“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

Swami Vivekannanda

UNISM is a spiritual organization dedicated to sharing the message of Universal Love. You are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements.
You are the LIGHT of the world and you are here to live in your perfect body, realize your dreams and bring Love, Peace and Happiness to the world.
UNISM is dedicated to your growth and development with the help of the Awakened Living Study Program, Spiritual Ceremonies and Human Development studies and practices.
Joseph Campbell compared our quests to a mythological adventure and I quote: “Leaving the bounded world in which you have been brought up, going beyond all that anybody knows into domains of transcendence, and then acquiring what is missing——“
In other words any quest to acquire knowledge, improve the condition of mankind, help the poor, heal the sick, save the children, feed the hungry or accomplish a life mission is like an adventure in which you experience many challenges before realizing your dream.

Heroes in mythology are usually given all sorts of help in their quests. The same is true for you and I who set out to pursue our dreams. There is an invisible source of support for all creatures.
Go about your dreams and aspirations; you will experience this source of support when you begin your quest. The support is part of the journey!


Our vision is a world in which there is Unity, Cooperation and Interdependence with the help of our message of Universal Love to enable all people to live fulfilled lives HERE and NOW!


Our mission is to celebrate all lives without discrimination. We are all loved irrespective of our nationality, race, culture, religious beliefs, omissions or actions!


Our Goal is to provide all people with the teachings and practices they need to live fulfilled lives with the help of Meditation, Awakened Living Study Program, Life Cycle Ceremonies & Mindfulness.

About us

Dr. Sonari is the founder of UNISM. He was born in Abalama and was partly educated in the United States. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pennsylvania; a master’s degree in Student Services Administration at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and a doctorate degree in Higher Education at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.

“Dr Sonari also took courses from several Mystery Schools including “Alpha”, “Beta”. “Gamma”, “Delta”, and “Omega”. Growing up in a Christian home and feeling sinful when he has not even committed any sin compelled Dr. Sonari to look for 


other sources of empowerment. The Mystery Schools came to his rescue not only by providing the knowledge he needed to develop himself but also the practices that would eventually help him to take his life to a new level!

The “Alpha” Mystery School is a non-profit spiritual organization devoted to the investigation, study and practical application of natural and spiritual laws. Dr. Sonari was first introduced to meditation by the Alpha Mystery School and it was here that he first learned that the world is a product of what people have put into it and that the things of the world are not permanent. Each incarnation has a moral duty to rethink the world; this is the only way to correct the mistakes and atrocities of the past. For instance some of the world religions consider sin, pride and suffering as absolute human problems but how could we experience their opposites if these problems do not exist? There will not be Saint Milarepa without sin; no one will experience humility without pride and definitely there will be no glory without suffering. Sin, pride and suffering are not absolutes in themselves but part of a continuum that also include their opposites. Our challenge is to rise above all pairs of opposites if we really want to become saviors of the world! You are the LIGHT of the world and you cannot simply settle for what has been put in place by others; RETHINK the world!

“The Order stimulated his appetite for more mystical knowledge and he decided to check out other esoteric organizations. The Beta Mystery School is another non-profit spiritual organization dedicated to Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Studies. Dr. Sonari was introduced to Lama Yoga and Meditation by the “Beta” Mystery School. This was where he first learned about the phrase “Man, know Thyself!” This injunction is not just a fancy phrase to place on the walls of your living room instead it should be in your heart and guide your life. But what does it really mean? Without going into the philosophical details of the phrase it simply means “know yourself”! You may ask, “how do I know myself and why is that so important”?

According to Socrates “the unexamined life is not worth living” and encouraged his fellow Athenians to engage in self-reflection. The Mystery Schools do not only teach self reflection; they also teach meditation, fasting, mindfulness and visualization that is backed by historical and scientific truths. You can find out more about yourself when you engage in self reflection and meditation. For instance you could find out about your beliefs, your desires, limitations and weaknesses and your strengths. You can also find out about your deep seated values, emotions, behaviors and thought processes. Further you can find out more about your body including your eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, hands, feet, hair, genitals and face; you may even come to the realization that your body is not permanent and that you are here for a limited period of time!

