could now record an event and share it with the world instantly. We live in the finest hours of human history and I believe that this singular technology could also help us to change the way we behave when someone is not watching. Let us have video cameras on our streets, in our neighborhoods and in all public places and re-train our tendencies.  In this way technology will accomplish what the Gods have been unable to accomplish and that is to produce real moral people!

Your Ancestors Matter
Each time you open a foreign sacred text you are slapping the faces of your ancestors; you are saying as if they never lived. Each time you read from a foreign sacred text you are burying the experiences of your ancestors; you are saying as if their experiences do not matter. Each time you quote from a foreign text you are admitting that you are a slave to foreign ideas; you are saying that you cannot think for yourself! The truth of the matter is that your ancestors matter and you are the new LIGHT of the world! It is only the experiences of your ancestors that will guide you to your true self; foreign ideas are intended to enslave you for life up to the future generations of your descendants! This is the only way for them to continue to rule over you and exploit your resources. Now that the truth is out you will have yourself to blame if you do not act now! Write the sacred story of your people and elevate your status in the world!

Employment Opportunities
How many minorities in the United States have benefited from the Oprah Winfrey Network? Then add the number of foreigners who have benefitted from her organization. The opportunity to enrich your people is not the responsibility of just one person but all of us. When you write your sacred story and provide distribution networks all over the world you will have a similar opportunity to enrich the lives of your brothers and sisters! I am aware that many people from the developing world go to other countries to earn a living. It is possible some of these people have great stories from their experiences but in most cases foreigners only do the work that natives would not do. If you are one of those I am also aware of your pain and humiliation from discrimination and abuse. However you were not created to remain in that position for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter how much you are making at this moment; what matters is your vision. If you have a vision I promise you that it will guide you to where you want to be!

Spiritual Revival
What could happen when all the continents place emphasis on writing their sacred story? Spiritual Revival as has never happened before in world history! The old beliefs that separate us will give way to new ideas that unite us as a people. There will be no chosen people because we are all chosen; we no longer need to travel to foreign lands for pilgrimage because our land is the sacred land; foreign cultural Gods will no longer rule over us because we now recognize the one thing that unites us! Lastly practical spiritual teachings like meditation, martial arts, yoga, affirmations, chanting and other spiritual teachings will pervade the whole planet and usher in a new age of joy, peace and universal love!

You were not created to be enslaved forever but from the look of it you seem to be hooked for life and up to your future descendants! How could this be? The only explanation is human deceit and your belief that you do not matter because there is someone who would take care of you! If you have lived in this world for over thirty years and no one is descending from the heavens to take care of your problems don’t you think it is time to follow plan B? Anyone in this world who has amounted to anything took matters into their own hands. Until you take matters into your own hands you will always be a slave to your fellow human being! Foreign Gods are not your Gods and foreign texts are not your texts! Write your sacred story and determine what you want to be!

You are Here to Shine
History tells us a lot about the nature of the world. For instance we learn that most things are cyclical and no condition is permanent. However humans can behave as thought things on earth are permanent and a few have setup themselves in such a way that there is continuity in their affairs. This is how they continue to dominate the world. If you cannot learn from that you will continue to depend on other people in major ways. Now I want you to consider a situation in which the Arabs did not write their sacred text, the Qur’an. Would they become Jews or Christians? Would they have contributed anything to the world? What would have happened to them? The answers to these questions will be speculative but today we know that they ruled empires, influenced cultures and changed lives with the help of their religion even if I do not agree with their method of conquest.  The Kama Sutra teaches us that “the mortal gets what he wants” and in that vein there is no power in the world, above the world or beneath the world that could prevent you from writing your sacred story!

Are you not ashamed of opening foreign sacred texts and reading about the contributions of their people? Who reads about the contributions of your people? Are you not hesitant about sponsoring foreign sacred texts?  Who is rewarded each time you buy a foreign sacred text? Could you use the proceeds from your sacred text for the development of your people? Who gets all the glory when you worship foreign Gods? Wake up and take what is truly yours and change the course of world history. Write your sacred story and let the UNIVERSE use you to bring peace to the world! Write your sacred story and reap uncountable blessings and rewards. It is your turn to SHINE!



We are all at different levels of consciousness or awareness and that is why we see things differently and sometimes it may also depend on whether we pay attention to details or not. I have no doubt in my mind that there are some people who will immediately say “NO” to their own sacred text because they already have a foreign sacred text and as far as they are concerned that is all they need because it has been ordained by GOD! These people do not care if the text is foreign or not because they believe in the promises and no one may take that away from them until they come to a personal realization that they have indeed been deceived!  However before you come to that realization at least you can consider writing your sacred story for your children and the rest of the world if not for you.

A greater percentage of the doomsayers will come from foreign missionaries in your land because the moment you begin to believe in the stories of your ancestors and disbelieve their stories they will no longer have jobs. In fact they will pack and go home because they are not needed anymore. The number one problem of many poor nations is their belief that there is someone out there who will save them or a God will descend from the heavens and take care of their problems. “Clever” humans have used this idea to exploit their fellow human beings for ages and it looks like there is no end in sight until you wake up from your hypnosis! It is only when you wake up from the promises and threats of your fellow human beings that you will be in control and change your destiny! Humans are so “clever” that they sold you heaven and hell and you are willing to pay for both everyday! Most human beings are interested in what they can get from you. Some do it in the form of an exchange when you go to buy food in the grocery store. You pay the grocer money for his products and in this way both of you can coexist.  But this is not always the case in other human transactions. In some religions for example you do not get anything for your money! A promise of heaven or a threat of hell for your money is an uneven exchange of goods and services! Only one party wins at the expense of the other! Until you wake up from the belief that another human being has the answers for your life you will always be a toy for your fellow human beings!

Many people think that some nations are specially blessed but they forget about some of the breath-taking atrocities these nations have also committed. Apart from the natural resources many nations are rich because of the sacrifices of other people and it has nothing to do with the blessing of a God or of the GOD of the Universe. The Gods may claim to bless their people but the truth is that we are all blessed and the blessing did not come from the cultural Gods; the blessings are part and parcel of our creation. There is enough for all of us but some humans have set up themselves in such a way that they control the wealth of the earth through generations. But you can also do the same and it starts by first writing your sacred story! Do you know how much your people spend on foreign sacred texts? Do the math and get busy because it is now your turn to be KING!

The other doomsayers will come from your people who strongly believe in the promises in the foreign texts and the preachers who are making millions of dollars from preaching foreign gospels. There is nothing you can do to convince the believers and I do not advice you to even try but you can help them to understand by sharing the importance of having your own sacred text. The million dollar preachers of foreign religions could be your downfall if you do not include them in your plans. Most of them do not really believe in the foreign teachings; they preach for a living and they can say anything to get your last penny. Further the people are on their side so it is very important for you to include them in all your plans!

In addition to the million dollar preachers and the people who strongly believe in the foreign religions are the ordinary people who only ask for proper leadership for peace, success and prosperity in their country. These people do not usually have a strong belief system; they just want to live well in this life and it doesn’t matter who provides the leadership for peace, success and prosperity. You can count on these people and share the importance of writing your sacred story.
Now what could be a message of doom? The foreign preachers as well as those who believe in the foreign religions coupled with the million dollar preachers might immediately react with a message of damnation and destruction.
“There is only one true sacred text from GOD the Almighty that was sent down from heaven; believe it and be saved or disbelieve it and be damned!” Write your so-called sacred story and the power of God will bring destruction and doom to your people!”
Your fellow humans can do this to you and they won’t even look back as long as they are in control of your destiny. Humans have done worst things to their fellow human beings and we have the records to prove them! But no one is in control of your destiny; you are in control! And you can demonstrate that by looking at them straight in the eyes and telling them that you are no longer in chains and that you are FREE! You are free at last! Promises of heaven, threats of hell and deceits of damnation have lost in the battle for complete freedom! However the fact that they have lost does not mean that they’ll put their tails between their legs and leave; I promise you that they cannot just leave without tempting you, threatening you or fighting you. You must be strong!
I know what it means to believe but I also know that your belief could also kill you! You must be strong! The images of heaven, hell and damnation in your head are not real; you created them with fuel from the religions. Your first challenge is to disbelieve your foreign religious beliefs. Look at it this way: if you are a Muslim and do not believe the hell requirements of Christianity it won’t affect you. The same thing is true of the Christian who does not believe the hell requirements of Islam. Thus your first challenge if your foreign religious belief is a stumbling block is to disbelieve the foreign religion. It is not going to be easy but it can be done because I did it! You must be strong!
The end of the world slogan is usually their first line of attack. They might say something like “The world will end the moment you begin to write your sacred story” The end of the world slogan is very familiar but according to historical records none of their prognostications has come to pass. Doom Day saying is one of the ways the SLAVE MASTER solidifies his position. If he really believes in his cultural God to bring doom to the world he doesn’t have to say it; it will just happen! But because he does not believe it, he says it to frighten you! What happens when you are frightened? You give up the fight and let him to continue to rule over you! Remember that slavery, colonization and apartheid ended because the freedom fighters fought till the end! The slavery or colonization of the mind is yet the greatest battle the world will ever experience and it starts with you writing the sacred story of your people! It is going to be the greatest battle because billions of dollars are at stake and as I said earlier the opposition will not quietly leave, they’ll fight with everything they’ve got! You must be strong!

Let us take a leap of the imagination and assume that there is going to be a metaphysical intervention that would bring the world to an end by a cultural God. How could a cultural God say from India go and wipe out the Chinese? One of the greatest laws of Gods is that they protect their own people! Given this scenario how could a Hindu God wipe out the Chinese? You will immediately see that there is going to be a battle between the Hindu God and the Chinese God because the Chinese God will not let it happen since he has sworn to defend his people against any foreign aggression.
In reality Gods do not bring doom to people only humans do so! Humans call on the Gods to legitimize their diabolic plans and actions; the Gods are innocent! Further it is against the law of the Universe for cultural Gods to interfere in the lives of people outside their domain. You will notice that all the atrocities in this world have been committed by humans and not by Gods. The Gods are not to blame for anything; they are mostly here to protect! But the humans will go to great lengths to enslave, colonize or even destroy their fellow human beings. The “end of the world” scam is probably a plot by some humans to enrich themselves at the expense of the people they are supposed to protect! The slave master can do that to you without any guilt.
Next they might suggest that their foreign God would send you to hell if you support the writing of the sacred story of your people. As I said earlier Gods do not care about what you do but the humans care. The humans do not want you to destabilize the status quo so that they could continue to rule over you. The Universe did not send you to this plane of existence to believe what others have put in place; the Universe sent you here to study what humans have done and improve on it! You are not here to believe; you are here to experience! You are not here to believe; you are here to know! You are not here to believe; you are here to SHINE!
Further some might encourage you to distance yourself from anything that has to do with the writing of the sacred story of your people for their foreign God to bless you. This is also another religious scam. GOD’s blessing is not dependent on your actions. Instead the Almighty GOD loves you without conditions and blesses you without requirements. According to religious history cultural Gods are only loyal to their people and that is why they take the side of their people in wars against others. If you are worshipping a foreign God you must know that if your people have a war with the people of the foreign God the foreign God will take the side of his people and your faith will not even count. Thus if a preacher tells you that his foreign God will bless you, don’t count on it. Besides, you don’t need it because you already have the blessings of the UNIVERSE!
Finally some foreigners might sow seeds of discord among you. If they do not succeed in swaying you from supporting the writing of your sacred story they might try inciting one group against another. Humans have done this to destabilize many countries in the past and they will continue to do so in the future. Be wise as serpents and only have the goal of your own sacred story as opposed to a foreign sacred story in your mind. Help to share the providence of the GOD of the Universe as well as the atrocities and deceits of our fellow human beings with the rest of the world. It is by sharing the real history of the actions of our fellow human beings that we can learn and finally realize that we are indeed here to take care of each other!

Skepticism is a healthy thing but what could be skeptical about writing your sacred story? This is an opportunity for you to get a part of the millions of dollars people spend on sacred texts every year. It is also a platform to learn from your ancestors instead of from foreigners. Your ancestors know you better that the foreigners so there is no need to continue to believe in foreign texts. Further it is an opportunity to share your story with your children and the rest of the world. So I do not see anything doubtful about writing your sacred story!

Some might argue that we do not have the resources for such a project. Many people often think that they need to have money before they could do anything but this is not true because there are things you could do without money. Additionally there is money everywhere and that you do not have it now does not mean that you will never have it. I think instead of focusing on the lack of money a better alternative is to focus on your vision and your vision is to write your sacred story for the education of the world. Incidentally writing does not require a lot of investment and the moment you finish writing your sacred story people of goodwill and understanding will come to your aid!
Others might think that we do not have the spiritual backing for the project. What type of spiritual backing do you need? The world may tell you that you need a spiritual backing but the fact is that you are already connected to the HIGHEST in the Universe! You do not need any worldly spiritual backing!  In fact you do not even need many people to start this project; any person who feels it can begin to share the message of writing your sacred story. What starts with one person could one day be the reality of all your people!
Wet Blankets
Many people prefer the status quo in a world of change. This may be good for the SLAVE MASTER but it is definitely bad for you! You were not brought into this world to remain in one place; you came here to ascend! The status quo may seem comfortable but it is tantamount to laziness. What comfort is there in a life that is always controlled by other human beings? If you look back in history people who have amounted to anything worthwhile challenged the status quo. Using foreign sacred texts is not in your best interest irrespective of promises or threats. Humans can promise what they don’t have because it makes them money and it helps them to control you! Avoid being a wet blanket and join the movement for total FREEDOM. Join the movement and totally destroy the OPPRESSOR in a bloodless coup! The slavery or colonization of the mind is the last shackle that must be broken for the total freedom of your people! You deserve your own spiritual vision! Write the Sacred Story of your people!
Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
In spite of human greed and inhumanity there are still many well meaning people from other cultures who have helped other people without counting the costs or without ulterior motives! These people are responding to the call that we are here to take care of each other and they do so freely and willingly. However there are some who would not want you to enjoy with them at the dinner table because they believe that they are the chosen ones and that you should be content with the crumbs under the table. These people will be quick to send you handouts when you are in need but they will never allow you to eat with them at the dinner table!
Thus you must watch out for the foreigner who pretends to love you in order to discourage your vision. He will trick you and frighten you and even make more promises to you as long as you abandon your vision of writing the sacred story of your people. Do not listen to him irrespective of his threats and promises because he does not have your interest at heart. He has setup a system that only benefits him and he is afraid of the competition or worse the end of his dubious enterprise.
Take a Stand!
For how long will you continue to depend on foreign cultures for your spiritual well-being? For how long will you continue to be in foreign religious captivity? For how long will you continue to depend on foreign ideas on what it means to be alive? For how long will you continue to worship foreign Gods? For how long will you continue to believe in foreign religions? For how long will you continue to remain slaves to foreign Gods and their people? The foreigner will never approve of your Gods and as long as you worship his Gods you are still in chains!
When foreigners force their religious values on you they are in effect telling you that you have no worthwhile values. When foreigners force their religious books on you they are in effect telling you that you have no valuable experiences. When foreigners preach the works of their people in your lands they are in effect telling you that the experiences of your people do not count. When foreigners insist on the supremacy of their religions they are in effect telling you that your religions are inferior. When foreigners parade their religions in your lands they are in effect telling you that they still own you. When foreigners replace your Gods with their Gods they are in effect telling you that your Gods are unimportant and that you are better of being without a history and in continuous servitude. This is your time to prove them wrong because your history matters! In fact it matters more than you can ever imagine!



Some cultures emphasize the group rather than the individual and an outsider might easily dismiss individual responsibility in these cultures. On closer examination you will find that these societies do not just accept or believe what is handed down to them from above. While they support the community in which they grew up they are also responsible for the choices they make in life! Individual responsibility is a vital part of life! We drive with confidence on our roads and highways because we trust our fellow drivers to drive responsibly. When we drive responsibly; that is, driving without the influence of alcohol, drugs and the cell phone and obey the traffic laws, traffic seems to flow easily. Thus individual responsibility reduces problems and helps society to run smoothly!
Unlike traffic laws, moral laws may require individual thought before making a choice to do or not to do certain things. During the formative years of our lives, however moral laws could be useful in keeping us out of trouble. An injunction like “thou shall not steal” could protect a child from violating the rights of others. It is very important to protect our children from getting into trouble and they should be aware of the consequences of violating the laws of the land. However it is also our responsibility to challenge and reward them to exercise their thinking faculties. The moment they are grown up however they should live their lives on their own moral codes with the full knowledge that any infringement of the laws of the land could be met with punishments in the form of prison term, life imprisonment or even death!
When a foreigner for example tells you that GOD has chosen his people, you do not take his word for it because no one is chosen on this planet. If you are like my son you might ask why I think that there are no chosen people on the planet. It is simple! Do you breathe? Do you enjoy the sun? Do you like playing with the snow! Do all creatures run for safety when the hurricane comes? Do all people get sick? Do we all die?  I know many of us are so gullible that we can believe anything and humans can make up anything as long as it fosters their interest. They have sold you heaven and hell which they don’t have so they can sell you anything as long as they are in control!
From our past history you must always remember that humans are here to enslave you, to colonize you and to imprison your mind. They may imprison your body but never let them to imprison your mind! When you believe in a foreign text as the word of GOD your mind is already imprisoned but there is still hope! I encourage you to have a state of mind that wants to know! That state of mind will be your first step in your quest for understanding and wisdom. You are not here to believe; you are here to KNOW! 
Many religious people discriminate against homosexuals and some won’t even bake cake for them! But do not blame the people because in most cases they do not think! I am not trying to put you down if you do not like gay people because of your religion because I once believed in sacred texts and authority figures. This is just my attempt to let you know that there is hope as long as you want to know! Many of us are quick to accept anything that comes from GOD without finding out about the messenger. If GOD really wants you to do something GOD would not tell another human being to tell you when you consider our history of deceit, colonization, slavery and outright wickedness; GOD would tell you directly. But the SLAVE MASTER has put it in such a way that most people believe that their book is the word of GOD. Before you defend your beliefs ask yourself if the word of GOD could fit into a book created by humans! If you are not thinking you will readily accept it but the moment you begin to think you will realize that INFINITY cannot fit into the finite.

