Faith and Unbelief Support

Are you having religious problems? Are you skeptical about your faith? Are you confused about your beliefs? Are you experiencing problems because you don’t believe anymore? Do you feel empty? Do you think you might go to Hell? Do you really want to accept your truth? Do you want to undertake the spiritual quest? We can help.

The first thought that comes to many people who begin to doubt their faith is-If I do not believe, I must be an atheist or an agnostic! Do not label yourself because you are in a special position to make something of your challenges and do not let anyone to tell you who you are or what to do because this is your journey.

 Every life challenge is an opportunity for growth but the moment you succumb to what others have put in place you lose the opportunity to make a difference.

Do not settle; instead find out what is “at the end of the rainbow”; it could be a pot of GOLD! You are the LIGHT and you are here to shine brighter than any LIGHT that existed before you. You are not here to believe; you are here to know and you can only change your life and the world when you know!

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