The major purpose of knowing yourself is to help your body to function at the highest level possible. When you know yourself you choose the food that works in harmony with your body instead of what others want you to eat. When you eat and drink what is in harmony with your body you could have regular bowel movement and maintain your body at its best. When your body is at its best your eyesight works perfectly, your hearing is out of this world, your sense of smell is unbelievable and you will be in your best shape. When all the parts of your body work well your mind can now concentrate on the most important things of your life. In this way you will think clearly and make informed choices which could translate into a life of love, peace and happiness. Thus it is wise to consider knowing yourself and the environment in which you live your most important function in this life!

The Gamma Mystery School is another non-profit spiritual organization. The organization is noted for effective meditation practices and spiritual studies. Dr. Sonari studied the Holy Qabalah and the Sacred Tarot. Please note that Dr. Sonari does not read Tarot Cards; the cards were only used as instruments for meditation. “Their meditation practices were so intense that I even dreamed about the tarot cards in my sleep when I studied the lessons of the Gamma Mystery School”, Dr Sonari said.

Dr. Sonari recalls a life-changing experience with the Gamma Mystery School. “I did not know what I wanted from life after I finished high school. It seemed I was content with my banking career but in time I realized that my progress might be limited without a college education. I lived in an era when many Nigerians came home with American degrees and got the best jobs in Government, Business and Industry. In time I saw college graduates and MBA holders occupying far superior positions in the Bank. A case in point was a young CPA holder employed as an Assistant Chief Accountant in the Head Office of the bank in which I employed.”

“It was at this time that I received my first lesson from the ‘Gamma’ Mystery School. The first sentence I read as soon as I opened the envelope was ‘What do you want’? The question took me by surprise because no one had ever asked me what I wanted from life. After my elementary education my father wanted me to be a medical doctor and advised me to take science classes in high school. I followed his advice and it cost me two years of my life in search of a dream that would not be. Thus for the first time in my life I was given an opportunity to determine my own destiny. It was scary but it was also liberating”.

“I enjoyed my work as a banker and that was all I knew at the time. However, there was no doubt in my mind that I needed a graduate degree to have any successful future in the bank. With this state of mind I took my pen and wrote ‘I want an MBA degree in an American University.’ Meanwhile there was a news report about a biologist with a Ph.D. degree who became the CEO of a business organization. I thought if I studied toward a Ph.D. degree I could be an expert in something and contribute more to humanity instead of waiting for a promotion in the bank. With this insight I began to dream about earning a Ph.D. degree with no idea of my area of specialization. Consequently I changed my goal to ‘I want a Ph.D. degree in an American University in any area of my choice.’

“The seed had been planted and I felt good about it. I was confident that the American educational system with its general education requirement would help me to specialize in an area related to my talents and interests. Meanwhile I had already applied for a scholarship to study Banking and Finance before the question from the Gamma Mystery School. Fortunately I got the scholarship but it was tenable in the United Kingdom. My dream was to study in the United States. A friend who was in the United Kingdom at the time advised me to take advantage of the scholarship with the hope of transferring to the United States after I was settled. The idea appealed to me but I couldn’t follow through because of circumstances beyond my control and the scholarship expired. I was frustrated and hopeless. I could not envision a life without the fulfillment of my dream and nothing made sense anymore.

“I withdrew into myself to look for a hint that I could still realize my American dream but there was none. After several efforts of trying to find a glimpse of hope and finding none I gave up and concentrated on pursuing banking as a career. Meanwhile I took and passed some subjects in the Institute of Bankers Exam and was promoted to become a supervisor. I was very encouraged by the promotion and thought I might become somebody someday in spite of my American dream”.

The Delta Mystery School is another non-profit spiritual Organization dedicated to meditation and spiritual studies. Dr. Sonari learned that we are not limited in spite of our birth circumstances, color, nationality, religion, belief or race in the Delta Mystery School and that the LIGHT is within each of us. This was another significant lesson in Dr. Sonari’s life because he grew up with the belief that some people were blessed but the Delta Mystery School is saying that we are all already blessed the way we are and this knowledge greatly improved his level of consciousness and self esteem.