Personal responsibility is not in believing what others have put in place for their own good but in critically examining everything that has been put on this earth by humans and improving on it. You must take responsibility for your beliefs more so when the idea is from a foreign culture! You have a moral duty to re-think the world because that is the only thing that guarantees continued renewal and progress in life!
Two issues called for personal responsibility in my life and they were my position on homosexuals and the Ten Commandments. As I said earlier I believed totally in my foreign sacred text as the only truth up to the time before my breakthrough. I always quoted from sacred texts to make a point without thinking about the issue and I even did that during my Ph.D. oral examination. The psychology of the mind of the person who often quotes from sacred texts is to feel superior because he considers the sacred text to be the TEXT of texts. The problem with this thought process is that what is superior to you might be inferior to another person from a different culture; so quoting from sacred texts does not solve anything. It might even compound the situation and lead to conflicts. Sacred texts do not have all the answers because they are not the words of GOD; we might say that they are the words of a cultural God but even that does not define them properly because we know that some of the writings in the sacred texts bare the names of the people who wrote them. So we can say with total confidence that sacred texts are human “creations”!
After my breakthrough I decided to re-examine some of the beliefs that determined how I saw the world.  One of them was about homosexuals and the other was the Heinz dilemma in Psychology and the last was the second coming of Jesus. I still feel ashamed each time I remember my answers more especially the one in my Ph.D. oral examination about the second coming of Jesus. In defense of my stupidity anyone who completely believes without a doubt might come up with similar answers that “the world will not be a better place until Jesus descends from the heavens and takes over the world”.  Further this was a time when I never knew what was in the Qur’an, the Dhammapada, the Tao Te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita, the Analects of Confucius and the Upanishads! What did these books do? They expanded my point of reference or my level of consciousness or my level of awareness! Instead of thinking about a text as the word of GOD I now have several texts some of which also claim to be the word of GOD. The Qur’an claims to be the word of GOD but the Bhagavad Gita is literally the word of a God. Bhagavad Gita translates as “Song of God” or “Song of the Lord”.
Generally there are two basic paths to follow when your world is challenged. The first is to revert back to what is familiar and defend your beliefs for as long as you live; the second is to find out more information. I took the second path which helped me to fire my foreign God! Thus anyone who is willing to learn could change his or her level of awareness and see the possibilities in life! In my re-examination of the teachings that influenced my life instead of looking into sacred texts for answers I looked into myself for answers. Obviously we have all been raised with certain tendencies but the moment you begin to ask questions and reason instead of accepting what others have written down you might have nothing to do with sacred texts, more especially foreign sacred texts! So I sat in one place and asked myself my problem with homosexuals? Are homosexuals sinners? Who is not a sinner? Are homosexuals violating the laws of GOD? Who am I to judge? What does it do to me if my neighbor is a homosexual? Nothing! Then what is the problem? Actually there is no problem! Case closed! Thus, instead of referring to your sacred text as the word of GOD and hiding under it, take personal responsibility for all your actions. Sacred texts stop the conversation but in this world we want to continue the conversation because it is our only hope for peace and understanding.

Heinz Dilemma was a questionnaire for one of my classes during my masters program at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA. We were studying Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of moral development and the professor used the story to determine our stages of moral development. According to the story a woman was near death but there was one drug that could save her life. A druggist manufactured the drug for about $200 but he was charging ten times what the drug cost him to produce. Heinz, the woman’s husband, went to everyone he knew to borrow the money but he could only come up with $1000. Heinz went to the druggist and told him to accept the $1000 and allow him to pay the remaining $1000 in installments but the druggist refused Heinz’s offer. Meanwhile Heinz only has two choices: to steal the drug or to let his wife die? And the question they asked us was “what would you do if you were Heinz?
For me it was easy because my foreign sacred text tells me “Thou shall not steal”, which translates into the answer that I would let my wife die. But after my breakthrough I re-examined Heinz’s dilemma and decided that I would steal the drug to save my wife. What has changed? Instead of hiding under a sacred text I took personal responsibility and with the knowledge of the consequences of stealing in society. When our son was about 5 years old I shared Heinz‘s dilemma with him and asked him what he would do if he were Heinz? He said that he would steal the drug! What is the difference between my son and I? My son has not been influenced by society and has his own ideas of right and wrong instead of from a sacred text. In other words he thinks for himself! My ideas of right and wrong on the other hand were from a sacred text; I had no thoughts of my own. I really felt less developed than our 5-year old son when he shared his thoughts on the subject. Society prefers those who do not think but if you love your life and you want to develop yourself you must think about the world and more especially about what the world wants you to do! Please note that the top 1% of the people who have made it on their own in this world have no role models and they have no Gods! Role models and Gods are obstructions to the possibilities in life! Be one with the UNIVERSE!

Buddha’s Experiences
Buddha grew up in a culture with many Gods but he never believed any of the Gods because he thought that the Gods were also subject to the sufferings on earth. So he went on his own to find out what it really means to be alive and according to legend or historical records he found it and shared his knowledge with the world. He did not settle for the answers of his day; he found out for himself. The Buddha’s experience is a testimony for you and I to also find out for ourselves instead of believing what society or religions imposed on us!  The world is worse today because you and I were unable to bring in new ideas that could truly change our lives but with the Buddha’s experience I hope you can begin to find out things for yourself! Here are some of the injunctions given by the Buddha to his disciples:

Do not accept anything simply because it is said to be revelation

Revelations come through people who usually have their own biases, shortcomings and prejudices. Many of us fall for the scam of revelation because we believe that what is revealed is true. I still remember a time after elementary school when my family invited a native doctor to reveal the secrets of life. According to the native doctor people who hate us were responsible for our failure and the solution was to follow his prescription which of course costs money. Later in my life after high school many Northerners came to Southern Nigeria to earn a living and one of their sources of income was fortune telling. One day I got a visit from one of them and he “revealed” to me that someone hates me and that he is black. If you are wondering, I did not fall for the scam. The point I am trying to make is that human beings could say anything just to control you for their benefit. Thus I agree with the Buddha that we should not accept revelations because they are human scams! Further the idea of wisdom coming from an entity that does not live in this world is very scary. Who is in a better position to know how the shoe feels apart from the person who wears it? You live in this world and you are experiencing it right now. For example you know that you are poor and you know why you are poor. Why do you need revelation for what you already know?

Do not accept it merely because it is traditional.
Tradition is one of the enduring limiting beliefs in the world. Seemingly tradition is untouchable even when it is outright discriminative or even murderous! The OSU Caste System of the Ibos in Nigeria is a case in point. The OSUs are regarded as outcasts and therefore cannot socialize or intermarry with the freeborn. For the record many well meaning people including Nnamdi Azikiwe have fought against the OSU caste system in the past but it looks like the system is still alive and well! If you have not studied Nigerian history with a concentration on Igbo history you might probably be surprised with this revelation. Yes, there is a caste system in Nigeria! What usually comes to mind when caste is mentioned in any conversation is the caste system in India. India is paramount in this respect because the system was written into one of their holy books, the Book of Manu. Like Nigeria many people including Mahatma Gandhi advocated for the freedom of the Untouchables in India but the system is still in place today! The caste system really bleeds my heart in the sense that humans are taking advantage of birth circumstances to discriminate or even kill other human beings. Further I am also concerned that not enough effort is being made to abolish the system. Any person could talk about how discriminative the system is but without an action oriented plan the system could never be dismantled! My recommendation is to totally abolish all class systems based on hereditary. Hereditary classification of human worth is based on superiority, arrogance and downright wickedness!

Do not accept anything that is hearsay.
Hearsay is fake news or rumor or gossip. You cannot trust it because no one takes responsibility. You cannot ask questions because there is no one to consult for answers. Further if you are able to get to the source it is probably a sacred text, a tabloid or a newspaper and none of these sources can answer your questions because they are all “dead sources”. In the end you are left with none but yourself! In this world you need to find out things for yourself! It is detrimental to you and to society if you just believed whatever people told you. Remember that this is your life and it is your responsibility to steer it in the direction you want it to go and not in the direction of your parents, teachers, ministers, friends, or politicians. You are a NEW LIGHT or if you prefer you are the SAVIOR of the world!  Do not look for another because there is none! So my friend do your research before you share any information and by all means do not accept any thoughts or ideas until you have checked them out irrespective of the sources!

Do not accept it because it comes from Sacred Texts.
Unlike many of us the Buddha did not care about the sacred texts of his day. This probably contributed greatly to his success. I said earlier that Gods and role models are sources of obstruction to the possibilities in life. Now you can include Sacred Texts. Any system that provides answers for you to follow or adopt is an obstruction to your progress! We have all been scammed to believe that sacred texts contain the words of GOD. Consequently some of us actually believed in the scam and lived our lives according to the rules of the sacred texts. It is possible that some people lived happily ever after with this knowledge but for some of us it was a nightmare! What we know today is that sacred texts are the works of men! The word of GOD cannot fit into texts created by humans. Infinity cannot fit into the finite. You have been deceived!  There are many sacred texts in the world and quite often they contradict each other. They contradict each other because sacred texts are culture bound...they are not universal! The Buddha really hit this one on the head because anyone could quote a sacred text and you don’t even need to know how to read or write. Sacred texts are the lazy or illiterate person’s answer to what it means to be alive! If you want the secret of the Universe would you go to an illiterate or to a lazy person?

Do not accept it on the grounds of pure logic or it seems rational.
Some people are gifted with the power of persuasion. They can present information in a believable manner just to get your vote. This is not a book on politics but I find it very depressing that there are still many people who would vote for a greedy, incompetent, discriminative and self-centered person for public office. On a second thought however we might not be unable to separate the foolish from the wise if there were no such people! Further it helps us to know that there are still many people in this world who do not care about the general good as long as someone presents a good argument to the contrary! Generally humans have setup this world in order to take advantage of the ignorant. Most if not all organizations or systems of the world were setup for this purpose. Religion is one of the glaring cases in point. I know religion makes some people happy because they think they are going to heaven but how is that important in this world? It can’t be that important when you are poor, sick, homeless and suffering but many people will die for their faith even when it is clear that their God cannot even save them from the Coronavirus! Wake up my friends because you are here for a reason and that reason does not include believing in institutions setup by humans! If there is anything to believe in this world it would be to believe in yourself but even that you must do it with open eyes and with a conscious mind! Hence do not just believe because it is logical or rational. What seems logical or rational might support exclusivity, discrimination, slavery, colonization, genocide or hatred.

Do not accept it because you agree with it after reflecting on it.
You may agree with someone without doing your research based on the information they presented to you. But until you have compared their information with those of others and analyzed the results you really cannot make a decision that reflects your understanding. Our world is in the way it is today because many people prefer to agree with leaders and sources of authority. The problem with this approach is that leaders also make mistakes and sources of authority like sacred texts and constitutions are made by humans; anything made by humans cannot last forever! If you really want to help this world you must begin to take responsibility for what others have said or written in the past by re-examining their statements and writings not in a crucible but from a universal point of view. A point of view that benefits the whole world instead of just a few so called “chosen people”! In short no one has the credentials to tell you how to live your life! You are both travelers in this world and if you are younger you have no business in believing what the older generation put in place. This is now your world and it is your responsibility to make it what you want it to be; they made it what they wanted it to be and you don’t like it at all! Only you can change it for the benefit of all creatures and it does not require reflecting on old ideas but by opening your mind to the possibilities in life! I hope you understand that when I write about change I do not mean change for the worst! A little change in a progressive direction can improve many lives.

Do not accept it on the grounds that the teacher is competent or simply because he is regarded as “our teacher”.
The past has often been glorified by people who take advantage of it. Today most of us do not think that our leaders are in a special class because we have records of their lives from childhood. But the lives of leaders who were born before record keeping will ever remain in mystery and anyone who wants to deceive or take advantage of other humans could say anything about them. Take the case of Jesus being crucified because of the sins of the world and I can almost see someone weeping because Jesus died for him or her. It is indeed a touching story but before we go that far let us ask a few questions. First, were the Chinese there when this happened? What about the Africans, the Indians, the American Indians, the Malaysians, the Vietnamese, the Taiwanese, the Aztecs, the Russians, the Ukrainians, etc. All these people did not know that Jesus died for them until someone or a group of people who wanted to profit from the information made it a life mission to preach a gospel that was essentially made up! We are told or we can read from the New Testament that Jesus walked on water, healed the sick, fed thousands of people but did Jesus really bring solace to the world? If he did where is it? All I can see are homeless people, poor people, sick people, oppressed people, people who live with discrimination daily, people who have no hope, helpless people… well I know that we also have the opposite of these circumstances but if there is only one person who is homeless in this world that is already too many! Essentially no one should put his or her full trust on any human being dead or alive because you might be disappointed! You are not here to follow; you are here to make a difference!

But when you know for yourselves that these things are wholesome, that these things are blameless, that these things are praised by the wise, and that these things if undertaken and practiced lead to benefit and happiness, then you should accept them and abide in them. 
We live in a changing world and that is one of the reasons new lives replace old lives continuously. The design is for the new lives to infuse progressive ideas into the system to help the system to sustain itself. Unfortunately this world has been setup with no room for changes, not even necessary changes. Changes against slavery, colonization, apartheid and the class system have mostly been made through bloodshed! Do you now understand what I mean by “this world is setup by humans without room for even necessary changes”? I like most of the Buddha’s teachings and I think the Buddha and Confucius are the greatest human beings that ever lived. I can almost hear someone ask, “what about Jesus? What about Muhammad?” In the area of human development both prophets never contributed anything and that is what sets Buddha and Confucius apart from the rest. Anyone can talk about GOD or a God because you don’t need real knowledge to do that. If you have an active imagination you can create as many Gods as possible, write sacred texts and call them words of God and the people, actually the “sheep” will believe! The truth is that you are not here to accept anything even if it is from your parents because you are here to know! Look at it this way; if we accepted the “wisdom” of our ancestors and never thought about what it means to be alive, we would repeat the same mistakes that they committed. Thus my friends open your eyes and seek to know, not to accept.  Do your research, sleep over it and meditate on it. What you decide on later is yours and there will be no need to quote another person or any book! This is your life and you are here to experience the beautiful, good, the bad and the ugly. You are not here to be protected from LIFE! If it were so it would be better that you were not born! Thus let your experiences guide you and help you to shine brighter than any LIGHT that existed before you!  You are the only hope of the world!



I want to use this time to answer some hypothetical questions regarding writing your sacred story. I hope to answer your real questions in the future.  Please follow me on YOUTUBE for more information on this subject.

Question 1: A foreign God died for my sins, how could I continue to benefit from the sacrifice?
This is a very important question because sin is viewed differently from culture to culture. In some cultures sin is wiped out or washed away with the blood of an animal or a human being. In African cultures sin is part of the growing up process. No sacrifice is required. Instead the individual learns from his or her sins and becomes a LIGHT to himself and to the people. Thus in the African spirit you do not need a blood sacrifice. Another important thought regarding this question is that if the God is foreign, the God is not your God. Remember that Gods are only loyal to their people and no amount of accepting a foreign God can change that fact! Further if you are really concerned about the sacrifice of others for your good have you asked yourself what you have done for others? If you concentrate more on giving to others you may spend less time on taking! Those who concentrate on taking fall for the biggest scams on earth!
Question 2: Should I leave my Foreign Religion Now?
This book was written to inform and to invite. It was not intended to force anyone to do what they do not want to do. In the main the book calls for reflection on the journey of your people. Are you here to follow foreigners for your spiritual well being or are you here to be responsible for your life?  To leave or not to leave a foreign religion is a choice you must make after considering all the facts. You may be benefiting from a foreign religion if you are a preacher and are reluctant to reflect on the possibilities for the sacred story of your people. You need to ask yourself if it is better to continue to deceive your people with foreign thoughts or to confront the world as it is with real stories of your people that could save them from mental servitude and from ignorance. However if you are afraid of losing your income from preaching foreign gospels you may begin to plan right now for another source of income. Writing your Sacred Story is a “task that must be done”!

Question 3: What should I do if I do not feel that my religion is Foreign?
Most if not all of us feel at home with our religions whether foreign or indigenous. No one needs to abandon a religion if you are still attached to it. Continue to attend your foreign church or Mosque or Temple while at the same time reading this book over and over again and discussing the issues with family members and friends. Do not force yourself to abandon a foreign religion when you are not ready. However it is very important to know the facts about your religious beliefs. If you are using a foreign sacred text you may be worshipping a foreign God. You need to decide if it is more important for you to promote the works of your people or the works of foreigners. You also need to decide if you want to go to the heaven of a foreign God or the heaven of the GOD of the Universe. Remember that you are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements. And given a choice to choose the WHOLE or one of its parts I encourage you to choose the WHOLE! There is peace, there is understanding, there is tolerance, there is compassion and there is unconditional Love. Foreign Gods have conditions and even if you meet their conditions you not assured of anything.
Question 4: Can we still keep the teachings of the Foreign Religion after leaving the foreign religion?
This is a very good question because some of us are used to the stories told in our foreign religious texts. I know some of these stories inspired us but we have better stories in real experiences. Our stories are better because we can easily relate to them and learn from them. They are real life stories that inspired many of us to fight slavery, apartheid, colonization, segregation, racism and other evils in society. Walk away from foreign Gods and their sacred texts and do not even look back because the Almighty GOD has better plans for you.
Question 5: Don’t you think we might lose the “protection” from the foreign religion when we abandon the religion?
 This is another good question in the sense that many people believe that by joining a religion they would be getting some form of mystical or metaphysical “protection” from the religion. I remember some pastors implying that the United States lost the “protection” of GOD and that was why the terrorists succeeded in destroying the World Trade Center. The idea of protection is the oldest scam in religious history. Many people believe it and I also believed it when I was in High School up to the time I graduated from college.
There was this guy in High School. He was outgoing and seemed very happy with his life. I was the House Captain of my Dormitory and he often disobeyed the school rules. I wondered why he was so happy but did not care about rules? Some said that he belonged to a mystical organization. In my mind I thought if he knew the secrets of life at least he should try to be humble.
After High School I looked at my life and I saw no dreams, no hope and no future but I thought if I belonged to this mystical organization it might change my life. Then with the help of friends I joined the organization and started learning. I read their books and practiced meditation for about six months but I did not see the change I wanted. I mean I was able to organize my life but I was still paying bills and sometimes buying things on credit.

