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Who We Are

UNISM is a spiritual organization dedicated to sharing the message of Universal Love. You are loved without conditions and your a blessed without requirements. 

To help each person to live well in this world with the help of:
1. Daily Spiritual (Mindful) Practice.
2. Weekly Awakened Living Study.

To serve, to educate, to motivate and to heal. 

1. Daily Spiritual Practices
2. Weekly Awakened Living Studies 
3. Educating our children through sponsorship
4. Rewarding Excellent Customer Service
5. Helping the Homeless with food and blanket
6. Rehabilitating the Homeless


I believe the children are our  future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier.

Greatest Love of All---Whitney Housten

Trust your donations to help children in need all over the world! The children are the future!

Our Goals

1. Sponsor 7 children through elementary school every year 
2. Sponsor 7 children through High School every year 
3. Deliver 100 or more flowers/Plants to reward Excellent Customer Service every year.
4. Deliver 100 or more blankets to the homeless each year.
5. Rehabilitate 12 or more homeless people each year
6. Spread the message of UNISM
7. Teach individuals and families to setup Weekly Awakened Living Study Programs
8. Share the Personal and Family Cultivation Programs

We are all at different levels of consciousness. UNISM is about accepting each person from where they are and helping them to grow in their own way. Come with your beliefs and learn. UNISM is home for all of us because we are one!

We live at a time when we are called daily to recognize our oneness and to demonstrate our compassion for each other and toward all the other inhabitants of our planet. Join us and learn, grow and influence the world!

UNISM is Tax Exempt Under Section 501(c) (3) in the United States

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