The Omega Mystery School is an International Spiritual Organization dedicated to meditation and spiritual studies and practices. Dr. Sonari was admitted to remain on the threshold of the outer retreat of the temple by the Omega Mystery School. Meanwhile a mystic affiliated with the ‘Omega’ Mystery School came to Port Harcourt on assignment by Supreme Masters. Dr. Sonari met him through a mutual friend. On one Saturday evening, Dr. Sonari was watching a musical on television when he heard a knock on the door. Three of his friends Enefaa, Promise and Gibson with a fourth person came to visit him. He let them in and got them some refreshment. Enefaa introduced their companion as the mystic on assignment to Port Harcourt by Supreme Masters. He needed a place to stay for the duration of the assignment. His friends had no extra rooms in their homes so they decided to come and ask Dr. Sonari for help.

“Without talking to the mystic I knew he had come for me in spite of his assignment. When my scholarship expired I wished that someone who understood life could come and let me know what was really going on. It was the moment I was waiting for and from that day on l started to see a reassuring side of life. He regarded me as his son and looked out for my welfare and future. The mystic touched me with the wand of hope, love and faith. He assured me that I could still realize my American dream in spite of the scholarship. He was so sure of my realization that he advised me to start making preparations for the United States. Looking into the future with a knowing smile and an assured optimism he would say: “You have no problems; you will achieve all your dreams in the United States.”

When I protested and asked how I was going to get the money for all this? His response was “You don’t know about the generosity of the Universe?” In short this meeting with a stranger who became my spiritual guide and teacher was the beginning of my mystical and miraculous life. He assured me of my American Dream and made sure nothing stood on my path!

“The significance of studying with different Mystery Schools is the fact that each had a special message for me. The ‘Alpha’ Mystery School introduced me to meditation. The ‘Beta’ Mystery School encouraged me to know myself. The ‘Gamma’ Mystery School challenged me to determine what I wanted from life. The ‘Delta’ Mystery School assured me that I could realize my dreams irrespective of my birth circumstances. The ‘Omega’ Mystery School sent a Mystic to help me to believe in my dreams”.

Please note that the names of the mystery schools including Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Omega are fictitious names. Do not go searching for them because you will not find them but even if you find the names they might not relate to the mystery schools that influenced Dr. Sonari’s life. Disguising their names is in keeping with the traditions of the Mystery Schools that only the true seeker could find them.

During the last years of fulfilling his educational dream Dr. Sonari experienced a Transformation of Consciousness after his oral examination at Oregon State University on April 13th 1993. For the record Dr. Sonari was brought up in a Christian home in Nigeria but after this experience he declared that he is HUMAN and not a Christian, a Moslem nor an Atheist. For him all these organizations are instruments of division. Further his Transformation of Consciousness led him to re-examine the relationship between GOD or the UNIVERSE and the Creatures. His first creation was the Ultimate Mystery Banner.


The ULTIMATE MYSTERY banner depicts our relationship with the UNIVERSE or GOD. It was Dr. Sonari’s first creation immediately after his Transformation of Consciousness. He thought that if there is a GOD IT is not cultural, IT has no chosen people, IT does not bless selectively and IT does not take sides in human conflicts. IT is like the Tao that pervades the Universe and IT is there for all creatures irrespective of belief, religion, nationality, race or color! He presented the blueprint to a Graphic Designer in Corvallis, Oregon and she came up with this picture. Notice that everything on this planet or in the UNIVERSE is connected to the ULTIMATE MYSTERY including you and the Gods. You are not connected to the Gods and that is one of the reasons you are required to accept the Gods. But why should you accept a lesser God when you are connected to the Ultimate Mystery? Thus the challenge is to engage in the practices and choices that could help you to manifest your divinity! However, when you believe in a cultural God without those choices and practices your chances for manifesting your divinity are very slim!


Dr. Sonari considers this image as a miracle. He was thinking about a logo that would depict the fact that we live in a world of challenges and we make many wrong choices and take advantage of the Earth in many ways but we are still loved without conditions.

It was easy to get the crucified EARTH but that was as far as he could go. He spent months thinking about it until one day during his meditation it seemed as if the LOVE of the Universe surrounded the crucified Earth. That was exactly what he wanted and he put another circle to surround the crucified Earth. The outer part of the picture represents the LOVE of the UNIVERSE! He gave the blueprint to a Graphic Designer in Portland, Oregon and she came up with this picture.