Organizations give the impression that your life would magically change the moment you join them. This is not the whole truth! However you may learn from the organization and the knowledge could help you to change your life if you applied it but the organization does not have any magical powers to alter your life. In my own case I wouldn’t have started meditation without the organization but it did not change my life as I expected. However it is important to know that LIFE is not about miraculously changing your life but about solving problems, overcoming challenges and evolving by applying yourself. If organizations really have mystical powers to change our lives don’t you think the world would be different today?  But the purpose of life on earth would also be defeated if everything came miraculously!
Look at it this way: if the Almighty GOD created and blessed all creatures there is no requirement to join an organization. Organizations we join should be such that help us to grow and not how to relate to the Almighty GOD.  Organizations are human creations and they have nothing to do with the blessings of GOD. In some religions you get the “protection” when you accept the presiding God. Supposing you change your mind later and fire the God as I did; does the God remove the “protection”?   On the other hand why seek the protection of a God when you already have the blessings of GOD? But is “protection” really that important? If it were so there would be no slavery, no genocide, no colonization, no apartheid, no ethnic cleaning, no holocaust and no any other evil imaginable by the human mind. Finally for the record the Almighty GOD is not an undeveloped human being that reacts to the environment to remove “protection” when people do not believe and to restore “protection” when they believe! This as I said earlier is a religious scam; do not fall for it!
Question 6: Will I be required to worship a particular God when I leave my foreign religion?
No, no one will be required to worship any God whether foreign or native in the new consciousness. Each person chooses what she wants to believe or none thereof.  “You are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements” This message says it all for all of us! There are no requirements in the New Consciousness!

Question 7: Religion is dying, why establish a new religion?
We are religious by nature! We want to observe a moment of silence. We want to pray. We want to meditate. We want to chant. We want to affirm. And we want to worship. These activities will always remain with us and they will remain with us whether religion is organized or not. The purpose of the new consciousness is to return religion to the people and completely disable organized religions! Organized religion is a business but it is a business in a scamming way in the sense that they sell you what they do not know or what they do not have! For instance when a preacher tells you that God will bless you when you give to him the preacher is scamming you. Look at the world today and you will notice that many people are religious but many people are also poor apart from the preachers because you give them your hard earned money. The result is that they laugh to the bank while you continue to remain poor. Riches are never acquired through promises; you must work for it! The preacher works for it by deceiving you to give to him. He or she may laugh to the bank at your expense today but what will happen when you write your sacred story and hand over religion to the people?  You are in a position to change the destiny of the world and change the lives of your people and it starts by writing your sacred story!
Question 8: Is it not too late to write our own Sacred Story?
We live in a changing world and nothing is too late when you are alive because in the main you are not doing it for yourself but for future generations. You may be used to quoting foreign sacred texts but they are not the experiences of your people. Each time you quote a foreign text you are in effect saying that your ancestors have nothing to share with the world. Each time you worship a foreign God you are in effect saying that you are at the mercy of foreigners. Each time you go on a pilgrimage to a foreign land you are in effect saying that there is nothing spiritual in your land. The earth belongs to all the creatures in it but some humans have made it in such a way that they own the earth and you are at their mercy because of the contributions they have put in place. Writing your sacred story is one of the ways to assert your freedom, independence and control! It could change your destiny! Write your sacred story as a contribution to the world!
Question 9: We do not have spiritual leaders like Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius or Amitabha in our history; how could we write our sacred stories without a spiritual leader?
This is another good question but you do not need a spiritual leader in order to write your sacred story. However how do you know that you do not have spiritual leaders? With the influence of foreign religions is it possible that your spiritual leaders were suppressed in favor of the foreign spiritual leaders? Actually the presence of spiritual leaders in your culture should be one of your least concerns. Have you heard about the biblical story of Exodus? How about Lao Tsu? Joseph Campbell and many religious scholars think that the Exodus never happened! The case of Lao Tsu is also an interesting one…many scholars have concluded that there was no historical figure named Lao Tsu who wrote the Tao Te Ching. According to the scholarship the Tao Te Ching was the work of many minds. Why am I referring to the Exodus and Lao Tsu with respect to writing your sacred story? If you have not figured it out I’ll tell you. You do not need a real spiritual leader; you could create one! On a second thought the New Consciousness is not about deceiving people with fantastic stories but about drawing from our real life experiences and sharing them with the world.



We raised our son without emphasis on religion but we went to church. My wife was the Christian in the family and I was the ex-Christian but I supported my wife’s beliefs. When our son was about 7 years old in one evening my wife wanted us to have a Bible Study and we agreed. We sat around a rectangular table and my wife opened her Bible to the Book of Psalms and read the following passage:

Arise, Lord!
    Deliver me, my God!
Strike all my enemies on the jaw;
    break the teeth of the wicked. Bible: 
Psalm 3:7

When our son heard this verse he could not believe his ears and he reacted---“What kind of God does that to people?” We did not answer his question but I asked my wife to end the Bible Study.  This was our first Bible Study as a family but our son’s reaction to this passage in effect ended Bible study in our home. However I learned something very important about sacred texts during that evening: some sacred texts should be restricted from children!

Believers have often argued that we should not take sacred passages literally because they are subject to interpretation. My thought on this defense is if a book was written for illiterates and the writer makes it subject to interpretation, don’t you think it defeats the purpose? Another defense is that the meaning of the passages is related to the time of the revelation. In other words if the Qur’an tells you to cut off the hand of a thief this revelation came when someone stole something. If that is the case why do we continue to cut off people’s hands when they steal? The last objection from believers is taking passages out of context. I agree with this defense because I have seen many passages that were taken out of context on the Internet. Consider these three passages from the Qur’an:

  1. And fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not commit aggression; God does not love the aggressors.
  2. And kill them wherever you overtake them, and expel them from where they had expelled you. Oppression is more serious than murder. But do not fight them at the Sacred Mosque, unless they fight you there. If they fight you, then kill them. Such is the retribution of the disbelievers.
  3. But if they cease, then God is Forgiving and Merciful.

Without first reading verse 190 many would consider verse 191 as a violent passage but when you read verse 190 it makes sense to defend yourself. However there are a few violent passages in the Qur’an that should be re-examined to uphold Islam’s teachings on tolerance!

It is safe to assume that many believers do not know a lot about the passages in their sacred texts. Thus if you present a violent or cruel passage to a believer his first reaction is usually one of denial. They might probably say “there is nothing like this in the Bible” or the Qur’an does not teach this kind of cruelty”. If you engage them and show them the passage they would present another defense like the passage being quoted out of context. Remember that these people believe their sacred texts to be the only truth and it is not your place to present another truth but to enable them to reflect on their beliefs. Thus when they use the “out of context” defense let them read the whole chapter and decide on their own. If it became clear to them that the passage was not quoted out of context they might use the “interpretation” defense. Finally if they realize that you have a point but in order to save face they might say “it is the “Old Testament” or “God has a reason” and leave. You should also go your way at this point!

God has a Reason
This is the most disturbing reason for many compassionate people. How could a normal human being with all his senses and understanding condone genocide, cutting off people’s hands, killing gay people, killing children, beating women, raping women and other similar atrocities in the name of a God? The psychology of the believer is that God is in control of the Universe and God can do whatever God wants even if it involves wiping out the whole planet! What the believer does not know is that the Gods are not to blame because the Gods are not responsible; it is the humans who are in control, they use the Gods to legitimize their actions!

Further when a believer tells you that God is in control the believer does not know about other Gods from other cultures or the believer does not consider them as real Gods. The believer does not also know that the God he or she worships is a cultural God; the believer believes that her or his cultural God is the GOD of the Universe. The believer may also not have heard of the Ultimate Mystery or Tao or Brahman or the UNIVERSE. The believer believes that his or her cultural God is the only GOD.

When was the last time a God descended from the heavens and destroyed a city, a town, a village or a building? I know we have natural disasters here and there but no cultural God has done any damage to our world in our recorded history but there are numerous instances in which humans have carried out massive destructions of rival properties including committing genocide. Do you remember the phrase “Carthage must be destroyed”, the slogan Cato used to convince the Romans to go to war?  I knew this from my elementary school history when we were learning about the Punic Wars. The teacher actually used the Latin phrase “delenda est Carthago”. When I checked it out online it read “Carthago delenda est”. Carthage was destroyed by the Romans, not the Gods.

We do not even need to go that far to verify instances in which humans have carried out massive destructions involving property and human lives.  On September 11, 2001 members of an Islamic extremist group known as al Qaeda hijacked four planes and destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, United States using two of the planes; a third plane hit the Pentagon and the fourth plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. In addition to the destruction of the world Trade Center about 3000 people were killed!

Now let us take a leap of the imagination and travel to a time before the Common Era when the religions were in total control of everything. Now assume that 9-11 happened at this time and imagine what al Qaeda would write in their Holy Book. Next imagine that al Qaeda wrote such a book and it is made available to us in the year 2021. What do you think would be some of the major stories in this book? I think you will read about how a small group of people inspired by the power of a God defeated the most powerful nation in the world! You will not read about what this great nation did to subdue the terrorists and you will not read about how this great country killed all the people associated with the destruction of the buildings including the mastermind, Osama Bin Laden. In effect this is how deceitful religious books are written! Lastly do not forget that they would also write how their God killed over 3000 people but the record shows that the destruction of property and the loss of human lives were not carried out by any God; they were carried out by terrorists!

Personally I do not think that the sacred texts were inspired. Ok even if they were inspired what does that mean? Does it mean that the information came from a superior source of knowledge, like an angel or a God? How could an entity that does not live on this plane in a physical form know what it really means to be alive?  I prefer to think about sacred texts as human efforts to share their experiences. In the process some used their time to tell us great stories like the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Dhammapada and the Tao Te Ching while others used their time and effort to deceive the world!

Violent & Cruel Passages in the Qur’an

Quran 2:10: In their hearts is sickness, and God has increased their sickness. They will have a painful punishment because of their denial.

This passage refers to the unbeliever. Someone is using God to proclaim the hatred and violence in his heart. Cursing another human being with God’s wrath simply means that the writer is not compassionate. If you really believe in your God and your God is really powerful as you claim you don’t need to use hateful words in your writings. This world needs a lot of compassion and sacred texts of all books should be the last book to promote violence and cruelty! Obviously I am judging this passage from today’s standard which is unfair but it also tells us that ancient sacred texts should only be read for entertainment and never to be believed!

Quran 2: 244: Fight in the cause of God, and know that God is Hearing and Knowing.

This is probably one of the passages used by the fundamentalists to kill unbelievers. Someone, actually a book, is telling you to fight other people who have not violated your human rights and you believed. Are you really thinking? Obviously not, because if you were thinking you would not take instructions from books! Further, if you were thinking you would realize that God is all powerful and all knowing so he does not need humans to fight for him. If you are fighting for your God it just means that you do not believe that your God is all powerful and all knowing! You may have succeeded in killing a few people for your God but your God is still not protecting you from the Law; don’t you think that something is very wrong with what you are doing?  On a human level we try to protect our children who have violated the laws of the land till the law comes for them. You claim to be fighting for God but you are always watching your back or hiding; what kind of life is that? I encourage you to surrender to the Law and begin to live a normal life. The worst thing that could happen to your life is to be led by a book, any book! 

Quran 3:15: Say, “Shall I inform you of something better than that? For those who are righteous, with their Lord are Gardens beneath which rivers flow, where they will remain forever, and purified spouses, and acceptance from God.” God is Observant of the servants.

I have been looking for the passage about virgins that motivates the fundamentalists to kill and to commit suicide and I finally found it. The righteous will live forever in gardens where there are “purified spouses”. You may interpret it whichever way you want but which place is better to enjoy “purified spouses”- in heaven that a book tells you or right here on earth? The oldest scam in sacred texts is that everything will be well or wonderful in heaven and many poor people believe it while the people who preach heaven enjoy the best things on earth. Further the cultures are not even in agreement on the importance of heaven. In Hinduism heaven is not a desirable place, meaning that you don’t want to go to heaven if you want a final destination. In other words heaven is for people who still want to return to this world. If you want to ascend what you need is moksha which automatically removes you from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Any time a human being tells you about something that is unknowable you know that the person is up to something. Be warned of all heaven teachings, you may be scammed.

Quran 4:34: Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, as God has given some of them an advantage over others, and because they spend out of their wealth. The good women are obedient, guarding what God would have them guard. As for those from whom you fear disloyalty, admonish them, and abandon them in their beds, then strike them. But if they obey you, seek no way against them. God is Sublime, Great.

I included this passage for educational reasons. Wife beating was not unusual in many cultures in the past whether religious or non-religious but I have also seen husband beating. In one experience the wife pretended to be beaten but she was the person who was actually beating the husband. Husband beating is rarely talked about because it is not common and it is viewed as something that is not natural but it remains an issue in our modern day families and any type of abuse should be addressed. According to the Qur’an the husband is permitted to “beat his wife lightly” if she misbehaves. Since Islam is trying hard to maintain a stance of non violence many scholars have invoked the interpretation defense for this passage. They quote the Prophet as the best role model when it comes to husband and wife relationships because he never beat his wives. The educated might understand the importance of non-violence in families but the illiterate who follows the text word for word is now to blame. You can see from the way the conversation is going that it is no longer safe to act on a passage you read from a sacred text because you might be blamed, imprisoned or even killed! I think we can say hurrah to that and begin to educate our brothers and sisters not to believe in sacred texts because they might be prosecuted if they used a passage to violate the civil rights of another person.

Quran 5: 38: As for the thief, whether male or female, cut their hands as a penalty for what they have reaped—a deterrent from God. God is Mighty and Wise.

I was also curious about Islam’s teaching of cutting off people’s hands when they steal and here it is. It is actually in the Qur’an and you can read it. This is a violent and cruel passage that should be removed from the Qur’an. You can help to dissipate the influence of violent sacred texts by writing your sacred text and banning all violent sacred texts in your country! No human being, not even an animal, deserves such a punishment for stealing!

Quran 8: 12: Your Lord inspired the angels: “I am with you, so support those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. So strike above the necks, and strike off every fingertip of theirs.”

Obviously this passage was written to strike fear into the hearts of those who do not believe. It may have worked in the past but it does not work anymore. Recently I came across the testimonies of many Middle Easterners who do not believe or who are atheists. If you are at the crossroads on religion it doesn’t mean that you are automatically an atheist if you do not believe in the Gods of your culture. Like religion, atheism is another human organization and I encourage you to find out more about your unbelief before you consider yourself an atheist. Note that all human organizations divide us and our challenge is not to belong to another human inspired organization that divides us! Now consider the passage about supporting only “those who believe” and it will occur to you that it was written on the basis of truth in separation instead of truth in interdependence.  Truth in separation may have worked when humans were killing each other because you cannot go to enemy territory to ask for water without being killed. We are not savages anymore and the experiment on living together irrespective of our beliefs has worked well so far. It has worked because life was designed on the basis of Truth in Interdependence so when a sacred text tells you to support “only those who believe” the sacred text is in effect going against the COSMIC ORDER.

Quran 8:59: Let not the disbelievers assume that they are ahead. They will not escape.

This is another passage intended to strike fear into the hearts of unbelievers. When sacred texts make such categorical statements one cannot help but wonder when the assault from their Gods would take place! Apart from fundamentalists doing the work that their God is supposed to do there has never been terror or hell fire from the heavens since these books were written. The reason is very clear; the cultural Gods do not own the heavens! Living on this planet is difficult enough; why do you really want to complicate our lives with fantastic stories? I know, it is to control but don’t you think that you have already lost?  The world is ripe for a new spiritual vision that unites all creatures and that vision does not include texts that promote violence and cruelty!

Quran 8:60: And prepare against them all the power you can muster, and all the cavalry you can mobilize, to terrify thereby God’s enemies and your enemies, and others besides them whom you do not know, but God knows them. Whatever you spend in God’s way will be repaid to you in full, and you will not be wronged.

This passage was specifically written to terrify “God’s enemies and your enemies” if you are a believer. But why is it important to terrify other creatures? Is it power, wealth, control or what? If God is on your side as you claim is it really necessary to do all these things? Think about it-you have the all powerful and all knowing God on your side and you continue to do things to strike fear into the hearts of your brothers and sisters…is your God really all powerful? In fact any God who asks you to do things for him should never be trusted at all! The Universe does not ask anyone to do things for it; instead the Universe loves and blesses all creatures without conditions. If you are not sure go out and look around you and you will see flowers to brighten your day, squirrels to entertain you, birds to sing for you and other humans to keep you company without any conditions! The God of conditions is indeed a human creation!

Quran 9:5: When the Sacred Months have passed, kill the polytheists wherever you find them. And capture them, and besiege them, and lie in wait for them at every ambush. But if they repent, and perform the prayers, and pay the alms, then let them go their way. God is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.

This passage clearly invites believers to kill people who do not believe in the one God, Allah. Once again God is asking you to kill his creatures and you believed. How many parents will ask someone to kill their children because they do not believe in their parents? On a cosmic level humans cannot even compare with the GOD of the Universe but believe it or not many creatures love their children without conditions and will never ask anyone to kill them even if they disown their parents! We are here to take care of each other irrespective of our beliefs, race, color or nationality! What divides us goes against everything that is good for us! 

Quran 9:29: Fight those who do not believe in God, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid what God and His Messenger have forbidden, nor abide by the religion of truth—from among those who received the Scripture—until they pay the due tax, willingly or unwillingly.

This passage invites believers to fight those who do not believe in God, instead of killing them as we read in the last verse. Apparently they do not want to kill everyone otherwise there would be no one left to pay the taxes to maintain the religion! All the same there is already a lot of violence on this planet and we do not need to create more with our sacred texts. When a sacred text incites one group against another it is clear that the sacred text is not of GOD but of humans. Write a sacred text that promotes universal brotherhood instead of violence: we are here to take care of each other!


Violent & Cruel Passages in the Bible

Deuteronomy 7:1-3: When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations- the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perrizzites, Hivites and Jebusites, seven nations larger and stronger than you- and when the Lord your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally.  Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy.

Superficially it looks like God is giving this command to “destroy them totally” but it is a human being that is giving the command in the name of God. If humans can really carry out such massive destructions with a backing from their God you and I do not stand a chance in this world. Fortunately the God in question is a cultural God. Cultural Gods do not own the Universe and that is one of the reasons why those who do not believe are still alive today!

