Awakened Living Study Program

A most useful approach to meditation practice is to consider it the most important activity of each day. Schedule it as you would an extremely important appointment, and unfailingly keep your appointment with the infinite”

Roy Eugene Davis

The Awakened Living Study Program is written to help you to begin a worthwhile way of life for you, your family and your friends. Life is happiest when it is shared. Share in the thoughts and teachings of those who have lived before you so that you may learn and also share with the world what you have learned and experienced. This is how civilization survives and the Awakened Living Study Program will surely guide you to the source of knowledge to help you to pass the torch to the next generation!
Awakened Living is about happiness, success, health, financial stability and being aware of the world in which you live. Many people sleep in on Saturdays or Sundays mostly because they have nothing important to do. Some go to Church or to the Temple but there are those who have nothing planned for those days. Now you can have an Awakened Living Study Fellowship with your friends and family. You can also benefit from the Awakened Living Study Program even if you belong to a church, a mosque or a temple.
The Awakened Living Study Program helps to develop leadership skills in your children. The Awakened Living Study practice gives an opportunity to each person in the group to lead the presentation. This is a time to encourage your children to lead. I remember including our children in the program when our son was 7 years old. But the fact is that anyone could lead the group the moment they can read. Use the Awakened Living Study Program to prepare your children for the future. Use it to change your life!
The Awakened Living Study Program is also intended to help families to clarify their values. Spiritual values strengthen families. The values of compassion, love, honesty, courage, respect, kindness, generosity, responsibility, consistency, shared vision and mutual support help families to grow in more ways than families without those values. The Awakened Living Study Program helps you to share these values with your children by seeking similar thoughts from famous quotes as well as from sacred texts quotes. Children need to be reminded of the values that enhance our lives and we can only do that successfully by meeting weekly to talk about them and demonstrating them in our lives.
The Awakened Living Study Program is a very valuable program that will expose you to the thoughts of the many successful people in history and the advice of many people who faced and overcame their challenges. It is also an opportunity to learn from the universal spiritual teachings of the world. The Awakened Living study Program will give you the opportunity to discuss issues that you are shy to discuss under normal conditions like sex, religion, teenage conflicts and marital issues and enhance your life and that of your family.

Benefits of Awakened Living Study

Awakened Living Study has many benefits. It is like going to school to study a particular subject or taking a course for a period of time. You learn something new about the subject each time you take the class. In the same way you learn something new each time you participate in the Awakened Living Study Program but you also gain more insights about life and these insights have a way of transforming your consciousness. Sometimes we fail to succeed in life because of the way we look at things but studying about how to live in this world could really change your life! Here are some benefits of the Awakened Living Study Program:


There is a certain kind of freedom that comes with getting your information about a subject from several sources. It makes you the judge instead of the one that is being judged. As the judge you decide the case and that puts your life into your hands.


Study with your family and enhance your relationships. Study with your friends and know them well. It is an opportunity to learn, to eat, to sing, to play your musical instruments, to share your poems and to dance.


One of the greatest things that could happen to any human being is self-knowledge. The Awakened Living Study Program brings together several thoughts, teachings and ideas from around the world for you to examine them and to decide. This process of examining and deciding has the effect of broadening your mind that could lead you to self transformation.


Sometimes the Awakened Living Study Program presents you with conflicting ideas. The uneducated mind could simply look for a quote from a famous person or from a sacred text and stop the conversation. The worst thing that could happen to our civilization is to stop the conversation. If you want to know all aspects of a subject you must first listen to what others are saying and search for as much information as you can on the subject. Then analyze the information and think about it. What you decide on after thinking about it is not someone else’s quote but yours and that is how to enhance our civilization. You have a moral responsibility to rethink the world. Please do not waste it!