Many people who saw the picture did not know what to make of it but a Christian Heat Press owner explained it in terms of his religion which made Dr. Sonari to think that he must have stumbled upon a universal symbol. He had no religion in mind when he thought of the symbol; he just wanted something that would represent the way things are! As a Universal symbol anyone could use it as an instrument of meditation. For instance if you have made some wrong choices in the past and hurt people and animals you may concentrate on the innermost circle and feel the pain you caused. Now forgive yourself and ask the person for forgiveness. (You may also meet the person later and ask for forgiveness in person if it is possible). Next feel and embrace the LOVE of the UNIVERSE. Remain there for as long as possible.


The third image is One LOVE! One PLANET! One PEOPLE! The purpose of this image is to show the Unity that exists in the Universe. “There is only one LOVE in the Universe and IT is called UNIVERSAL LOVE. IT loves without conditions! And IT has BLESSED without requirements. We live in one Place, the Planet we call Earth and we are all connected! In other words we are all ONE and for the most part we are here to take care of each other!”

There was a time Dr Sonari wanted to sponsor his spouse to live with him in the United States but his income did not meet the minimum requirement to sponsor her so he tried some of his friends for help. Sorry to say that no one agreed to help because of the legal implications. He was disappointed but later it occurred to him to leave everything to UNIVERSAL LOVE! Within a couple of weeks or so one of his customers came to his garage and asked if he needed a job? The customer said he would buy all of Dr. Sonari’s computer parts and let Dr. Sonari work for him in the company. Needless to say that Dr. Sonari accepted the offer and that was how he was able to sponsor his spouse. “Sometimes it is the people we do not know that come to save us in our moments of need!” It pays to love all creatures without conditions and to bless all creatures without requirements\

Let this symbol always remind you that you are not alone because you are connected to billions and billions of creatures. So when next you think you have nowhere to turn just surrender to UNIVERSAL LOVE and go about your normal business! Something will happen!


The UNIVERSAL HOLY BOOK was Dr, Sonari’s idea to bring unity to the world religions. It is a testimony of the Human Spirit that we have diverse views about GOD. What could have happened to us if only one view survived? Inquisition, suicide bombs, rape, infanticide, slavery, lynching, racism, nationalism and colonization would be on a smaller scale as compared to what would have happened if a single religious or cultural belief survived.

This calls for celebration and it should be the LIGHT that encourages all cultures to write their own sacred texts for the joy of their children, the elevation of their ancestors and the education and improvement of the world!

Welcome the Universal Spiritual Vision with a text that attempts to include all the universal spiritual teachings of the world. The Universal Holy Book is the prelude to the testaments of GOD from the different continents. There are seventeen books in the unity publication of the Universal Holy Book and includes: The Book of LOVE points to the Universal Spiritual Presence that unites all creatures. It was written to highlight the Unconditional Love that we all share irrespective of our beliefs, affiliations or nationality. The Book of Knowledge includes the Upanishads. The Book of Life follows the individual from birth till death and provides valuable information on how to live on Earth. The Book of Moral Laws includes moral Laws from different religions and cultures. The Book of Parables includes parables of notable spiritual teachers. The Book of Prayers includes prayers for practically all occasions. The Book of Psalms includes Taoist and Hindu writings. The Book of Reason includes the writings of Robert G. Ingersoll and Charles Watts. The Book of Salvation includes the Bhagavad Gita. The Book of Sermons includes Christian and Buddhist writings. The Book of the Oppressed was written to uplift the oppressed. The Book of Truth includes writings of Ralph Waldo Trine. And the Book of Wisdom includes Unto Thee I Grant.


Dr. Sonari came up with the Sacred Ritual Mat after considering his ritual ceremonies in the Mystery Schools. His initiation at the Omega Mystery School was conducted by a real Master. Dr. Sonari momentarily lost his awareness of where he was during his initiation ceremony. No, he did not die; instead he had a feeling of peace and happiness. These things are difficult to explain; but you might experience it when you partake in a ritual! However rituals can help us to FOCUS, CONNECT, TRANSCEND and can even EMPOWER us

The Sacred Ritual Mat is a place of UNITY, a place of NON-DUALITY. All differences cease to matter on the Sacred Ritual Mat because all LIFE is in Harmony! In order to foster universal harmony the participant is often advised to fast on the day of the ceremony as an act of reference to all creatures.

