Excellent Customer Service

Demonstrate the best in you each time you attend to a customer, a client or a stranger. They may be fighting a life threatening battle! They may be experiencing a crisis! They may have lost hope in life. They may be helpless. This may be their last day! But your positive attitude could assure them that it is all right and that they are not alone! Influence someone's life today with an Excellent Customer Service!

Request Gifts from UNISM
Have you ever been impressed by a Customer Service? What did you do? If you ate in a restaurant you may give a big tip. What of  places where the staff does not expect anything in return like a Fast Food Restaurant or an office? You probably said "Thank You" but now you can do more; you can send them gifts through UNISM!


1. The Place is an office, a Restaurant, a Grocery Store or a Super Market. Let us know if you have other places in mind.

2. The staff provided an Excellent Customer Service and you were really happy with the service you received.

3. Get the person's first name, address of the business and a phone number to reach the manager or the supervisor.

4. Record the date, day and time of the Customer Service

5. Send an email to UNISM with all the necessary information including your full name and address. We will only use your first name in our communications with the organization but we need your full name and address for security purposes. If you want we could also send it anonymously but in either case we need your full legal name and address.

6. In your email also state what the customer service representative did and how you felt. In other words "What was the Excellent Customer Service the person provided"?

7. UNISM provides gifts to both men and women, boys and girls so it doesn't matter who they are.

8. Your donations will help us greatly in rewarding Excellent Customer Service everywhere! Thank you for your support.