The Awakened Living Study Program educates us in many ways. Learning from the thoughts of others exposes us to different perspectives in life which in turn takes us closer to the LIGHT. The Awakened Living Study Program also gives us an opportunity to make presentations. The opportunity helps presenters to develop their presentation skills. Encourage the children to participate and they’ll thank you for it when they grow up.


There is a kind of support one feels by belonging to a group more especially when members of the group sincerely care for each other. Your Awakened Living Study Group could serve as a support group for all members. As a support group it is a place to socialize, meet people and find resources to solve your problems and overcome your challenges.

Build a Connecting Bridge in Your Community

Participate in the Awakened Living Program and learn how to live well in the world. Be the first to introduce Awakened Living Study in your family. Be the first to introduce Awakened Living Study in your neighborhood. Be the first to introduce Awakened Living Study in your College. For the first time you could now socialize with people that seemed to be strangers.  Now you could learn together and enhance your lives.

Share the Awakened Living Program with your Family

Surprise your family with Awakened Living Study. Share your family values and grow together irrespective of your different beliefs. Study about love, tolerance, compassion, generosity, wellness, understanding, parenting, and much more. Above all study about the things that strengthen your family and remain united and loving!

Share the Awakened Living Study Program with your Neighbors

Be the first to introduce Awakened Living Study to your neighbors. Meet once a week to study and remain good neighbors. Study about love, giving, compassion and all the spiritual values that make for a good neighbor.

Share the Awakened Living Study Program in your College

Introduce Awakened Living Study to your friends in college. Being away from the protection of your parents could be frightening sometimes. Meet with your friends and study the Awakened Living Program weekly. It will give you strength and empower you. Learn about love, courage, compassion and self-confidence. There is power in associating with people of like minds.

How to Start an Awakened Living Study Program

It is easy to start an Awakened Living Study Program. All you need is the information on this site. You can begin your Awakened Living Study Program by forming a study group, decide where to meet, when to meet and the refreshments to bring. Each Awakened Living Study lesson is divided into 12 parts including: Introduction, Opening Meditation, Announcements, Opening Thoughts, Famous Quotes, Sacred Texts Quotes, Teaching Story, Closing Meditation, Donations, Closing Prayer, Refreshments, and Talent Contribution.

Place for Your Awakened Living Study Program

You may start an Awakened Living Study in your home or office. Any place that is quiet and respectful will do. You may have your presentations in each member’s home every week when friends are involved. You may also rent a place to do your Awakened Living Study but we do not recommend this option until you have more members than your home could hold.

Awakened Living Study Day & Time

You may have your Awakened Living Study on any day and at any time but we recommend Sundays at 11 a.m. You may choose a suitable day and time if this does not work for your group. The most important thing is to have a day and time that works for all the members and make the day and time a regular period for your Awakened Living Study.

When to Begin an Awakened Living Study Program

You may begin your Awakened Living Study Program as soon as you have a place to study and with only one person. Before taking the word out we encourage you to practice on your own until you are comfortable with the presentation. Do not wait for many people to come before starting the program. Start it even if you are the only person.

A Donation Bag or Box

Awakened Living Study will take your time; it will also need a place to do the work as well as books and supplies. All these cost money and any reasonable person who partakes in the program would want to help financially, volunteering or in other ways to help. Have a donation bag ready to take donations at the end of each study session to help you pay the bills and advance the work..

How to invite People to your Awakened Living Study Program

With many diseases, fast foods, unemployment and poverty staring us in the face we cannot afford not to live well. But the truth is that many people still eat fast food, many do not exercise and many people do not know how to meditate. Thus if you want to reach all these people you need to get the word out. You can do that by using one or all of the following methods:

Word of Mouth

Tell your friends and family members about Awakened Living Studies and invite them to come and see what you are doing with your time on Sundays. Let your presentation show them what you do. A presentation on Universal Love, Wellness, Compassion, Generosity, or Meditation is sure to please your guests.

Local Internet Sites

You may post invitations on local Internet sites like Craigslist but use these sites only when your study is held outside your home. Do not invite the public into your home! Here is a typical listing on an Internet site.