It is important to note that your experiences during a ritual are a reflection of your beliefs, thoughts, and dreams. These have nothing to do with the minister conducting the ceremony. The minister’s only job is to provide the proper environment coupled with the proper speech to enable you to transcend, connect or experience peace. Thus it is very important that you step into the UNITY CIRCLE with unity of purpose!


The Awakened Living Study Program is a study program that focuses on knowledge and spiritual development. The program consists of a series of lessons that cover topics such as Spirituality, the Family, Universal Love, Wellness, Earthly Life and Achievement. The lessons are drawn from the Universe and include religion, spirituality, psychology and personal experiences.

Awakened Living Study has many benefits. It is like going to school to study a particular subject or taking a course for a period of time. You learn something new about the subject each time you take the class. In the same way you learn something new each time you participate in the Awakened Living Study Program but you also gain more insights about life and these insights have a way of transforming your consciousness. Sometimes we fail to succeed in life because of the way we look at things but studying about how to live in this world could really change your life! Here are some benefits of the Awakened Living Study Program:

Freedom: There is a certain kind of freedom that comes with getting your information about a subject from several sources. It makes you the judge instead of the one that is being judged. As the judge you decide the case and that puts your life into your hands.

Fellowship: Study with your family and enhance your relationships. Study with your friends and know them well. It is an opportunity to learn, to eat, to sing, to play your musical instruments, to share your poems and to dance.

Self-Knowledge: One of the greatest things that could happen to any human being is self-knowledge. The Awakened Living Study Program brings together several thoughts, teachings and ideas from around the world for you to examine them and to decide. This process of examining and deciding has the effect of broadening your mind that could lead you to self transformation.

Understanding: Sometimes the Awakened Living Study Program presents you with conflicting ideas. The uneducated mind could simply look for a quote from a famous person or from a sacred text and stop the conversation. The worst thing that could happen to our civilization is to stop the conversation. If you want to know all aspects of a subject you must first listen to what others are saying and search for as much information as you can on the subject. Then analyze the information and think about it. What you decide on after thinking about it is not someone else’s quote but yours and that is how to enhance our civilization. You have a moral responsibility to rethink the world. Please do not waste it!

Education: The Awakened Living Study Program educates us in many ways. Learning from the thoughts of others exposes us to different perspectives in life which in turn takes us closer to the LIGHT. The Awakened Living Study Program also gives us an opportunity to make presentations. The opportunity helps presenters to develop their presentation skills. Encourage the children to participate and they’ll thank you for it when they grow up.

Support: There is a kind of support one feels by belonging to a group more especially when members of the group sincerely care for each other. Your Awakened Living Study Group could serve as a support group for all members. As a support group it is a place to socialize, meet people and find resources to solve your problems and overcome your challenges.


There are seven stages of Spiritual Development according to Dr. Sonari’s Stages of Spiritual Development. The Native is born into a particular culture and embraces most if not all the elements of the culture; the Neophyte is a beginner on the spiritual life; the Awakened sees the LIGHT and wakes up from her cultural hypnosis; the Seeker searches for knowledge to make sense of his experiences or to answer the questions in his mind; the Rebel rises in opposition to the established way of life in the culture; the Enlightened pierces the veil of ignorance and understands the way things are; the Savior develops compassion for all creatures and introduces the people to a new way of life.

The Ultimate Mystery Banner, the Unconditional Love Symbol, the Universal Love Symbol, the Universal Holy Book, Dr. Sonari’s Sacred Ritual Mat, the Awakened Living Study Program and the Dr. Sonari;s Stages of Spiritual Development are Dr. Sonari’s major creations. His other contributions include the Universal Love Statement, the Family, the Foundation of Mariage, the Jewels of Life, the Universal Love Prayer and Books by Dr. Sonari


Universal Love is the unconditional LOVE that the Universe bestows on all things. It also our unconditional love for all creatures within the Universe. UNIVERSAL LOVE supports the material Universe. UNIVERSAL LOVE enriches the life of every creature within the Universe. UNIVERSAL LOVE loves all creatures without conditions. You are LOVED irrespective of your nationality, culture, race or color. You are LOVED regardless of the choices you make or have made in the past. UNIVERSAL LOVE is not concerned with your beliefs, affiliations, economic background, social status, position in life, or birth circumstances. UNIVERSAL LOVE only cares for your good. You are a hereditary heir of UNIVERSAL LOVE. And anyone who realizes this TRUTH is not only saved but will also be healed, be prosperous, and be at peace!  