Deuteronomy 20:16-17: However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them- the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perrizites, Hivites and Jebusites- as the Lord your God has commanded you.

Taking away other people’s land is the height of injustice, but completely destroying the people who owned the land is unbelievable! This seems to be the foundation of what we inherited as a people! If you cannot cheat them or take advantage of their ignorance, you can completely wipe them out! It is really a miracle that we still have the helpless and minorities in the presence of these sacred texts. I know many people including Nelson Mandela and his associates and Dr King and his associates have fought the system to free the helpless but there is still more to do. Until you completely replace all foreign texts with your sacred texts you will continue to be helpless!

Joshua 6:20-21: When the trumpets sounded, the people shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the people gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so every man charged straight in, and they took the city. They devoted the city to the Lord and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it- men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys.

This is another passage that spells genocide! Joshua and his people completely destroyed every living thing including children and animals. If this is not wickedness at the highest level I really wonder what it is? Our world is tainted with innocent blood because of passages like this. In the name of our Gods we destroy rival temples with impunity; in the name of our Gods we kill others who do not believe like us as if it is our duty and in the name of our Gods we carry out greater evils on the planet. Is it not disappointing that you carry out all these atrocities for a God that exists only in your mind? What would happen when you finally realize that you have been deceived? What is done cannot be undone! However if you have committed atrocities against other creatures there is still hope as long as you live. I encourage you to spend time with yourself, I mean just sit in meditation everyday when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Just minutes with yourself instead of with society could completely change your life! While doing that you may also learn from all the sacred texts including the Dhammapada, the Tao Te Ching, the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the Qur’an, the Upanishads, the Bible, the Analects of Confucius, the Book of Manu as well as from books by religious scholars on religion and spirituality. Your mind will one day expand enough to know who you really are and understand the scams orchestrated by human beings!

Deuteronomy 7:6. For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession.

This is the passage that spells discrimination from an Olympian Height and the stupid humans believed! Please do not take offence at my use of the word “stupid”. I was also stupid until I undertook the spiritual quest. Anyone who undertakes this journey will eventually understand! For this passage we understand that “he who has the gold makes the rules”. Thus if you wrote a sacred text it would be foolish to put other people as the chosen people of your God.  But what has exclusivity created in our world---breathtaking inequality! Imagine the psychological impact on the people who believe that they are not chosen not because of anything they have done but because of who they are! Fortunately the cultural Gods do not own this world and that is why we can all rise from the lowest levels in life to greatness. The GOD of the Universe knew the extent humans would sink to get what they want and that was why no human, group of people, culture, race, religion or nation is entrusted with the sun, the rain, the snow and the air we breathe. Let us rejoice because we are all loved without conditions and we are all blessed without requirements! If they were able to write books for their Gods you can also do the same but this time instead of putting yourself above others in order to rule over them share a universal message that welcomes all creatures without discrimination. Write your sacred story and open the door for the new consciousness!

Deuteronomy 14:21. Do not eat anything you find already dead. You may give it to an alien living in any of your towns, and he may eat it, or you may sell it to a foreigner. But you are a people holy to the Lord your God.

The GOD of the Universe loves all creatures without conditions but the cultural Gods love you with conditions. If you are not one of their chosen people you are on your own even if you believe in them. As far as they are concerned you can even eat dead meat and die! Wake up my brothers and sisters to the Universe that really cares about you. The Universe cares so much that IT provided everything before you were even born!

Deuteronomy 15:1-3. At the end of every seven years you must cancel debts. This is how it is to be done: Every creditor shall cancel the loan he has made to his fellow Israelite. He shall not require payment from his fellow Israelite or brother, because the Lord’s time for canceling debts has been proclaimed. You may require payment from a foreigner, but you must cancel any debt your brother owes you.

No one can deny the favoritism of the cultural Gods; they only love their chosen people to the extent that even if you are poor and cannot pay your debts they won’t even care! The Universe on the other hand has provided everything for you and it is always there to lead you irrespective of your circumstances!

If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads (Leviticus 20:13).

This is the passage that motivates some believers to discriminate against gay people or even kill gay people. If you are guilty of both I want you to consider or reflect on the following thoughts:

  1. Nothing is permanent on this plane and nothing is absolute! This means that anything could happen like a gay person showing up as your son, daughter or a gay person being born into your family!
  2. At the crossroads of life no one really knows the savior; your God might not be there, a member of your congregation might not be there, your parents might not be there, your friends might not be there and your siblings might also not be there! A Moslem might show up, a Hindu might show up, a Christian might show up, a Buddhist might show up or a gay person might show up. What would you do when later you realized that the person who saved you was a gay person?
  3. It is often easier to hide under a book than to face life with open eyes because the book helps you so shift responsibility from yourself to the book. When people say “it is in the Bible” or it is in the Qur’an” they are shifting responsibility! The truth is that you are still responsible because you committed the act. “It is in the Bible” or it is in the Qur’an” has not sheltered anyone from going to prison or facing the death penalty in our legal system! In effect you are alone and you are alone because you are responsible. No one with a functioning mind takes orders from a book!

Matthew 10:5-10: These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: "Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. As you go preach this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is near.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. Do not take along any gold or silver or copper in your belts; take no bag for the journey, or extra tunic, or sandals or a staff; for the worker is worth his keep."

I have already discussed how cultural Gods favor their people and some might think that it happened in the Old Testament but here in the New Testament Jesus seems to be discriminating against the Samaritans and the Gentiles. It is possible that Jesus has a reason but an illiterate hearing this passage would come to the same conclusion.

Mark 7:26-28: The woman was a Greek, born in Syrian Phoenicia. She begged Jesus to drive the demon out of her daughter. "First let the children eat all they want," he told her, "for it is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs." "Yes, Lord," she replied, "but even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs."

This woman is willing to eat the crumbs from the table and this is one of the reasons we need the New Consciousness. In the new consciousness no dog will eat the crumbs from the table let alone humans. If you’ve never owned a pet or lived with one you might discriminate against pets because you do not really know them. Given a choice to feed a pet you might just throw it to the pet because you are afraid or that is what you have seen most of the time.  But the moment you know about pets you will understand that we are not really that different from them. Like us they have their moments of happiness and sadness, they get sick, they feel disappointed, they get hungry, they want the good things in life and they want to belong! Our poppy Coco has a place set aside for her to eat and drink in our home but during important occasions like thanksgiving all of us eat what is on the table. No one eats the crumbs that fall from the table!

Isaiah 49:22-23: This is what the sovereign Lord says: "See, I will beckon to the Gentiles, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders. Kings will be your foster fathers, and their queens your nursing mothers. They will bow down before you with their faces to the ground; they will lick the dust at your feet. Then you will know that I am the Lord; those who hope in me will not be disappointed."

This is essentially a slavery passage with foreigners doing all the domestic chores. It is hard to believe that an Omniscient God would let only foreigners to do the hard labor for his chosen people! The truth is that cultural Gods are not omniscient and they are not omnipotent because they take sides in human conflicts! However reading this passage it is easy to discern that it was written by a man, possibly a man biased against foreigners and he doesn’t think that foreigners are as good as his people. The new consciousness is about loving all people without conditions as the Universe loves us without conditions.

Isaiah 61:5-6: Aliens will shepherd your flocks; foreigners will work your fields and vineyards. And you will be called priests of the Lord, you will be named ministers of our God. You will feed on the wealth of nations, and in their riches you will boast."

This passage actually reminds me of slavery in the New World. The slaves worked for nothing and the slave masters got all the wealth. The slaves were not even recognized for their contributions and no cultural God would come to their rescue because that was what the cultural God wanted. In this world you cannot rely on any one but yourself. Each time you think that you are not good enough remember to think about Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and many others who have contributed to the good of the world? You are not here to beg; you are here to make a contribution for the good of your brothers and sisters! You are not here to make money for others; you are here to study the world and improve on it.  If you are a minority in any country I encourage you to setup businesses that provide essential services like groceries, hospitals, schools, pharmacies, etc for your people. This is the only way to upgrade the status of your people! I know that it is not easy for one person who lives on a minimum wage job to ever establish such a business but do not underestimate your vision. When people who share the same vision come together they can accomplish anything they set out to do!

Leviticus 25:44-46: Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life, but you must not rule over your fellow Israelites ruthlessly."

Many cultures practiced slavery but I think slavery at an industrial level was motivated by this passage: “Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you”. “You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life”. The human is always looking for ways to take advantage of other creatures and reading this passage in the Bible is all he needed to carry out his diabolical plans!

Isaiah 13:9-16: See, the day of the Lord is coming —a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger—to make the land desolate and destroy the sinners within it. The stars of heaven and their constellations will not show their light. The rising sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light. I will punish the world for its evil, the wicked for their sins. I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty and will humble the pride of the ruthless. I will make people scarcer than pure gold, more rare than the gold of Ophir. Therefore I will make the heavens tremble; and the earth will shake from its place at the wrath of the Lord Almighty, in the day of his burning anger. Like a hunted gazelle, like sheep without a shepherd, they will all return to their own people, they will flee to their native land. Whoever is captured will be thrust through; all who are caught will fall by the sword. Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses will be looted and their wives violated.

As I have often said the Gods are not to blame for all these writings. If you really think about it you would realize that the Gods really had no choice in the matter. The humans were solely responsible for putting words into the mouths of the Gods. Give a pen and paper to a slave master and ask him to write about GOD: he would not write about GOD but about his God, he would not write about Unconditional Love but about how God will destroy you, how God will wipe out your culture or how God will make sure that your descendants never appeared on this planet again! He will not write about the providence of the Universe instead he would write about how your relationship with his God could provide a place for you in heaven! He does not want you to know the Unconditional Love of the Universe because that would automatically shut down his business!

The truth is that it is no longer safe to be led by other humans; actually it has never been safe to be led by anyone and that is why you were given a mind to think, eyes to see and ears to hear. A lot of things have played out during the coronavirus pandemic including the politicization of our lives. Some leaders have told their followers not to wear masks that could potentially protect them from the coronavirus. I understand that some people find it difficult to breathe with masks on and if that is the case for you there are other measures you could take to protect your life like staying at home and away from people you do not know, observing the social distancing recommendations when you go out and of course complying with the requirements of local businesses if you want to do business with them.

When you put your life into the hands of another human being you are in effect relinquishing responsibility for your life and anything could happen to it! If a human being toys with your life in the midst of a Pandemic how much more when things are normal! It is also evident from the events of this period that your God cannot save you irrespective of the level of your faith! Scientists have saved our world in the past from similar viruses and right now they are working hard to control the coronavirus. I do not know about you but I prefer to believe in the scientists that have a track record than to believe in someone who tells me to believe in a cultural God whose miracles are only in books! The question is where do we go from here? The first step is to send all cultural Gods who have made it to the international scene to their lands including their sacred texts. The new consciousness will begin as soon as you write and distribute your sacred stories! You are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements!  Write a Sacred Text with a Light!



Testaments of GOD contain the sacred stories of the world from different continents. The purpose is to enrich the world and to put an end to stories of exclusivity, chosen people, absolutism and fundamentalism. A secondary but equally important purpose is to increase the number of owners in the sacred text publishing industry. One of the problems of our economy is that only a few people control the means of production. We can change the lives of many people the moment we include more people in the distribution of goods and services.

I have suggested 7 Sacred texts, one from each continent and they include the African Testament of GOD (AFTOG), the Antarctican Testament of GOD (ANTOG), the Asian Testament of GOD (ASTOG), the European Testament of GOD (EUTOG), the Oceanian Testament of GOD (OCETOG), the North American Testament of GOD (NATOG) and the South American Testament of GOD (SATOG). Writers may never use any of these names but they provide a starting point to the testaments of GOD project!

I cannot over emphasize the importance of writing your sacred stories irrespective of your religious beliefs or unbelief. What is at stake is your freedom! The slavery of the mind is the greatest threat to our civilization. We were not created to believe; we were created to know and to shine! We were not created to expect saviors to save us; we were created to experience life in all its forms. We were not created to worship foreign Gods; we were created to enrich the world with our own experiences. We were not created to believe in foreign sacred texts; we were created to share our sacred experiences!

Have you ever thought about who benefits each time you buy a foreign sacred text? Have you considered whose ancestors are elevated each time you read from a foreign sacred text? Have you reflected on who is enriched each time you go on pilgrimage to a foreign land? These are the ideas that have continued to keep you in one place year in year out. They have kept you in one place because you believed in the way things are to be the truth. Nothing could be further from the truth because you live in a changing universe and you can change what people have put in place! This change begins by first writing your sacred story and sharing it with the world.

Give life a push and it will take you to places beyond your dreams! We are all loved without conditions and we are all blessed without requirements. No culture, organization, nation, group of people, Cultural God or religion has an exclusive right on GOD. Humans make it seem so but what humans have done you can also undo. Write your sacred story and upgrade your life; write your sacred story and make your ancestors proud; write your sacred story and enrich your children; write your sacred story and put an end to fundamentalism, exclusivity, and absolutism; write your sacred story and change the world!

When we think about Africa the first images that come to mind are usually those of poverty, suffering children or safari if you live outside the continent; and exploitation and imperialism if you live within the continent. Africa may have contributed a lot to world civilization and prosperity but the continent is better remembered as the land of exploitation. There are three major instruments of exploitation and they include slavery, colonization and organized foreign religions.

Slavery may have existed all over the world but the slavery of the African was the only slavery that was taken to an industrial level. Families were torn apart; people were packed like sardines during the transportation of the slaves from Africa to the New world; those who could not bear the inhumanity during the voyage jumped into the oceans; those who made it to the New World were regarded as properties to their owners and left to suffer every imaginable insult and mistreatment; they were discriminated, starved, overworked, lynched and unloved! It is very important that you remember these historical facts as you move on to dethrone foreign religions and their cultural Gods!

Colonization was the second instrument of exploitation in Africa. Quite unlike Asia virtually the whole of the African continent was colonized by Europeans. The seed for the colonization of Africa was probably sown when European nations started looking for natural resources for their industries. Meanwhile King Leopold II of Belgium claimed a vast tract of land in Central Africa. This excited other European powers to do the same but in the process the Europeans started fighting among themselves. However they learned very fast that fighting among themselves was not in their best interest so German Chancellor Bismarck called the European powers to meet in Berlin in 1884. Essentially among others the meeting established the rules to be followed by the Europeans in the scramble for Africa and by 1900 over 90 percent of the African Continent has been claimed by European nations.

Today all African nations are independent but the psychological and economic impacts of colonization are still felt all over Africa. Psychologically the typical African thinks that the European is better than the African and with good reasons. The first reason is that it was the European who colonized the African, thus making the African inferior to the European. The second reason is that at the time of colonization most European nations have been industrialized with macadamized roads, electricity, and manufactured goods such as tea, coffee, alcohol, matches, cigarettes, etc. The Europeans brought their industries with them and essentially changed the face of Africa. The reaction of the typical African was “these are the servants of the most High God!” Thus wherever the African turned he saw what seemed to him magical and could not help but feel inferior to the European!

Now the question at the back of everyone’s mind is whether the African is really inferior to the European? The answer is “NO!” On the cosmic level no creature is inferior to another creature! We are all loved without conditions and we are all blessed without requirements.

 The economic impact of colonization is that Africa is still struggling. When I visited Nigeria in the later part of 2019 I was brought face to face with the sufferings of the people. During my earlier visits my mother did not want me to go anywhere because she was afraid that I might be kidnapped. This time I went to Nigeria without informing anyone apart from one of my brothers and I stayed in a hotel. Waiting for public transportation and driving on the streets of Port Harcourt enabled me to interact with the people and find out what was really going on. Most of the people I spoke to seemed hopeless in their struggles. They were on the streets trying to earn a living and working very hard but making no progress. You could see it in their eyes. Actually after I returned to the hotel that day I decided to have a conversation with the front desk attendant. She was in her early twenties. She always greeted me with smiles each time I returned but on this day all I did was to stand before her and asked: “How are you?” And “all hell broke loose”; she began to cry and in her sobbing she told me how she has lost hope in life.

I do not know if she was another Nigerian scammer but what I saw on the streets of Port Harcourt coupled with the conversations I had with Nigerians during our layover in Istanbul, Turkey let me to believe her. One of the Nigerians I talked with during my flight was a business woman. On this particular trip she was returning to Nigeria from New York. She told me how things were bad in the country and how she was making an effort to send her children overseas. This did not really prepare me for what I saw on the streets of Port Harcourt but it lends support to the state of things in the country.

One of the things the Front Desk attendant told me was that she doesn’t even have anyone to tell her that it would be all right. This hit home because after I lost my scholarship to study abroad when I was in Nigeria a friend assured me that it would be all right and I know how important hope is in the life of the hopeless. I was able to fulfill my dream of studying in the United States because of this man. He did not only give me hope that all will be well; he went on to encourage me to start making preparations for my trip to the United States. When I asked where I was going to get the money to sponsor my education his response was that it was not important to worry about the resources, what is important is the dream to study in the United States. He went on to say that if that was really my dream it would happen because that is how the Universe works! Thus I told her my story to encourage her to work toward her dreams and aspirations.

If you are in a similar situation I also encourage you to do the same but stop expecting that your life will change miraculously. However if you really want a miracle begin to work on your dreams and aspirations, I mean do the little things you need to do and leave the rest to the Universe. The support from the Universe can only happen when you begin to work on your dreams and aspirations because the support is part of the journey! Joseph Campbell compared our quests to realize our dreams to a mythological adventure and I quote:

 “Leaving the bounded world in which you have been brought up, going beyond all that anybody knows into domains of transcendence, and then acquiring what is missing and coming back with the booty----“ 

In other words any quest to acquire knowledge, improve the condition of mankind, help the poor, heal the sick, save the children, feed the hungry or accomplish a life mission is like an adventure in which one experiences many challenges and setbacks but eventually succeeds. Heroes in mythology are usually given all sorts of help in their quests. The same is true for you and I who set out to pursue our dreams and aspirations. There is an invisible source of support for all of us. Go about your dreams or aspirations; you will experience this source of support when you begin your quest. The support is part of the journey!