Dear Friend:
My name is Joe. We just started an Awakened Living Study Group. Join us during our next session on Sunday at 11 a.m. at 123 Main Street, Portland, OR 97233.
Join us and learn about Wellness, Meditation, Love, Compassion, Food, Healing, Money, Career, Equality, Freedom, prosperity and much more. Re-examine your choices in the light of expert teachings and thoughts and change your life. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question. Thanks and we hope to see you in our next session. Joe at 503-300-3000

Flyers on Public Bulletin Boards

This is an example of a flyer to post on bulletin boards. You can always be creative and follow your heart. However, use flyers to invite the public when you begin to rent a space outside your home. We do not recommend using flyers when Awakened Living Study is held in your home. Only study with those you know and with those in your neighborhood for now.

Awakened Living Study Program: Join us and learn how to live in the world with confidence. Learn about Meditation, Wellness, Love, Compassion, Food, Healing, Money, Career, Equality, Freedom, prosperity and much more. Make new friends and share. We meet once every week on Sundays at 11 a.m. at 123 Main Street, Portland, OR 97233. Please call us for more information.
John Doe 503-390-0085

Flyers for Distribution in your Neighborhood

You may also invite your neighbors by word of mouth or by sending them flyers about your Awakened Living Studies. Please obey Postal laws and avoid putting flyers in their mailboxes. You may attach the flyer to their doors with a removable tape or just leave it by their door in a plastic bag. Here is an example of a flyer for your neighbors.

Exciting Awakened Living Study in my Home: Dear Neighbor: This is an invitation for you and your family to join us for Awakened Living Study in my home on Sunday at 11:00 AM. It is an opportunity to talk about some of the issues that concern all of us like Unconditional Love, Wellness, Compassion, Food, Healing, Freedom, Equality, Prosperity and much more. There will be refreshment and you may bring a musical instrument to play for the group. This is a time not only to learn about Awakened Living but it is also a time to sing, dance, play and read poetry. We look forward to sharing with you but do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions. You may reach me at 503-398-1234 at any time. Welcome to our Awakened Living Study Program.
Sincerely, John Doe, Your Neighbor at 1234 Main Street, Portland, OR 97233

The Awakened Living Study Program


Dear brothers and sisters; Good morning and thank you for attending our weekly Awakened Living Study Program. My name is John Doe and I will be your host. Our topic for today’s Awakened Living Study is COMPASSION.

Opening Meditation:

You may offer an opening prayer, an affirmation or a moment of silence


The host may make announcements at this time. You may make announcements on the state of the world, welcome new members, recognize individual contributions and give awards.

Opening Thoughts:

The leader or an appointed person will stand and read the opening thoughts on the chosen topic.

Famous Quotes:

Each member will read a quote and give credit to the author of the quote. Say the name of the person or book. The host will assign the order of reading. What quotes are important to you? Why are they important to you? What have you learned from the quotes?

Sacred Texts Quotes:

Each member will read a quote. Please give credit to the quote by mentioning the source. The host will assign the order of reading. What do you think about the quotes? What is the author of the quote trying to convey? On what occasion was the statement made? What did you learn from the quotes?

Teaching Story:

The host or an appointed person will read or share the teaching story. Choose a story that relates to the topic of presentation

Closing Meditation:

The host will now present the closing meditation based on the topic of presentation and individual contributions.


You may accept gifts and donations at this time for the work, refreshments and the upkeep of the facility.

Closing Prayer:

You may offer the closing prayer based on the needs of the participants and the needs of the city, state, country or the world.


You may serve refreshments after the Awakened Living Study. This is a time to relax and socialize. Get to know the people in the Awakened Living Study Program with you.

Talent Contribution:

You may now entertain the group with your talents in music, songs, dance and poetry including playing musical instruments. This is also a time to share a life skill for the benefit of all attendees.

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