The Family is guided by a shared vision to create a nurturing and harmonious unit for all members of the family. Universal Love is at the head of the Family. Love each other without conditions. Have daily prayers and meditations. Have daily family disclosure meetings. Live together with a shared vision. Have a family Mission Statement. Lean on your family Values. Be truthful in your interactions. Disclose all your activities. Be proactive in your relationships. Make up immediately after a disagreement. Esteem your family above all. Be loyal to your family. Be patient with your family. Refrain from complaining about each member. Do not compete with each other. Do not compare your family to others. Be an ambassador to your family. Know your family well with one-on-one visits. Listen attentively to your family. Appreciate each other’s contributions. Enjoy an open communication. Do not criticize each other. Forgive when you are hurt. Apologize when you hurt anyone. Do not abuse your family. Trust each other completely. Take family growth classes and seminars every year. Have a family vacation once every year. Enjoy a weekly entertainment and games.
Exercise regularly. Help the children with homework and assignments. Support the children’s school play and games. Be sensitive to each person’s need for a hug. Resolve your problems without external intervention. Seek professional help when needed.


The foundation of marriage refers to the basic principles that support a marriage. Decide to be married to your partner for the rest of your life. Move in with Universal Love. Leave your individual friends at the temple gate. Let Equality guide your home. Live with your spouse not a dream. Esteem your marriage above all. Enjoy a daily spiritual communion. Have a shared vision. Have a mission statement. Love each other without conditions. Hold unto Truth in all your interactions. Share all your resources equally. Disclose all individual financial activities. Take marriage classes and seminars yearly. Look at understanding before you react. Make up immediately after a disagreement. Resolve your problems without external help. Renew your vows after every 7 years. Do not highlight your individual contributions. Accept each other as you are and grow together. Know your spouse well. Appreciate each other. Enjoy an open communication. Do not criticize each other. Do not complain unnecessarily. Forgive each other. Apologize when you hurt your spouse. Trust each other completely. Be faithful to each other completely. Contribute proportionally in all you do. Enjoy a vacation once every year. Be sensitive to your partner’s need for intimacy. Change yourself, not your partner. Rest your strength on UNIVERSAL LOVE, not your partner. Consult a professional when needed.


Jewels of Life refer to the principles of life that bring us love, health, contentment, peace and happiness. Think of Universal Love always. Love all creatures without conditions. Get a good education. Avoid killing other creatures. Use thought to create and to heal. Do not steal, rob, scam or smuggle. Get married as soon as you can. Exercise regularly and drink enough water. Keep the Earth clean and avoid polluting it. Mostly eat nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Refrain from uttering cursing and hateful words. Act with Truth, and Love, in all your transactions. Use languages to convey love, truth, and kindness. Respect all beliefs and avoid forcing your beliefs on others. Have a Mission on Earth statement to guide you on your journey. Avoid violence and be peaceful in all your interactions. Be responsive to the civic duties of your town, state, country and planet. Do not drink, smoke or eat anything that could alter the peace within your body. Avoid owning or using guns, firearms, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Pray and meditate when you wake up in the morning and when you retire at night. Give what you can to whoever asks and support the physically or mentally challenged. Have a career, a vocation, a trade or an occupation that contributes to the general good. Respect all creatures and demonstrate understanding for all differences in the Universe. Share the message of Universal Love with all creatures to inspire, to educate, to motivate and to heal. Make each moment you live a moment of love, peace and happiness for yourself and for everyone you meet.