Some of you might be asking if African governments play any role in the lives of the people? Naturally the family is where many people in African countries go to when they need help but because of poverty many African families are unable to help their children. This brings us to the governments of African countries. In countries like the United States when the citizen loses a job or gets into hard times the government comes to assist the person with food stamps and sometimes with a monthly income. This was not so when I was in Nigeria and I believe it has not changed.  Essentially the African child is on his or her own in times of adversity!

African governments do not care about her citizens mostly because of corruption, lack of understanding about the role of governments and foreign taxes. Corruption is a major problem everywhere; it is not limited to African governments but Africa must make an effort to reduce corruption! Some government functionaries would rather place their relatives in office instead of employing the best qualified person for the position; government contractors get the job only if they are willing to bribe the government officer in charge of awarding the contracts; money meant for the people often end up in the pockets of government officers; sometimes when contracts are awarded the work still remains undone. In short corruption affects economic growth, business success, employment and investments. Further infrastructures collapse because of work not being done and when work is not done no one gets employed and the poor ever remains poor and the gap between the rich and the poor widens. Africa must find a way to reduce corruption if it really wants to enrich the lives of her citizens!

Having a government position in most if not all African countries is like winning the lottery. People rejoice and dance on the streets when a tribal member wins an election. For them it is an opportunity to loot from the government. As long as Africans see government as a money machine to enrich a few people the average African will ever remain poor!  Africa must change her money mentality to that of service to humanity in order to change the life of the average African!

Foreign taxes are also a source of the problems some African countries face in effectively taking care of their citizens. In her presentation on the Legacy of Colonization on Youtube , the former AU Ambassador to the United States Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao talks about how some African countries pay out billions of dollars to France in the form of Colonization Taxes. I checked out this information on the Internet and found the following article by Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN: France/Afrique : 14 African Countries Forced by France to Pay Colonial Tax For the Benefits of Slavery and Colonization.

According to the article France forced African countries that were colonized by France to sign a Colonization Continuation Pact on the eve of independence. There were 11 main components of the Colonization Continuation Pact and they include:

  1. Colonization Debt for the benefit of France Colonization which essentially means that the independent nations owe France for the infrastructure built by France during colonization and they should pay for it!
  2. Automatic confiscation of national reserves which states that the French speaking African countries must deposit their national monetary reserves with the French Central Bank.
  3. Right of first refusal on any raw or natural resources discovered in the country meaning that France must control the natural resources in these African countries.
  4. Priority to French interests and companies in public procurement and public biding states that French companies must be considered first in the award of government contracts before African companies!
  5. Exclusive right to supply military equipment and Train the country’s military officers states that African military can only be trained by France.
  6. Right for France to pre-deploy troops and intervene militarily in the country to defend its interests states that France has the legal right to intervene in the African countries in case of any problems!
  7. Obligation to make French the official language of the country and the language for education states that French must be the national language of the Africans!
  8. Obligation to use France’s colonial money FCFA states that the African countries under France must use the French Money!
  9. Obligation to send France annual balance and reserve report states that African countries under France must send annual financial reports to France!
  10. Renunciation to enter into military alliance with any other country unless authorized by France meaning that the Africa countries colonized by France cannot enter into any military alliance with other nations!
  11. Obligation to ally with France in situations of war or global crisis states that the African countries colonized by France must ever remain loyal to France in case of any regional as well as global conflicts!

My first reaction after reading this article was one of disbelief and I could not understand why the African leaders went on to sign a pact that would essentially put them in a worse position? According to the article not all African nations under France signed the Colonization Continuation Pact. Guinea was one of the countries that refused to be intimidated and the French got mad and destroyed everything in the country including roads, schools, buildings, cars, books, medicine and everything that could benefit the Africans!

It is really sad and unthinkable that humans who have benefited immensely from a country would decide to destroy it simply because they could not have it forever! We forget that nothing is forever here and we also forget that we live in a changing world! France would have used that opportunity to bless the country and write her name in the Book of life in letters of Gold but they chose to destroy the country that fed them for years! The strong and powerful may get whatever they want in this world but ultimately it is the seemingly weak that inherits the earth!

Further the article states how France has been the mastermind behind all the coups in the African countries that were colonized by France. According to the article any leader from these African countries that chooses to be completely independent of France would automatically be assassinated and replaced with a new leader. The new leader is often showered with gifts and buried in luxury all to the advantage of France and at the expense of millions of struggling Africans!  . Who in his right mind would enjoy life at the expense of his brothers and sisters? The average African leader is really sick!

My first reaction to the coups in Africa and the assassination of African leaders is whether the African people have a vision for their countries or not? Is it possible that African leaders come and do their own thing without any regard to the people? If this is the case African nations will never be free! In fact I am really ashamed and sad to hear Africans talk about coups and assassinations on their land by foreign nationals! Are you really a country? Have you not learned anything about taking care of your people? I am really at a loss for questions but I think African leaders and potential African leaders have a lot to learn from Francisco Moreno Domagoso, the current mayor of Manila in the Philippines!

At the present moment I do not see how African nations could stop continued foreign exploitation and the slavery of the mind but the aspirations, goals and priorities of the African Union give me hope that one day all African Children will be completely free of foreign control and domination! However for the Aspirations, Goals and Priorities of the African Union to be realized all Africans including Africans in the Diaspora must be on board! Further all Africans must live and breathe these Aspirations, Goals and Priorities! In other words all Africans should know what is important to them as a people! What is important is no longer how high you are on the food chain. What is important is not the car you drive, the vacations you take, your lifestyle or all the materials you enjoy!  What is important is no longer the bribe you receive to give a contract; it is no longer the urge to employ a family member at the expense of the best qualified person; what is important is no longer the little favors you get from poor people because of your position!

What is now important is your FREEDOM as a person to be the best that you can be! What is important is now the FREEDOM of all our people from domestic and foreign exploitation. What is important is a transformation of consciousness from a slave or a colonized person to a leader. What is important is the education of all our people! What is important is for each of us to know that we are here to experience life in our own terms and to share these experiences with our children and the world. At that moment we will no longer be slaves to foreign Gods and their people; we will completely be in charge of our destiny!

We are really blessed to be in the age of the Internet because the Internet makes the transmission of information easy. However not many Africans would check out the African Union to learn about the Union’s Aspirations, Goals and Priorities. The African Union’s Aspirations, Goals and Priorities are very important to all of us but if a greater percentage of the African people do not know about these Aspirations, Goals and Priorities how can we work together for a common purpose? I think it is precisely because the African people have no common agenda, vision, goal or priorities that make it easy for foreigners to destabilize our governments. France or any other foreign nation would not have succeeded in their plans if new heads of state follow the same vision, aspirations, goals, and priorities of the African nation. So our first challenge is to share our aspirations, vision, goals and priorities with the people!

I have reproduced the Aspirations, Goals and Priorities below for you to study and share with your family, friends and fellow Africans.

1) A Prosperous Africa, based on Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development.
2) An Integrated Continent Politically united and based on the ideals of Pan Africanism and the vision of African Renaissance.
3) An Africa of Good Governance, Democracy, Respect for Human Rights, Justice and the Rule of Law.
4) A Peaceful and Secure Africa.
5) Africa with a Strong Cultural Identity Common Heritage, Values and Ethics.
6) An Africa Whose Development is people driven, relying on the potential offered by African People, especially its Women and Youth, and caring for Children.
7) An Africa as A Strong, United, Resilient and Influential Global Player and Partner.

(1) A High Standard of Living, Quality of Life and Well Being for All Citizens.
(2) Well Educated Citizens and Skills revolution underpinned by Science, Technology and Innovation.
(3) Healthy and well-nourished citizens.
(4) Transformed Economies.
(5) Modern Agriculture for increased productivity and production.
(6) Blue/ ocean economy for accelerated economic growth.
(7) Environmentally sustainable and climate resilient economies and communities.
(8) United Africa (Federal or Confederate).
(9) Continental Financial and Monetary Institutions are established and functional.
(10) World Class Infrastructure crisscrosses Africa.
(11)Democratic values, practices, universal principles of human rights, justice and the rule of law entrenched.
(12) Capable institutions and transformative leadership in place.
(13) Peace Security and Stability is preserved.
(14) A Stable and Peaceful Africa.
(15) A Fully functional and operational APSA.
16) African Cultural Renaissance is pre-eminent.
(17) Full Gender Equality in All Spheres of Life.
(18) Engaged and Empowered Youth and Children.
(19) Africa as a major partner in global affairs and peaceful co-existence.
(20) Africa takes full responsibility for financing her development

* Incomes, Jobs and decent work.
* Poverty, Inequality and Hunger
* Social security and protection Including Persons with Disabilities.
* Modern and Livable Habitats and Basic Quality Services.
* Education and STI skills driven revolution.
* Health and Nutrition
* Sustainable and inclusive economic growth.
* STI driven Manufacturing / Industrialization and Value Addition.
* Economic diversification and resilience.
* Hospitality/Tourism.
* Agricultural Productivity and Production.
* Marine resources and Energy.
* Ports Operations and Marine Transport.
* Sustainable natural resource management and Biodiversity conservation.
* Sustainable consumption and production patterns.
* Water security.
* Climate resilience and natural disasters preparedness and prevention.
* Renewable energy.
* Framework and Institutions for a United Africa.
* Financial and Monetary Institutions.
* Communications and Infrastructure Connectivity.
* Democracy and Good Governance.
* Human Rights, Justice and The Rule of Law.
* Institutions and Leadership.
* Participatory Development and Local Governance.
* Maintenance and Preservation of Peace and Security.
* Institutional structure for AU Instruments on Peace and Security.
* Fully operational and functional APSA Pillars.
* Values and Ideals of Pan Africanism.
* Cultural Values and African Renaissance.
* Cultural Heritage, Creative Arts and Businesses.
* Women and Girls Empowerment.
* Violence & Discrimination against Women and Girls.
* Youth Empowerment and Children.
* Africa’s place in global affairs.
* Partnership.
* African Capital market.
* Fiscal system and Public Sector Revenues.
* Development Assistance.

Organized Foreign Regions
Organized religion is the third method of exploitation in Africa. Quite unlike slavery and colonization organized foreign religion is alive and well in Africa and will continue to be in Africa until it is completely dismantled! Actually organized religion is the most deadly of all the forms of exploitation in Africa! It is sad to say that none of the notable minds in Africa who have condemned exploitation in all its forms mentioned organized religion as a form of exploitation. In fact some even quote from the foreign texts to make a point! We have been so indoctrinated that we cannot help but look for foreign sources to validate our experiences. Do you know where this kind of thinking is leading us? It is leading us to the same road that we are trying to avoid!

The historical fact is that when the European came to colonize Africa he also came with his God. In one hand he had a book he called the Bible and he told the unsuspecting Africans that it was the word of GOD and the Africans believed. He did not tell them it was the word of his God! In the other hand he had a gun and said to the unsuspecting Africans that those who do not believe the word of God will surely die! So he went on and colonized the whole of Africa with little or no resistance.

When the African reads the Bible he learned about how a cultural God created the Universe in six days (most cultures have creation stories); he learned about how the God took land that was already inhabited by others and gave to his chosen people (a violation of human rights); he learned about how the God takes sides in human conflicts ( the GOD of the Universe does not take sides in human conflicts because the GOD of the Universe loves all creatures without conditions but cultural Gods only love their people); he learned about how the son of the cultural God died for his sins ( in African cultures sin is not atoned with human sacrifice); he leaned about how the God will take him to heaven if he believed (who in his right mind will go to the heaven of a foreign cultural God); he learned about asking the cultural God for wealth and prosperity but when he asked nothing happened ( billions of people in the world are still poor in spite of their beliefs). In all these the African believes God can do whatever he wants and continues to believe in the foreign God up to this day. It never occurred to him that he has been deceived!

The point I am trying to make is that GOD is everywhere and you cannot take GOD to another place. However you could take a cultural God to another place since the cultural God is limited to a particular area. But who in his right mind would worship a foreign God? The questions I want you to answer are who benefits when you buy a foreign sacred text, worship a foreign God or go on pilgrimage to a foreign land? Who laughs to the bank? Whose people are elevated? Who gets the glory? For all I know none of these happen to Africans except the ministers and pastors who use the same deceit to defraud their brothers and sisters of their hard earned money! Foreign religions and their Gods are ripe for shaken and you can only do that by writing your sacred story!

The African Testament of GOD is the Sacred Text of Africa. It is your sacred text. It is not the word of God. Instead it is a book of your experiences in this world written to show the way to your descendants! This is a call to make this text a reality and to highlight the contributions of your people! It is a text that will elevate your status in the world. Think about the opportunities that are in store for you and the freedom that it will bestow upon you. You are no longer controlled by the foreign ideas that were forced on you. Write your Sacred Text today and change your destiny! It is your turn to be KING!

I have thought about an African Sacred Text for a very long time. During the period I thought about the name of the text. First a title flashed through my mind: The African Testament of GOD. But that seemed too long so I decided to use the first letters of each word in the title and came up with the acronym TATOG. Later after I realized that other people besides Africans who are using foreign texts also need their own sacred text I changed TATOG to AFTOG. Meanwhile I considered the prevailing creation stories in the world and thought that we could write better creation stories considering the level of our present understanding of the Universe. Then I thought about the experiences of Africans in the world including the Slave Trade, the Plantation System, Segregation, Black Oppression, Black Inventors, Black Olympic Glories, Black Poets, Racial Discrimination and Prejudice, the Apartheid Regime, Colonization, African Freedom Fighters, Independence in Africa, African Poets, Afro-Caribbean freedom fighters, Afro-Caribbean music, Afro-Caribbean Olympic Glory and Afro-Caribbean poets.
I did not stop there and as my meditation continued I began to consider the contents of the TEXT including the books in it. The following books crossed my mind: the Book of Creation, the Book of Gods, the Book of Leaders, the Book of Teachers, the Book of Sacred Texts, the Book of Religions, the Book of Love, the Book of Life, the Book of Knowledge, the Book of Moral Laws, the Book of Psalms, the Book of Proverbs, the Book of Slavery, the Book of Colonization, the Book of Apartheid and the Book of the Family.
In the Book of Teachers the Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Confucius, Lao Tsu, Zoroaster, Guru Nanak, Mahavira, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Dr. King and President Nelson Mandela came to mind.
In the Book of Leaders I thought about John Brown, Abraham Lincoln, President Obama, Dr. King, Oprah Winfrey, the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, President Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Colin Powell, Booker T. Washington, William Wilberforce, Bessie Coleman, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Henry Browne, Frederick Douglas, Harriett Tubman, Paul Robeson, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Patrice Lumumba of Congo, Nnamdi Azikiwe of Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo of Nigeria, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa of Nigeria and the Afro-Caribbean Freedom Fighters.
I know the above list is not exhaustive but it is a place to start. I also know that not every African or member of the African Diaspora would welcome an African Sacred Text. Some of the people who might oppose an African Sacred text are members of other religions, African preachers with many followers and Africans who believe that nothing good could come out of Africa. It is easy to reject what is good for everyone when you are the only one who is benefiting from the present system, but it takes guts and wisdom to walk away from millions of dollars in order to change the lives of millions of people! Further if foreign religions have not changed your life by now do you really think that your life will ever change? You must take matters into your hands by writing your sacred story!

Africa is at a point in human history to significantly influence the world for the good of all creatures because of her experiences. You have an opportunity to set the stage to rid the world of religious exclusivity and extremism. There is no place in our world for any religion that promotes fundamentalism, extremism and exclusivity because such actions are contrary to the laws of harmony in the universe. Tribal Gods and their people violated the laws of the Universe and that is precisely why the world is in the way it is today! They chose their people in the midst of unconditional love for all creatures; they took sides in human conflicts and created chaos in the midst of harmony. In short they distanced themselves from all creation apart from their so-called chosen people and threw the world into turmoil. This was not the plan of the Universe and you are now called upon to dethrone all foreign cultural Gods in your land and elevate the real GOD of the Universe. The GOD that has no sacred texts, no chosen people and no sacred place because the Universe is the sacred text, we are all chosen and the Universe is the sacred place!

If you really want to know how GOD works you do not need to open any sacred text; just learn from the sun, the rain and the snow. When the sun shines there is no requirement to meet in order to enjoy it. When the rain falls it waters all our crops without conditions, and when the snow falls it invites all to play. In all these cases there is no membership, there are no membership fees and there are no tithes! Think about it! The requirement that the GOD of the Universe wants you to accept his son or to give to a pastor before he would bless you is not consistent with the workings of the Universe. What can you really give to GOD in order to get GOD’s favors? Nothing, because GOD has everything and they are given freely to all creatures! The religion of requirement is a human idea to deceive and to exploit. Now you know!

Have you noticed that in almost all the near death experiences no one comes back and says categorically that he or she saw a cultural God? In most cases they see their family members. Why? They see their family members because they are the only people who really love them! Think about it. The purpose of organized religion is to elevate cultural Gods for earthly glory and profit and separate you from the unconditional Love of the GOD of the Universe! It is now your call to put an end to organized religion and elevate the GOD of the Universe!

The GOD of the Universe treats all of us with unconditional love. There are no chosen people and we do not need to accept GOD because GOD is within us. Humans created the religion of acceptance for power and profit but how can you accept what you already have? The GOD of the Universe has given each of us freedom to live our lives according to our experiences and not the experiences of others and definitely not from foreign sacred texts! The experiences of foreigners are not your experiences or the experiences of your people irrespective of how they embellish them. The GOD of the Universe has blessed all creatures without conditions and loves you without requirements so there is no need to accept a foreign God.  Anything contrary to this is an attempt to control, dehumanize and to enslave others.

What is at stake here is the general good—the good of a race of people and the good of the world. Do you see employment opportunities? Do you see free education for the poor up to college and beyond? Do you see more success, achievement and prosperity? Do you see an end to religious conflicts? Do you see the glorification of the GOD of the Universe? Do you see cultural Gods dethroned? Do you see triumph over fear of hell? Do you see the shackles on your minds destroyed? Do you see your confidence soaring high? Do you see unity among religions? Do you see the possibilities? Write the African Testament of GOD!

