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1. Daily Mindful Practice: Begin a Daily Mindful (Spiritual) Practice. Have a mindful moment everyday before you face the world! Why? It will lead you to LIFE!

2. Weekly Awakened Living Studies: Meet with your family, friends, and others and study every Saturday or Sunday. Why? Knowledge is POWER! Knowledge is WEALTH! Knowledge is SUCCESS! Knowledge is COMPASSION! Knowledge is LIVING WELL! Knowledge could CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

3. Six-Month Personal Cultivation Program: and Family cultivation Program. Start your Daily Mindful (Spiritual) Practice today for 6 months and see the difference in your life! 

Required Books
1. Daily Mindful Practice: Spiritual Living Wisdom of Mystics
2. Weekly Awakened Living Studies: Awakened Living Study Guide-the Family. 
Awakened Living Study Guide- Spirituality. 
Awakened Living Study Guide- Universal Love.
3. Practical Meditation
A Way of Life for the Individual and the Family

Buy any two books and get the Book of the Oppressed for Free

Buy any three books and get the Universal Holy Book for Free. Please click here for more information

Awakened Living Study Program 

The main purpose of the Awakened Living Study Program is to guide us in our quest to live well in this world. Awakened Living is about happiness, success, health, financial stability and being aware of the world in which we live. The program consists of 2 books: the Universal Holy Book and the Awakened Living Study Guide.

Universal Holy Book as the name implies contains most of the popular scriptures in the world. I have included this book in the package mainly as a source of reference during your studies.

Awakened living Study Guide is the manual for your weekly studies. It contains about 30 study sessions. Each session is made up of an introduction, opening meditation, announcements, opening thought, famous quotes, sacred text quotes, teaching story, closing meditation,   donations, closing prayer, refreshment and talent contribution.

Benefits of Awakened Living Study Program: Awakened Living Study program has many benefits. It is like going to study a particular subject. You learn something new each time you take the class. In the same way you learn something new each time you partake in the Awakened Living Study Program but you also gain more insights about life and these insights have a way of transforming your consciousness. Sometimes we fail to succeed in life because of the way we look at things but studying about how to live in this world could actually change our lives! 

Here are some of the benefits of the Awakened Living Study Program: Freedom, fellowship, self-knowledge, understanding, education and support.



Become an Ordained
Minister of UNISM

Become an Ordained Minister with UNISM
Package includes:
1. Life Cycle Rituals, your guide to perform all life cycle rituals
2. Ordination Certificate.
3. Letter of Good Standing

No requirements to meet other than to accept our creed of

UNISM is a Spiritual Organization dedicated to share the message of UNIVERSAL LOVE. You are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements!

Life Cycle Rituals is your manual for different life cycle ceremonies including birth, adolescent, life transition, employment, custodian of wealth, healing, regeneration, engagement, marriage and similar ceremonies. The manual also contains the Marriage Questionnaire to help prospective couples to determine their compatibility, the Jewels of Life to help families to live well in this world and the Responsible Family Statement to help families to make responsible choices.

1. Send your full name as you want it on the Ordination Certificate.
2. We have more resources including the Universal Holy Book, 
Spiritual Living Wisdom of Mystics, the Book of the Oppressed, Awakened Living Study Guide, Practical Meditation, African Testament of GOD, etc.
3. Check us out on Youtube by typing in the following:
Awakened Living Wisdom

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