O LOVE who pervades the Universe!
Thank you for your loving presence!
You Love all Creatures without conditions!
Heal me and make me whole!
Lead me at the crossroads of life!
Reassure me when I am in doubt!
Be my guide when I am helpless!
Impress upon me that you are near!
May Your LIGHT shine within me and
Let it glow where ever I go!
To help others to see their own lights!
For my own Enlightenment and
For the triumph of UNIVERSAL LOVE!


The Book of the Oppressed
The Book of the Oppressed was mostly written to empower Africans and other Oppressed people to take matters into their hands. The Book encourages Africans to worship their own Gods intead of worshipping foreign Gods. According to the book “All cultural Gods are beneficial to the people who worship them. When we replace native Gods with foreign Gods we deny the natives their experiences, their cultural values, their history, their unity and the source of their identity. To deny these things to any culture or nation is to deny them of their very existence and it is wrong. If we really want to help other cultures the best we can do is to point to the Universal LIGHT without introducing our Gods and our books”.

The Universal Holy Book
The Universal Holy Book is the sacred text that contains all the testaments of GOD from around the world. It is intended to unite the world and hopes for a time when all the universal sacred literature will be recorded in one book-The Universal Holy Book.

Practical Meditation
Practical Meditation is a meditation program for the individual and for the Family. It will give you the tools you need to enable you to manage your thoughts. My belief is that once you are able to take control of your thoughts you could realize almost anything in your life! Peace of mind, purity of thought, self-control, mental alertness, emotional balance, physical strength, self-awareness, equanimity, a sense of purpose, self-confidence, good health and success are some of the many benefits to the person who manages his or her thoughts.

The African Testament of GOD
There are many joys in life: the surge of creativity, the birth of a baby, the excitement of winning, the happiness of success, the peace of meditation, the companionship of marriage, the love of a mother, the equanimity of the mind, the opportunities of education and the bliss of cosmic consciousness but none of these is equal to the freedom of a people who were once enslaved, dehumanized, lynched, marginalized, murdered, mutilated, colonized and oppressed; it is your turn to be king! The African Testament of GOD is actually a CALL for Africans to write their own sacred texts. The African Testament of GOD.

Spiritual Living Wisdom of Mystics
Spiritual Living Wisdom of Mystics is for anyone who wants to realize dreams, overcome challenges, beat adversity, conquer fear or reach your full potential! The exercises in the book are the same exercises that ordinary people use all over the world to reach their full potential. Nothing could be easier than sitting in one place and doing nothing regularly but this process has produced the greatest contributors to human history. Sitting in one place and doing nothing is the only key that opens all the mysteries of the Universe to any seeker. The Buddha used it and so did Swami Vivekananda. Anyone could change his or her destiny by simply sitting in one place and doing nothing. The Practice helps you to connect with the Holy of Hollies and any one irrespective of background, belief, race, color or nationality who follows this path, as the Upanishads put it, gets everything!

Realize Your Dreams in 12 Days
Realizing your dream is a natural part of your life. It doesn’t require a special effort and you do not need to belong to a particular nation, race or religion. “The mortal gets what he/she wants”, the Kama Sutra teaches us so the mortal who knows this truth does not give up on her dreams until they are realized. “Realize your Dreams in 12 Days” is a blueprint for achievement. Work on your dreams today. Do not wait till tomorrow because it might be too late

Testaments of GOD
Testaments of GOD is about writing your sacred story for the benefit of your people and the education of the world. For the past 2000 years or so most of the world has been influenced by only a few sacred texts because it has not occurred to many cultures that they could also write their own sacred texts. It seems other cultures have not ventured into the sacred text business because of an imposed psychological monopoly.

Life Cycle Rituals
A ritual is an act performed for a benefit. The benefit could be to motivate a new life, to honor the sacred, to connect with the sacred or to transform consciousness. The book contains the necessary life cycle ceremonies for the benefit of your clients. Perform birth ceremonies, birthday ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies, employment ceremonies, custodian of wealth ceremonies, healing ceremonies, engagement ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, and many more ceremonies. It is your guide for all the necessary life cycle ceremonies in a typical life cycle.

Birthright Basic Income
If you support a Basic Income for all people, Birthright Basic Income will even fire you up to do something about it. On the other hand if you are opposed to a Basic Income for all people Birthright Basic Income has something for you to think through.

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