The world does not become good when you are forced to worship a foreign God! The world does not breathe when you are enslaved! The world does not rest when the contributions of your people are suppressed! The world stands still when there is discrimination, oppression and prejudice. Writing the African Testament of GOD is about FREEDOM; it is about EQUALITY; it is about TRUTH; it is about PEACE and it is about UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES!  Write the African Testament of GOD; you can never be #1 if you worship foreign Gods because foreign Gods only love their own people but the GOD of the Universe loves all creatures without conditions!

There is no doubt that some of you believe in foreign Gods and foreign sacred texts with all your heart and I know what it means to have faith in GOD. But if your belief is based on what foreign texts tell you about what it means to be alive I encourage you to step back and re-examine your beliefs because the only thing worth believing in life are your own experiences and the experiences of your people. The experiences of others must never be the basis for your life. If it did, that was a life that was never lived! Focus on your experiences and the experiences of your people and learn from them. The knowledge from your experiences is not something you read from books; it is the real stuff! Write the African Testament of GOD and motivate others who are in similar situations to write their own sacred texts. It is only when all our real historical stories are told that the world will experience peace!

African Sacred Texts
Unlike some of the other continents the experiences of Africans are essentially similar. Most if not all African countries experienced slavery, colonization, exploitation and the slavery of the mind! In this respect my recommendation is one Sacred Text for all Africans. This means that all Africans in the continent of Africa and the African Diaspora must work together to produce the African Testament of GOD. There may be some temptation for countries like South Africa to write their own sacred text because of their unique experiences with Apartheid but this is not advisable at this time. I encourage you to work with your brothers and sisters to produce one African Testament of GOD! Further this is a very good approach when you consider the Vision of the African Union for Africans to be united. An African Sacred text will greatly help in fulfilling this vision! Write the African Testament of GOD!

Now I want to appeal directly to my African brothers and sisters who are still not decided on this project. Some of you may have heard about the Bhagavad Gita and some may have also read the book. Those who have read it might be conflicted regarding the supremacy of Lord Krishna. The Lord actually said that he is the highest in the Universe in the following verses:

The visible forms of my nature are eight: earth, water, fire, air, ether; the mind, reason, and the sense of I. But beyond my visible nature is my invisible Spirit. This is the fountain of life whereby this universe has its being. All things have their life in this Life, and I am their beginning and end. In this whole vast universe there is nothing higher than I. All the worlds have their rest in me, as many pearls upon a string. Bhagavad Gita 7:4-7

I am the Father of this universe and even the source of the Father. I am the Mother of this universe, and the Creator of all. I am the Highest to be known, the Path of purification, the holy OM, the Three Vedas. Bhagavad Gita 9:17

How does it make you feel to learn about another God who is celebrated as the highest in the Universe? Does it challenge Allah, Jesus, God? If it does here is our hope: the Bhagavad Gita was written before the New Testament, the Qur’an and the Tanakh

Now I want you to reflect on the requirements of salvation in Islam and Christianity. In both religions it is evident that you only have you two options: believe and be saved or disbelieve and be condemned.

 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. Bible: John 3:16-18

These are the bounds set by God. Whoever obeys God and His Messenger, He will admit him into Gardens beneath which rivers flow, to abide therein forever. That is the great attainment. But whoever disobeys God and His Messenger, and oversteps His bounds, He will admit him into a Fire, wherein he abides forever, and he will have a shameful punishment. Qur’an 4:13-14.

Many believers celebrate John 3:16 of the New Testament because of the promise of eternal life but in most cases they do not know about the verse on condemnation. However if you read the verses containing the promise and the one about condemnation you might feel that someone is pointing a gun at your head and threatening you to believe otherwise you would be shot. Even on a human level we do not threaten our children if they disobeyed us. Do you really think the GOD of the Universe is so insecure that GOD wants humans to believe in GOD? Surely the verses are human designs to recruit, control and to exploit and they have nothing to do with the GOD of the Universe!

The verses in the Qur’an are also human designs to recruit, control and to exploit. The Qur’an even went further to describe what paradise looks like in order to tempt you and I. But if you’ve lived on this earth and witnessed just a few of the atrocities humans have committed for profit, power and glory you would not even listen to any of them when they talk about GOD. For them GOD is another instrument to continue to exploit, enslave, colonize, deceive and humiliate you.

The truth is that nobody has the right to talk to you about GOD because GOD is everywhere and no one in his or her right mind looks for GOD in a book. The life you are living right now is a testament of GOD and you do not need anyone and least of all a foreign sacred text to tell you about GOD. Actually if all you did is believe in one statement in a foreign text then it would be better that you were not born because it is like disowning your own experiences.

I do not need to tell you all these truths because you already know them. But the problem is that many of us still believe that someone will descend from the heavens and change everything for us. The truth is that this has never happened in recorded history and considering what we know now about living on this plane it will never happen! Organized religion deceived you into believing that you will go to heaven if you believe and you will go to hell if you don’t believe but all these are false because the people are selling what they do not know or have.

They used the same tactics during slavery, apartheid and colonization. They had their holy books in one hand and a gun in the other hand. But we cannot fall for this scam anymore because we now know that the slave master never planned anything good for us. Everything he did at our own expenses was to enrich and to elevate him. Instead of waiting for a savior to descend from the clouds and change your life you can now turn things around by writing your sacred story! This time you will share a text with a LIGHT instead of a text with a GUN!

It is also very important for you to know that when the slave master was committing the atrocities his God was there with him. In other words the slave master took control of Africa, India, South America and many other lands with the permission of his God. If this was the case what type of life do you expect from such a God? This was the same God that never cared about you in your moments of oppression, colonization, slavery, apartheid, lynching, mutilation and all kinds of discrimination; what makes you think that he would care about you now?

I know some of these thoughts are very difficult to digest because you have been brought up with the teaching that a foreign God loves you. The truth is that cultural Gods only love their people. Further cultures may present their Gods as Gods of the Universe but cultural Gods are culture bound.  What we call GOD is not a cultural God. Cultural Gods only love their people and you are not one of them. What is going for all of us is what is embedded within the Universe: the Chinese call IT the Tao and the Indians call IT Brahman, I call IT the ESSENCE or SPIRIT. IT is unknowable and it has no sacred texts but this ESSENCE pervades the whole Universe.

Humans have committed all sorts of atrocities and deceived their fellow human beings for wealth and glory but none of them has been able to reach the HIGHEST. According to Joseph Campbell “No tongue has touched IT” Since they were not able to reach the HIGHEST some cultures substituted their cultural Gods for the position and you believed. But how could a cultural God with a chosen people; a cultural God that takes sides in human conflicts and a cultural God that divides us be the GOD of the Universe?

Now that you know the obvious thing to do is to begin to look into your culture for people who have provided compassionate leadership and elevate them in your sacred stories. These are your people who cared for you and some of them cared so much that they also lost their lives so that you might be free.  Write your sacred story and send a clear message to the world that you may have been conquered, demonized, dehumanized, exploited, deceived, raped, tortured, humiliated, enslaved, colonized, lynched, mutilated and murdered but you are not bitter; instead you have evolved!

One important thing I also want you to rethink is about the times the Pope, or an Evangelist or a Caliph comes to visit your people. When this happens what I see is your people including your leaders running around like salves trying to provide the services you think he deserves. I am not saying that it is wrong to provide the best hospitality for your guest. What I am saying is who runs around for you when you visit a foreign country? As far as they are concerned you do not exists and you do not exist simply because they are in control. However things could be different if you have your sacred text and your religion. When you do that like them you would not care when they come to visit your land because they are now insignificant. But as long as you use their sacred texts and pray to their Gods you will always be a slave!

Lastly I want to draw your attention to the thoughts of Chinua Achebe in “Things Fall Apart”: “The white man is very clever. He came quietly and peacefully with his religion. We were amused at his foolishness and allowed him to stay. Now he has won our brothers, and our clan can no longer act like one. He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart”.



Testaments of GOD contain the sacred stories of the world from different continents. The purpose is to enrich the world and to put an end to stories of exclusivity, chosen people, absolutism and fundamentalism. A secondary but equally important purpose is to increase the number of owners in the sacred text publishing industry. One of the problems of our economy is that only a few people control the means of production. We can change the lives of many people the moment we include more people in the distribution of goods and services.

I have suggested 7 Sacred texts, one from each continent and they include the African Testament of GOD (AFTOG), the Antarctican Testament of GOD (ANTOG), the Asian Testament of GOD (ASTOG), the European Testament of GOD (EUTOG), the Oceanian Testament of GOD (OCETOG), the North American Testament of GOD (NATOG) and the South American Testament of GOD (SATOG). Writers may never use any of these names but they provide a starting point to the testaments of GOD project!

I cannot over emphasize the importance of writing your sacred stories irrespective of your religious beliefs or unbelief. What is at stake is your freedom! The slavery of the mind is the greatest threat to our civilization. We were not created to believe; we were created to know and to shine! We were not created to expect saviors to save us; we were created to experience life in all its forms. We were not created to worship foreign Gods; we were created to enrich the world with our own experiences. We were not created to believe in foreign sacred texts; we were created to share our sacred experiences!

Have you ever thought about who benefits each time you buy a foreign sacred text? Have you considered whose ancestors are elevated each time you read from a foreign sacred text? Have you reflected on who is enriched each time you go on pilgrimage to a foreign land? These are the ideas that have continued to keep you in one place year in year out. They have kept you in one place because you believed in the way things are to be the truth. Nothing could be further from the truth because you live in a changing universe and you can change what people have put in place! This change begins by first writing your sacred story and sharing it with the world.

Give life a push and it will take you to places beyond your dreams! We are all loved without conditions and we are all blessed without requirements. No culture, organization, nation, group of people, Cultural God or religion has an exclusive right on GOD. Humans make it seem so but what humans have done you can also undo. Write your sacred story and upgrade your life; write your sacred story and make your ancestors proud; write your sacred story and enrich your children; write your sacred story and put an end to fundamentalism, exclusivity, and absolutism; write your sacred story and change the world!

Asia has many sacred texts including but not limited to the Tao Te Ching, the Analects of Confucius, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, the Rig Veda, the Dhammapada and the Buddhist Sutras. You will notice that most of the texts are tribal texts in spite of the fact that some have gained universal significance. For instance the Tao Te Ching and the Analects of Confucius are mostly relevant to Chinese; the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads and the Rig Veda are relevant to Indians. The Dhammapada and the Buddhist Sutras have connected a number of Asian countries and even the world but there are still pockets of religious conflicts in some Asian countries.
In Sri Lanka for example we read about conflicts between the Buddhist Sinhala-speaking majority and the Hindu Tami-speaking minority. Further in India we also hear about conflicts between the Hindus and the Muslims. These conflicts complicate human lives in these areas and innocent and disadvantaged people are usually the victims. However the belief that religious differences dictate who we should marry, who we should assist, or who we should promote goes against the principles of Universal Love. But in most cases the believers who take their separatist religious teachings to heart have really not thought about life on their own. How could you hate anyone when the person that you hate most might be the only person to save you at the crossroads of life? How could you discriminate against a person from another religion when there is no salvation for anyone in the presence of the hurricane? How could you say that your religion is superior when it cannot even cure a cold?

Anekantavada or Non-Absolutism is a Jain doctrine that states that TRUTH has infinite expressions and no single TRUTH is absolute! This knowledge is a contribution of ASIA and I bow down to you for your wisdom!
Many people believe that if a statement is in the Bible, or the Qur’an, or the Bhagavad Gita, or the Upanishads it must be TRUE but the doctrine of Anekantavada is telling us that the statement might not be necessarily true because TRUTH has infinite expressions and things change. Thus in an absolute sense nothing is really true! However we do not need to open a Jain text in order to learn about non-absolutism in the Universe. We can all learn about it by simply looking at ourselves and the environment in which we live. When we do that we will find that everything changes! However it is also clear that a lot of our problems stem from believing in the absolute nature of things. Fundamentalism, Exclusivity and Chosen People stem from a belief in the absolute nature of things.
The evidence of non-exclusivity and non-absolutism are all around us but believers continue to behave as if they are the only people at the top of the world. How about the fact that you could be dead the next moment? Will that make a difference? Probably not because the seeds of division and hatred within us have reached a point of no return! But it is an irony that the very organizations that write and speak about loving your neighbor as yourself are among those who commit the greatest crimes on the planet.
This is not to imply that all religious people are guilty of exclusivity, hatred and fundamentalism. No, instead I am writing about those who have made religion a diabolical institution! The other day I was listening to Fluffy, the comedian and he was talking about his experiences in the Middles East. According to his confession he went to the Middle East with preconceived ideas about the people and was surprised that his experiences were different from his pre-conceived notions about the people. This is probably the same about religion in the sense that when you continuously hear about shootings by rival religious groups, religious suicide bombers, and the activities of fundamentalists one cannot help but begin to believe that religion is that bad.

Personally I do not think that religion in its purest sense is bad but what some people have made of it has given religion a bad name. I believe that religion should be a personal thing and no government or private organizations should get involved. One of the marketing points of religion is the idea that “we are better than the rest of them because we are assured of heaven or we are exclusively loved by our God”. You really must be naïve to believe that you are different from other creatures! Humans may make it seem so but the reality is that we are all the same and exclusive statements or pronouncements only complicate our plight!
When we call a sacred text the word of GOD we are essentially making the text an absolute document. But no text created by humans is absolute because it is subject to change. The Bhagavad Gita may be the word of Lord Krishna but it is not the word of GOD! The Qur’an may be the word of Lord Allah but it is not the word of GOD! Finally the New Testament may be the word of Lord Jesus but it is also not the word of GOD! The word of GOD cannot fit into any text created by humans and that is why it is often referred to as that which pervades the UNIVERESE. It cannot be written down because it is infinite! Only the finite can fit into a book. The Infinite can never fit into any text created by humans! Thus no sacred text contains the WORD OF GOD! However people who refer to their sacred text as the word of God could refer to the text as “word of our God” and not the WORD OF GOD!
I will certainly agree with you when you refer to your sacred text as “word of our God” because it is your truth and the phrase does not incite me to react or do anything to the contrary. “WORD OF GOD” on the other hand incites me to do something. I could bow down if I believe that what you have is actually the “WORD OF GOD”. If I disbelieve your statement I could simply walk away or try to show you all the words of God on the planet. If you are a fundamentalist anything I said will not make sense to you and you’ll probably want your God to descend from the heavens and show me that your God is the real GOD of the Universe. And of course this will never happen and I will tell you “I told you so” and you’ll say “it will happen when I die” And we can go back and forth if I do not realize that you are motivated by a belief!
 Most if not all religions call the presiding God of the religion the GOD of the Universe but this is misleading. Your cultural God can never be the GOD of the Universe! Obviously Lord Krishna, Lord Allah and Lord Jesus are all cultural Gods but they do not represent the UNIVERSE. If we insist that any of these cultural Gods represents the UNIVERSE we must accept that all the other cultural Gods also represent the UNIVERSE. In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna appeared to Arjuna as the GOD of the Universe and Arjuna’s reaction is one of the breath taking reactions in spiritual literature. In the Tanakh, the Lord Yahweh also appeared to Moses as GOD of the Universe. Further in a typical Buddhist Mandela there are 4 Buddhas at each corner of the Mandela. The fifth Buddha at the center of the Mandela is regarded as Ultimate Reality or GOD of the Universe! In other words all the religious traditions claim to have access to the GOD of the Universe but none of the cultural Gods is the GOD of the Universe!

Asian Testament of GOD
While I recommend one Asian Sacred Text to promote unity in Asia I cannot rule out the possibility of writing regional sacred texts because of your unique experiences. Unlike African and South America where the experiences were essentially the same some Asian countries could actually write their own testaments of God. Countries like India, China and many of the countries that use foreign sacred texts exclusively could consider writing their own Testaments of GOD. However the writing of an Asian Testament of GOD should take priority over the regional testaments of GOD!



Salvation mostly means deliverance from sin but I see salvation as a personal journey of realization! All the major religions begin with a human problem then go on to state why we have the problem and offer a solution to the problem. For Christianity the human problem is sin. We are sinners because of inheritance. We inherited the sins of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating of the fruit of good and evil which God commanded them not to eat. For their disobedience God cursed them. According to Christian understanding all people inherited this curse and the solution is the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and whoever accepts Jesus as his or her personal savior is washed clean from the curse.

Islam came later and taught that the human problem is not sin but pride. Islam understands the sinfulness of Adam and Eve but contends that Allah forgave them and their sin was not carried forward to future generations. In Islamic understanding we are all born innocent with no original sin. However we are proud and fail to submit to the will of Allah. Thus salvation comes to the Moslem through submission to Allah with the help of the Five Pillars of Islam.

In Hinduism the human problem is ignorance. We are caught up in the endless cycle of birth and rebirth or Samsara because of ignorance. We are ignorant of many things and we tend to be attached to things and philosophies because of our ignorance. The solution to the problem of ignorance is the attainment of Moksha. Moksha refers to liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth. It also means freedom from ignorance and suffering, awakening, self knowledge, self-realization or the experience of cosmic consciousness. Moksha can be attained or realized through different paths including the path of knowledge, the path of action and the path of devotion. 

The human problem in Buddhism is suffering and the solution is awakening. We suffer because we hold on to things that are not permanent. Salvation comes to us by following the Noble Eight Fold Path.

We can see that salvation is a human idea because the religions have different definitions and different requirements and in most cases you need to be within that religion in order to benefit from the salvation offered.  For instance you cannot benefit from the Christian Salvation if you are a Moslem and you cannot benefit from the Moslem salvation if you are a Christian. Thus instead of going through the religions I see salvation as a personal journey of realization. In other words you are saved if you are at peace with yourself and with your environment! No Gods are needed in this case. However if life is such that you cannot help yourself you could surrender to your favorite God for salvation but you must also know that the salvation provided by the Gods is only tenable in the next world which means that you still need to carry your cross. This is one of the reasons why the Buddha advised his followers to work out their salvation right here on earth.

Now let us check out some of the reasons for salvation. Original sin is a cultural idea that probably developed in the Middle East. Many religions do not have the concept of original sin and if they did it is not carried forward to future generations like in Judaism and Islam. If your problem in this life is “original sin” you are really blessed because you really have no spiritual problem. Your problem stems from your belief in what people or a book told you about your true self. Who is in a better position to know who you are? Thus for the sake of your well being disbelieve “original sin” and take control of your life! To be able to take your life back from religious indoctrination could as well be the greatest salvation you could ever have!

The solutions to ignorance and suffering as taught by Hinduism and Buddhism respectively however could help us to live a better life here on earth and in the next life. Most of our problems stem from ignorance and the suffering on earth could be breathtaking sometimes. Through education and living a spiritual life we may improve our levels of consciousness and attain enlightenment.

However the major human problem from my experience is Self-Abandonment. All of us were born into this earth with nothing apart from our inherent abilities and of course our family backgrounds. There is no doubt that we all came with different abilities but that does not mean that we cannot improve on what we have. Further some of us may also be born into poor families but we can also change our circumstances if we work at it. The thing that has mostly complicated our problems is actually Self-Abandonment. When you rely on any story from another human being without first checking it out you have abandoned yourself. When you believe on anything without checking it out, you have also abandoned yourself and finally when you become a couch potato, an alcoholic, a drug addict, a food addict, or a sex addict you have also abandoned yourself. The solution is to have a vision for your life, I mean something that lets you want to wake up in the morning; eat mostly seeds, fruits, nuts and vegetables; drink enough water and avoid drinking alcohol and sweetened drinks; exercise regularly and avoid smoking; have enough rest as in having enough sleep and most important is to also have a regular spiritual moment when you wake up in the morning and before to retire to sleep at night.

Oceanian Testament Of GOD
Oceania is the smallest continent in the world but it provided home for many people around the world at a time when some of these people were rejected in their countries of origin. Oceania is also home to indigenous people who were instrumental in the settlement and survival of the new arrivals. A Sacred text that unites all Oceanians is a good place to start. Australians and New Zealanders may want their own sacred text because of their unique experiences but I do not advice you to take this route. I encourage you to unite with fellow Oceanians and write your sacred text to make your children proud and to elevate the contributions of your ancestors.


Judgment Day is the day God will judge the people of the earth for their deeds. Supposedly those who pass will go to heaven and those who fail will be sent to hell.

In Islam Judgment Day is the day when God will reward all people according to their belief and deeds. Those who believe that "There is no true god but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God” and are Moslem will be rewarded and admitted to live in Paradise forever.

In Christianity Judgment Day is when God will judge the whole world. Those who believe in Jesus as the son of God who came and paid for their sins on the cross will be rewarded according to their deeds of righteousness. Those who do not believe in Jesus as the son of God and who paid for their sins on the cross will be sent to hell.

In Hinduism there is really no Judgment Day because Hindus are judged everyday through their actions often referred to as Karma. However there is some writing about Lord Vishnu descending to the earth whenever there is decay in righteousness and a rise in unrighteousness. Vishnu has descended to the earth in the past 9 times as the fish, the tortoise, the boar, the man-lion, the dwarf, the axe man, Rama, Krishna and the Buddha. Lord Kalki, a horse-riding apocalyptic judge with a fiery sword will be the last incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He will appear toward the end of the Kali Yuga age, our current time period. He will come to destroy evil and restore righteousness.

In Buddhism, like Hinduism there is no Judgment Day but Buddhist texts write about the coming of Maitreya and the destruction of the earth. The texts write about Buddhism disappearing from the world and society will be full of greed, lust, poverty, ill will, violence, murder, impiety, physical weakness, sexual depravity and total collapse. Maitreya Buddha will come at this time and restore righteousness and take Buddhism to all corners of the earth.

The destruction of the earth comes from the Sermon of the Seven Suns taken from (Aňguttara-Nikăya, VII, VII, 62 . According to the sermon delivered by the Buddha nothing is permanent. Consequently a time will come when it will not rain and all vegetation will die. Later the second sun will appear and all streams and ponds will dry up. After many years a third sun will appear and all the rivers will dry up. Later and after many years a fourth sun will appear and the great lakes will dry up. After many more years a fifth sun will appear and dry up the oceans. After many more years a sixth sun will appear and heat up the earth to the point of explosion. Lastly a seventh sun will appear and the earth will explode and burst into flames and disappear.

My childhood experience with Judgment Day prognostications is enough for me to disbelieve all metaphysical Judgment Day speculations. I was about 7 years old and doing some chores for my mother when someone came and told us that the world was coming to an end. My life was just beginning and I couldn’t help but cry. Later it occurred to me that some of these speculations should be kept away from children.  However the world didn’t end and it is not going to end in my lifetime and not in your lifetime. The truth is that no one really knows about these things but the Buddha’s idea sounds likely.  The earth might actually heat up in the distant future if global warming continues.

The metaphysical speculations like those of Christianity and Islam are not likely to happen because of several reasons:

  1. Cultural Speculations: “Judgment Day” is a cultural idea so no cultural God is qualified to judge the world. I think the idea borders on cultural superiority. “If I can put my God at the top of the world I will be looked at very highly and everyone will bow down to me”. There is no spirituality in it but an ego trip.
  2. Cultural Gods protect their own people. The writers did not consider the fact that other cultures also have their own cultural Gods. Thus if a cultural God descends from the heavens to judge the world he would first go past the Gods of other cultures. In short there could be a war of the Gods if such a thing ever happens. However we may write judgment day in our cultural texts but it will never happen in the real world.
  3. Unconditional Love: The Universe loves us without conditions and no cultural God can override that love. You are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements.
  4. Freedom of Choice: It is your freedom to believe or to disbelieve and no cultural God can infringe on your freedom! The organized religions know that and that is one of the reasons why they point a gun to your head and threaten you to believe.


Further it is evident the religions do not agree on the basic requirements of Judgment Day and it is very unlikely that a cultural God will judge the whole world. He may try but it will be no use because other cultural Gods will not let it happen. Gods take the side of their people!

Some have asked me what I would do after I die or where I would be going to after I die? My answer is that the Universe has put everything in place and no human doctrine can change that!  If you really want to know, my plan is to reunite with my family and take them to my own heaven! If you take Judgment Day, Damnation, Heaven and Hell writings in the sacred texts literally you are feeding on an imaginary tale! A tale of men going into paradise to enjoy fair maidens feeds on the ignorance and desires of men. Do we have similar tales of women going into paradise to enjoy hunky men? However when I consider the sufferings on this plane and the fact that many people cannot even afford bare subsistence it is easy to believe in any tale with promises. But we do not need to believe these stories anymore because we can find out for ourselves! Is it not funny that many people want to meet someone they do not even know when they die because of promises in books? Do you really want to throw away all the love in your family for someone you’ve never met? Consider your love for your children; your love for your spouse; your love for your parents; your love for your siblings; and your love for your friends. Would you throw away all these for a promise from a book? I do not know about you but the Universe does not promise anything; instead the Universe has given you everything! You are not a creature of human conditions and promises! Rise and soar!

Apart from my breakthrough the quest brought with it many notable images. The images mostly portray a different view of the way things are. The first image is called the ULTIMATE MYSTERY but I changed it later to UNIVERSAL LOVE.  It depicts our relationship with the Universe. It was my first image immediately after the breakthrough. I presented the blueprint to a Graphic Designer in Corvallis, Oregon and she came up with this picture. This was over 20 years ago and I still feel the same way apart from the name. Notice that everything on this planet or in the Universe is connected to UNIVERSAL LOVE! There is no need to go through a God because there is a direct connection between UNIVERSAL LOVE and everything that exists! Even the Gods are not above other creatures in this respect. The only difference is that you worship the Gods but as far as the Universe goes you are all the same!

This may be difficult to grasp for many who believe their Gods to be the GOD of the Universe. The simple truth is that your God is not the GOD of the Universe for the mere reason that your God developed from a particular culture; he or she is not universal! There is only one universal GOD, but IT is not a GOD, IT is an ESSENCE that pervades the Universe!

Some cultures try to deceive their devotees by using the word God or Allah to represent the GOD of the Universe. Every culture has a name for GOD, but using GOD does not mean you are really worshipping GOD because you are doing so from the perspective of your culture. Further you cannot really be referring to the GOD of the Universe if you have a text and a chosen people. By definition the GOD of the Universe has no text and no chosen people! Just take a minute and imagine the majesty and grandeur of UNIVERSAL LOVE fitting into a small book created by humans! The idea grossly diminishes the INFINITY and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of the UNIVERSAL!

If you are out there lamenting about how worthless you are because you are poor or because you have made wrong choices in your life and you are thinking that there is no hope for you I want you to think again because you have it within you to change the circumstances of your life. You are connected to the only magical and miraculous ESSENSE in the Universe. Gods, Saviors and the greatest people that ever lived feed from this ESSENSE and you can also do the same!

The second image is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This was one of the miraculous moments I encountered after the quest. I was thinking about a logo that would depict the fact that we live in a world of challenges and we make lots of wrong choices and take advantage of the earth but we are still loved without conditions.

It was easy to get the crucified EARTH but that was as far as I could go. I spent months thinking about it until one day during my meditation it seemed as if the LOVE of the Universe surrounded the crucified Earth. That was exactly what I wanted and I put another circle to surround the crucified Earth. The outer part of the picture represents the LOVE of the UNIVERSE! I gave the blueprint to a Graphic Designer in Portland, Oregon and she came up with this picture.

Many people who saw the picture did not know what to make of it but a Christian Heat Press owner explained it in terms of his religion which made me to think that I must have stumbled upon a universal symbol. I had no religion in mind when I thought of the symbol; I just wanted something that would represent the way things are! As a Universal symbol anyone could use it as an instrument of meditation. For instance if you have made some wrong choices in the past and hurt people and animals you may concentrate on the innermost circle and feel the pain you caused. Now forgive yourself and ask the person for forgiveness. (You may also meet the person later and ask for forgiveness in person if it is possible). Next feel and embrace the LOVE of the UNIVERSE. Remain there for as long as possible.

The third image is One LOVE, One PLANET, One PEOPLE! The purpose of this image is to show the Unity that exists in the Universe. There is only one LOVE in the Universe and I call IT UNIVERSAL LOVE. IT loves without conditions! We live in one Place, the Planet we call Earth and we are all connected! In other words we are all ONE and for the most part we are here to take care of each other!

There was a time I wanted to sponsor my spouse to live with me in the United States but my income did not meet the minimum requirement to sponsor her so I tried some of my friends for help. Sorry to say that no one agreed to help because of the legal implications. I was disappointed but later it occurred to me to leave everything to the TAO or to UNIVERSAL LOVE! Within a couple of weeks or so one of my customers came to my garage and asked if I needed a job? He said he would buy all my computer parts and let me work for him in the company. Needless to say that I accepted his offer and that was how I was able to sponsor my spouse. Sometimes it is the people we do not know that come to save us in our moments of need!

Let this symbol always remind you that you are not alone because you are connected to billions and billions of creatures. So when next you think you have nowhere to turn just surrender to UNIVERSAL LOVE and go about your normal business! Something will happen!

Universal Teachings for Living
I started my spiritual quest with some basic thoughts and they are as follows:

  1. I do not need to accept any God in order to live a fulfilled life!
  2. There is only one GOD but IT is not a God, IT is an ESSENCE!
  3. A sacred text may be the word of a God but it is not the word of GOD!
  4. There are no chosen people on earth because we are all chosen!
  5. I am neither a sinner nor a saint!
  6. There are no special sacred places because the whole Earth is sacred!
  7. Gods are human creations or human elevations!

In the course of my quest I reexamined some of my basic beliefs about what it really means to be alive and I came up with the following ideas:

  1. Gods are cultural icons but they are human creations or human elevations!
  2. There is only one GOD but IT is not a God; IT is an ESSENSE I call UNIVERSAL LOVE and IT pervades the Universe!
  3. No book can contain the message of UNIVERSAL LOVE! The message is spread within the Universe!
  4. We are all chosen!
  5. The EARTH is a sacred place!
  6. I am human; neither a sinner nor a saint!
  7. We are all loved without conditions!

These are the basic ideas of my quest and these ideas guide my life up to this day. I hope you find jewels in them to enhance your life!

European Testament of GOD
We can agree from the many foreign religions and the traditional religions that there are many sacred texts in Europe but the challenge is to write a European sacred text that unites all Europeans. However I am also aware that countries like Denmark, the United Kingdom, Greece, Germany, France and Turkey might consider their own sacred texts but my recommendation is one sacred text for Europe. Write your sacred story for the benefit of your children and the world.



North America was one of the foremost continents in the propagation of Christianity, mostly the Protestant movement, to other parts of the world. I remember ordering a free Bible from the United States when I was in the elementary school growing up in Nigeria. Personally I am not in favor of foreign religions in native lands for reasons I have stated earlier but I recognize the role of North America in the expansion of religion mostly in Africa. The spread of Christianity in Africa may have produced many converts but the religion has not improved the quality of life of the people. If all a religion does is to promise heaven and threaten hell without changing the economic and spiritual lives of the people it should be abandoned in favor of a religion that improves the lives of the people in all areas of life! The truth is that the promises of heaven and the threats of hell coupled with promises that God would enrich the people if they gave to the ministry has made many preachers millionaires at the expense of the people!

Damnation is condemnation to eternal punishment. Damnation was my toughest challenge after I fired my God. Two passages in the New Testament held me captive for months if not years.  I was caught between two choices: believe and be saved or disbelieve and be damned! The passages came from the Gospel of John:

  1. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son." John 3:16-18.
  2. "The father loves the Son and has placed everything in his hands. Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on him." John 3: 35-36.


The realities of belief are the images in your head. But are the images real? Of course not; you created them with fuel from the culture in which you live. In my case I could see the consequences of firing my God like burning in hell with hungry ghosts tormenting my body. But all these existed in my mind, they are not real and the first step toward taking back my life was to stop the movie in my head. As I said earlier I had two choices: believe and be saved and disbelieve and be damned! You could see that it sounds easier to believe than to disbelieve because you are promised eternal life (Great Marketing Strategy!). However the moment you stop the movie in your head, you could think clearly irrespective of the promises and the threats. The first question I asked was “What is eternal life?” and the second question was “Who really needs eternal life after living in this world for one day?” Obviously eternal life from a foreign cultural God was not for me. I would prefer the natural course of events to influence my life! So I rejected John’s eternal life proposition!

Well said but that did not get me off the hook. If I rejected eternal life the alternative was burning in hell. How did I get out of that? I took time to reflect on the passages again and decided to use foreign text, freedom of choice, unconditional love and belief” to attain balance.

As a person who was born in Abalama, Nigeria my Bible is a foreign text.  Once I realized that my Bible was written by a foreign culture and imposed on my people it became very easy for me to disbelieve the book. This does not mean you cannot appreciate the works of other cultures; it just means that you are here to promote your contributions and not the contributions of others!

My mother once advised me when I was growing up that what I do not believe will not have power over me. You would observe that most religious people who have a sacred text do not really think much about other sacred texts and whatever is written in those texts would not affect them because they do not believe them and what they do not believe cannot harm them. In the same way I do not believe John’s statement about damnation because I am not a creature of conditions!

Further we are not here to have the same experiences because if we did there would be no progress and we will continue to repeat the same mistakes so it is all right to differ. Before I continue I want you to consider families, organizations, and nations. In most cases members of these groups behave similarly and sometimes they think the same way like in the religious organizations. If all of us think the same way and we are Christians is it possible that we might consider Moslems as our enemies? Yes, it is possible because religious doctrines emphatically state that “if you are not for us you are against us”. If this is the case would you be happy to leave such a world to your children?

 For the most part the scriptures do not reflect reality and many people are stuck but it is not too late to voice your feelings about exclusivity and chosen people. The reality is that no one knows who the savior is when the shadows fall. It could be a Christian, a Moslem, a Hindu, a Taoist or a gay person. This is the world in which we live so let us embrace it and put an end to separation and exclusivity in the name of cultural Gods.

If Apostle John thinks Jesus is the only way I cannot crucify him because he wrote at a different time in human history. There was no Internet then and he probably did not know about Lao Tsu, the Buddha, Confucius or Lord Krishna for that matter. He may also not have read the Bhagavad Gita otherwise he would not consider Jesus as the only way.  Thus given our current circumstances we can all agree that the Universe instead of any of the cultural Gods or saviors is the only way because it loves without conditions and it blesses without requirements!

North American Testament of GOD
North America is the 3rd largest continent in the world. It is also a continent with many different cultures and different experiences. Slavery, colonization and exploitation selectively happened to different people to the extent that one sacred text for all North Americans is not advisable. My recommendation is for Canada and the United States to share a sacred text; Mexico and the neighboring countries will share another sacred text and those countries in the islands should share a sacred text. Write your sacred story today!



Your history is another sad story of man against man. It is sad in the sense that your colonizers did not think of you as fellow humans. Consequently they used you in the mines and worked you to death. Many of your ancestors died from overwork and some who could not stand the inhumanity committed suicide. There were also government sponsored murders and people were sometimes burned alive for no just cause. Now add the deaths that were caused by the diseases brought by the colonizers. Your history to say the least is another story that is difficult to understand but only you could tell it the way it was to the world. I do not think that the little information we get from scholars tells the whole story. Your ancestors knew what really happened and I believe what really happened has been passed down through the generations in your families. Your colonizers may have had an upper hand when they were on the scene but now it is your turn to recall what they did and share it with the world in your sacred story for the memory of your ancestors and the pride of your children.

Heaven & Hell
All the major religions write about heaven and hell but in most cases their teachings differ significantly.

In Islam for example if you believe and do good works you may go to heaven; no one really knows who goes to heaven. If you do not believe you are surely going to hell.

In Christianity only those who are redeemed by the blood of Jesus go to heaven. in other words you need to accept Jesus as your personal savior. If you do not accept Jesus as your personal savior you are going straight to hell.

In Hinduism heaven is not a desirable place because it is also subject to Samsara, the cycle of birth and rebirth. Instead Hindus are more concerned with Moksha, or release from the cycle of Samsara.

The desirable goal in Buddhism like Hinduism is not heaven but Enlightenment. However the story of Amitabha introduces another aspect of Buddhism that is not known to many people. According to the story Amitabha was once a king who renounced his throne and became a monk. After he became a Bodhisattva he vowed to create a Pure Land when he becomes a Buddha to make it easy for people to attain Enlightenment. According to the vow anyone who calls upon his name especially at the moment of death would be reborn in the Pure Land. He eventually became a Buddha and fulfilled his vow. Thus the God Amitabha grants salvation to anyone who calls upon his name at the moment of death. In this way Pure Land Buddhism represents an alternative to self-reliance for the attainment of enlightenment and that is the reliance on the compassion of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

This is a very interesting story of salvation and it opened my eyes to the possibilities in life. With this story who in his or her right mind would want to be admitted into another person’s heaven? I know we are not Buddhas, Saviors, Gods or Bodhisattvas but what stops you from creating your own heaven for your families and friends. Why spend a lifetime preparing to be admitted into another person’s heaven when you could easily create your own heaven? Think about it this way: the Universe has given you everything on this plane without conditions; do you really think IT would place conditions on you when you die? You are not a creature of conditions; you were created to experience this world without conditions!

South American Testament of GOD
South America is the 4th largest continent in the world. As I said above your story of colonization, exploitation and slavery is a very sad one but you can do something about it with your sacred story. My recommendation is for all South Americans to share a single Sacred Text. Write your sacred story for the benefit of your children and the world; or write your sacred story and put the pain of colonization and exploitation behind you forever.



This is an important occasion for your people more so if you have been using foreign sacred texts. There is no reason whatsoever to use a foreign sacred text in your land irrespective of promises or threats. The idea diminishes your sovereignty and restricts your freedom as a people! Why on earth should you be singing the praises of foreign characters when you have your own heroes who actually fought and died for your freedom? Why should you enrich foreigners when you should be enriching your people for the benefit of your children? Why should you embrace foreign ideas that exploit your people when you should be promoting your own ideas to the world? There is a new wave of understanding and that understanding is that the Universe loves all creatures without conditions and as such there is no need for a native to seek salvation from a foreign land or from a foreign God. Seek salvation in your land and it starts by writing your sacred story!

Good sacred texts are written to inspire but bad sacred texts are written to control; good sacred texts are universal while bad sacred texts are sectarian, local, tribal or cultural; good sacred texts are unconditional but bad sacred texts are conditional.

Write a good sacred text and change the world as we know it! What do we know? We know that some of the sacred texts divide us; what divides us is against us! For instance when a sacred text teaches that some people are chosen, the teaching goes against the universal principle of unconditional Love. When a sacred text tells you that you are a sinner in categorical terms the teaching goes against the universal principle of Yin and Yang. When a sacred text tells you to only support people who believe like you the teaching is in complete violation of the law of interdependence. You are at a point in human history to change the teachings that enslave us to the teachings that liberate us.
Teachings that encourage you to cut of peoples hands are cruel to the core! Teachings that want you to stone gay people death are not only murderous but also go against the sanctity of life. Teaching that tell you to stone your children to death do not belong in any library let alone in our homes. Cruelty, violence, murder and genocide by humans against their fellow humans violate the sanctity of life. Exclusivity, fundamentalism, absolutism and all doctrines that divide us must give way to new teachings that unite us and you are in a position to make it happen! Write your testament of GOD and infuse thoughts and teachings that promote interdependence, unity, love, understanding and compassion!

Sharing the Vision
It is fair to say that people prefer the status quo than change. Change is often uncomfortable but it could also upgrade your life. Most people would rather remain in one place and believe in a promise that someone will descend from the heavens and change their lives than to take advantage of what is real today! So you have an uphill battle to fight, but you must fight till you succeed!

Your first task is to share the information regarding writing your sacred text. Begin by giving this book or any other form of information to all your friends. However you do not need everyone to come onboard, not even 10% or 1% of the city, town or village in which you live; just a few committed individuals say about 2 to 12 people who really want to share the experiences of their people in spiritual literature.

Anyone could call a meeting by placing an ad on your favorite media and by word of mouth. You do not need to be together during the meeting in order to comply with social distancing requirements and the fact that it is really not necessary. There could be as many groups as possible. However it is important to keep your meetings secret just to avoid problems. The main purpose of the initial meeting is to get to know each other and to share your thoughts about writing your sacred story. Be open to the possibilities but also watch out for spoilers. You do not need to agree on everything but you must all have the same vision and that is the writing of your sacred story. You may talk about your needs, time frame, place to meet (if necessary), finances, writers, research, sponsors, volunteers, networking and anything that could get the ball rolling. You may also discuss the type of books to be included in the text. You could meet as often as you want in order to discuss the issues for about three months or so before going to the next phase. 

This is the time to find out about the different groups out there that are also working on writing your sacred story. You may place another ad at this time, about 90 days after the first meeting.  Each group may send 2 representatives to the general meeting. This is where you choose the people who would play significant roles in the administration of the project. Meet as often as possible for another 90 days before deciding on the people who would be responsible in implementing your vision. You need to elect a president, a secretary, IT specialist, a marketing and publicity manager and a treasurer. There will also be a group for the writers. The president will coordinate the Writers’ Group.

Writers’ Group
The president will invite writers by first placing an ad in your favorite media. Your sacred story will contain 52 Books and you may choose from the following books or from other lists according to the experiences of your people: the Book of Love, the Book of the Family, the Book of Living, the Book of Death, the Book of Crime, the Book of Relationships, the Book of Meditation, the Book of Martial Arts, the Book of Yoga, the Book of Morality, the Book of Money, the Book of Hatred, the Book of Prayer, the Book of Sin, the Book of Achievement, the Book of Success, the Book of Joy, the Book of friendship, the Book of Food, the Book of Business, the Book of Hygiene, the Book of Challenges, the Book of Wellness, the Book of Marriage, the Book of War, the Book of Slavery, the Book of Colonization, the Book of Apartheid, the Book of Creation, the Book of Compassion, the Book of Human Development, the Book of Spirituality, the Book of Religions, the Book of Gods, the Book of the Universe, the Book of Hymns, the Book of Songs, the Book of Aphorisms, the Book of Pets, the Book of Animals, the Book of Fishes, the Book of Birds, the Book of Flowers, the Book of Trees, the Book of Plants, the Book of Races, the Book of Happiness, the Book of Water, the Book of Air, the Book of Fire, the Book of the Earth, the Book of the Human, the Book of Abuse, the Book of Art, the Book of Drugs, the Book of Drinking, the Book of Smoking, the Book of Nations, the Book of Birth, and the Book of Science.

The president may invite as many writers as possible. Writers should be acquainted with the cultures of the people and should be able to do basic research to find out what they do not know. In order to find out more information regarding an area like “friendship” “colonization”, “exploitation”, “slavery” or “love” it might be necessary to meet with the elders of the culture. There will be 21 members of the Writers’ Group. Writing your sacred story should begin at the beginning of the 3rd year of the publication of this book!

In writing your sacred texts you may look for experiences in hope, leadership, understanding and unity; look for contributions of love, faith, peace, cooperation, character, and morality; write about friendship between two men of different races, friendship between two women of different backgrounds and friendship between a man and a woman; look for stories of love between two people and between husband and wife; look for understanding between a father and a son, a mother and a daughter, a father and a daughter, and a mother and a son; write about leadership between rulers and their subjects; write about understanding and cooperation between two villages; write about love in the family; search for stories of patience, forgiveness, kindness, freedom, consideration, truth, respect, wisdom, greed, benevolence, humility, bravery, faithfulness, moderation, chastity, cleanliness, justice, cowardice, laziness, bribery, corruption, trust, faith, cruelty, leadership, cooperation, character, morality, non-absolutism and the Law of Least Effort.

In researching your history it will be counter-productive if you took the ideas of your ancestors word for word more especially when they go against the Principles of Universal Love, and Universal Freedom. In such cases universal principles must override tribal or cultural beliefs. Remember, you are writing a universal document that could last for hundreds if not thousands of years and such a document must aspire toward Universal Love and Universal Freedom. In other words if the contents of your sacred text are true in your culture they must also be true in other cultures!

When writing about slavery consider the sufferings of the slaves during transportation from one place to another; write about the condition of their lives during transportation; write about the quality of life on arrival; write about their sufferings, courage, hope, status, faith, perseverance, triumphs, and eventual freedom. Make a special effort to portray the inhumanity of the slave masters and the extent humans would go to dehumanize their fellow humans for greed, profit and power!

Review Group
The President will also setup a Review Group. As the name implies the Review Group will be responsible for reviewing all the manuscripts. There will be 12 members of the Review Group. Review should begin at the beginning of the fifth year of the publication of this book.

Support Group
The Support Group is made up of Educators to educate the people on the importance of their own sacred text; Marketers to share the Sacred Text with the world; Fund Raisers to raise funds for the organization; and Ministers to demonstrate how to use the sacred texts in families.

The Sacred story of your people must be published and distributed by the end of the seventh year of the publication of this book.

Spiritual Support
Spiritual support is my attempt to help you to stay focused during the writing of your sacred story. Before writing begins (about 30 days before the time) I advise you to fast for three days from 6:00 AM Thursday to 6:00 AM Sunday. Drink only water but please consult with your medical doctor before you fast or if you think that you cannot fast then be MINDFUL during the period.
Meanwhile setup a sacred place for meditation and inspiration. All you need are a desk, a tablecloth, 2 candles, 2 candle holders, a candle snuffer, incense and a chair. Meditate in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before you go to bed. After the initial fasting of 3 days I also recommend fasting once every week on Thursdays from 6:00 AM to 6:00 AM the following day. I also advise you to continue your daily meditation as written above. If you cannot fast just be MINDFUL during the period! Continue weekly fasting until you are done with the assignment. Make your ancestors and your children proud!



Testaments of GOD contain the sacred stories of the world from different continents. The purpose is to enrich the world and to put an end to stories of exclusivity, chosen people, absolutism and fundamentalism. A secondary but equally important purpose is to increase the number of owners in the sacred text publishing industry. One of the problems of our economy is that only a few people control the means of production. We can change the lives of many people the moment we include more people in the distribution of goods and services.

I have suggested 7 Sacred texts, one from each continent and they include the African Testament of GOD (AFTOG), the Antarctican Testament of GOD (ANTOG), the Asian Testament of GOD (ASTOG), the European Testament of GOD (EUTOG), the Oceanian Testament of GOD (OCETOG), the North American Testament of GOD (NATOG) and the South American Testament of GOD (SATOG). Writers may never use any of these names but they provide a starting point to the testaments of GOD project!

I cannot over emphasize the importance of writing your sacred stories irrespective of your religious beliefs or unbelief. What is at stake is your freedom! The slavery of the mind is the greatest threat to our civilization. We were not created to believe; we were created to know and to shine! We were not created to expect saviors to save us; we were created to experience life in all its forms. We were not created to worship foreign Gods; we were created to enrich the world with our own experiences. We were not created to believe in foreign sacred texts; we were created to share our sacred experiences!

Have you ever thought about who benefits each time you buy a foreign sacred text? Have you considered whose ancestors are elevated each time you read from a foreign sacred text? Have you reflected on who is enriched each time you go on pilgrimage to a foreign land? These are the ideas that have continued to keep you in one place year in year out. They have kept you in one place because you believed in the way things are to be the truth. Nothing could be further from the truth because you live in a changing universe and you can change what people have put in place! This change begins by first writing your sacred story and sharing it with the world.

Give life a push and it will take you to places beyond your dreams! We are all loved without conditions and we are all blessed without requirements. No culture, organization, nation, group of people, Cultural God or religion has an exclusive right on GOD. Humans make it seem so but what humans have done you can also undo. Write your sacred story and upgrade your life; write your sacred story and make your ancestors proud; write your sacred story and enrich your children; write your sacred story and put an end to fundamentalism, exclusivity, and absolutism; write your sacred story and change the world!


Universal Love is the unconditional LOVE that the Universe bestows on all things. Universal Love is also the Love we ought to render to all creatures irrespective of religion, race, nationality or color. Finally Universal Love is the name of the underlying ESSENCE (GOD) of the Universe.  UNIVERSAL LOVE supports the material Universe. UNIVERSAL LOVE enriches the life of every creature within the Universe. UNIVERSAL LOVE loves all creatures without conditions. You are LOVED in spite of your nationality, culture, race or color. You are LOVED irrespective of the choices you make or have made in the past. UNIVERSAL LOVE is not concerned with your beliefs, affiliations, economic background, social status, position in life, or birth circumstances. UNIVERSAL LOVE only cares for your good. You are a hereditary heir of UNIVERSAL LOVE. And anyone who realizes this TRUTH is not only saved but will also be healed, be prosperous, be joyful and be at peace!  

You will notice that the idea of Universal Love as stated in the above paragraph is different from what most religions teach. Most religions do not teach about Universal Love, they teach about their cultural Gods or Saviors. Cultural Gods and Saviors are culture bound and do not represent the universe. Telling unsuspecting people that they should accept a God or a Savior if they want to be successful in life is one of the greatest scams on earth. What can anyone really do to deserve the love of the Universe? No one could do anything to deserve the love of the Universe!
I was once in a very difficult situation when I wanted to give money to a minister in order to be blessed. I was living in Fairfield, California and planned to go back to Oregon State University in order to finish my dissertation. The only job I could get was a minimum wage job which was not enough to enable me to save enough money and move from Fairfield, California to Corvallis, Oregon. You can imagine my state of mind. I was desperate and I was also hopeless. The enemy usually strikes when you are desperate and hopeless. One day a minister offered hope and blessings but I needed to give him $100 for his promises to come to pass.
I understand the principle of buying and selling; if I have something that you want we can agree on a price and make the exchange. You get what you want and I get the money! However when a minister tells you that if you give him a certain sum of money his God would bless you we can agree that the minister is selling what he doesn’t have. When someone tries to sell what they do not have we immediately think that they are scammers but it seems that ministers are not thought of as scammers because they are doing the work of their Gods. When the average person sees a Nigerian he or she immediately thinks “here is another scammer” but when the average person sees a minster he or she immediately thinks “here is a holy person”. But ministers have been scamming people since organized religion was born!  .
I turned on my television set at about 5:00 AM and there was this minister, one of those prosperity gospel preachers. He said that if we sent him $100 God would bless us immensely. It seems the minister based his sermon on the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament:
“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven; give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” New Testament: Luke 6:37-38
I wanted to be blessed with money so that I could go back to Corvallis and write my dissertation. Incidentally I had $100 in my checking account and I really wanted to send him my only $100. I don’t know why I woke up at that time but I really was not fully awake and in this state of partial hypnosis and thinking about being blessed and moving to Corvallis it seemed that a voice said that I should wake up from my slumber and be a king. I thought about the voice and concluded that a king would not give his last $100 to anyone for a promise so I decided not to send my last $100 to the minister. Instead I put on the hat of a king and planned my life toward moving back to Corvallis. I first moved out of my one bedroom apartment for a room in a house which reduced my rent by $100 and with that move I was able to save enough money within a short time and finally returned to Corvallis and wrote and defended my dissertation.
Any drowning person could hold onto anything just to be saved and humans often attack their fellow humans in their vulnerable moments. Many people are helpless at any given time and they will believe anything, well almost anything! I knew about the quote the minister used in the sermon but it becomes compelling when another person uses the same quote and most people fall for it because they are not thinking. However, the moment you begin to think a quote in a sacred text seems to be the least believable! Why? You cannot ask questions and the statements cannot be tested. For instance we know that gravity is a fact and we can test it. If someone says “I don’t believe in gravity” all you need to do is to give him a ball and let him throw it upward. But when someone says “God will bless you if you give the person money” he cannot prove it. The only proof is to the contrary; we live in a world of billions of believers and billions of believers remain poor. Where is the blessing?
A very important question no one seems to ask their ministers is if as they claim their God would bless anyone who gives to them why is it that they prefer to come to you instead of going to their God for money? In an earthly sense if I know that my father is very rich I will not brag about his riches and I will definitely not want others to give me money so that my father may bless them! If I need money I will go directly to my father and ask him for money. The ministers will not do that because in most cases they do not believe what they preach; they just want to laugh all the way to the bank with your money.
However we are all blessed and you do not need to do anything in order to benefit from the blessings of the UNIVERSE. The rain does not ask you to give money to anyone before it could water your crops and you do not need to bribe anyone in order to play in the snow. The gifts of the Universe are unconditional but the gifts of the cultural Gods are conditional. Further when you even meet the conditions of the cultural Gods you still could not get what you want! Beware of anyone who asks you to give in order to receive blessings. It is a scam or if you like a Nigerian scam! However this scam existed before the Nigerian scam so I call it the European scam!
All the same it is true to say that there is hope and support in life but not the way the ministers preach it. The minister is motivated by power and profit and tells you what you want to hear. But you are already blessed and loved by the Universe and you do not need a minister to tell you to believe in his God in order to be blessed. What the minister doesn’t know and what most people do not know is that the support of the Universe is tied to your journey! So I advise you to go about your aspirations, goals and priorities in life because you will experience the support of the Universe when you begin your journey. The support is part of the journey and there is no requirement to accept or to believe!
Antarctica was in the minds of many free thinking people all over the world but the Greeks became the touch bearers for Antarctica and the name Antarctica actually originated from the Greek word Antarktos.
Exploration for this mysterious continent actually began in the 18th century. Captain Cook was the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle but did not find land. The Arctic Circle includes the Arctic Ocean, the Scandinavian Peninsula, North Asia, Northern America, and Greenland.
After Captain Cook many nations took part in the exploration of Antarctica. A Russian expedition headed by Fabian von Bellinngsingshausen, an English expedition headed by Edward Bransfield, and an American expedition headed by George Powell and Nathaniel Palmer were among the first people to actually see Antractica.
Antarctica is not conducive for land plants to grow because a greater percentage of the place is covered with ice and snow. However Penguins, seals, whales and bugs live in Antarctica.
If Antarctica were to write its own sacred Story it probably would document how and when the first humans set foot on Antarctica, the first birth in Antarctica, the first death in Antarctica and of course the exploitation of Antarctica.
Antarctica will not write about Gods because there is no human culture; instead Antarctica will write about the natural state of things----how it broke away, through natural action, from Gondwana to stand on its own millions of years ago. We can learn a lot from the natural processes at work in Antarctica and may be help us to protect the planet.

An Antarctican Sacred Story will mostly cover the findings of scientists in the natural world. There will be no room for cultural Gods and since the Gods are cultural their promises of heaven and threats of hell would not affect Antarctica. In effect Antarctica shows us the way the Universe works without the interference of the cultural Gods.  However as I said earlier a sacred story of  Antarctica will also include how and when the first humans set foot on Antarctica, the first birth in Antarctica, the first death in Antarctica and of course the exploitation of Antarctica.